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Twelve Sep 2020
trust yourself and whisper to the world, your greatest wish
that you deserve most
will be delivered as you strive hard
and never back down
from pain and rejections
you have fought through
strength within you
almighty god is always with you
Twelve Mar 2020
you could have told me that it was
yet you pretend that
you were still with
until you
made your transfer
to another
Twelve Mar 2020
Oh February,
you made me happy
I've met somebody
but she wasn't for me
yet she brings the best of me
I've never knew
you were leaving that quickly
but thank you for stopping by
little butterfly
until we meet again
best of luck
on the beginning of summer
until the end of another year
until we meet again
Twelve Feb 2020
everyone run and hid
he stayed
no one knew
Twelve Feb 2020
Happy Birthday! Little Butterfly 🦋
Spread your wings
set sail on the garden of roses
and let the magnificent
wings shine through
Twelve Feb 2020
while it last
cause we never know
why it didn’t worked out

appreciate every second of it
knowing that time
would stop
if you
Twelve Feb 2020
I will keep moving forward

Knowing the future will be inevitable,
everyday I will make sure I
exert a hundred of myself
proving that I changed

Loving you was the start,
only to find I made myself
in making you see every second of
new beginnings felt so

You did me a solid
over the top and
under below to the balance the universe

A thanks to you is this
letter for and
will always be here to tell how
a good fellow
you have become
simple because you are you.
It was buried within
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