I think sometimes my thoughts
are hijacked by a ventriloquist
hiding within me.
as words that were only syllables
                      speak out of context
yet I know I didn't wish to say
it like that or did I really?

I'm misinterpreted because I say
it as it is, I blame it on the
       ventriloquist sulking within.
Freeing words expelled over distance.
My mouth closed but words heard escaping out.

Then I speak,  
               I don't really care,
               I say it as it is...
I wonder to the bar and see lipstick
tags holding on to lonely sticks.
A stirring of moments, melting pots of
relaxing reflection they called it dove.
As your worries fly away with everyone
you have, and then I'm served and done.

Collecting my shuffling skills to weave
the ocean of others, our drinks we've
been able to keep from sinking on others.
Thirsty friends awaiting our return, like
maidens on the shore, smiling a dislike
for a wrong drink brought. acting childlike.

But he holds no argument as butts lay
static. We were the sailors escaping the spray.
Telling them of our journeys and sights seen,
mouths a gasp at observing a beautiful scene.
A number taken with but a glance of smiling
eyes and with a drink brought clearly willing.

He knows that is for another time, as the street  
we surrender to. As hunger outweighs sweet
perfumes enticing friends to anchor away from
needing mates. Aromas perforate a needed outcome,
handing over spare change to fulfil a nights hunger.
Laughing as were old, never wishing we were younger.

As wisdom teaches that a fish may swim,
but to much of a good thing can end in a whim.
So one must always leave a little in a glass,
for we need not want our slumber to be on grass.
Awoken in our beds slighty misty eyed but
a nice number in the phone and in my pocket a peanut?
A bag of melancholy emotions collect
within empty features, secluded & vacant.
No tears ever weaken this collection
                            of barren reflections.
Only whispers escape, soundless gestures.

It collects from distressed abrasions,
                 to smear upon its outer visage.
Always motionless it wonders the
surroundings to celebrate the humour
                     of its desolate existence.

A child wonders closely, asking if
    this creation of lost collections is in
need of chloroform smiles.
                 it looks and hands a rose,
its leafs embers of its mourning.

Smiling, this miniature silhouette,
slashes out at the one who parented it.
              Cleaving what was smiles,
now carved features smear a face of
sullen smiles, as like the petals falling lifeless.

Tears flow like rivers, the contortion of
happiness fades when the last petal erodes
       a motion under hidden gestures facilitate  
this happiness to see such butchery of innocence.
But it is short lived like always, paper frowns collect.
3d · 83
Lifes Calender
The reminders we set on life calendar,
        to show why we live for this moment.
As if we were unaware.We may forget
                       this is the moment to live,
      not the forget me not's.
        That a lights gone out,
being our own,
          and the days we counted on are bare.

We set reminders to ourselves to make sure
                               that everyday is precious.
That we awaken day-today knowing its a page
that turns on the calendar of our existence.

"Remember we are only pages,
                      and everyday they turn or were empty
I always wear black
  when I walk around,
           wanting to be ready?

For death when it slyly
    collects me footsteps,
          taking my last horizontally.

Needing to be prepared for that
         moment, when I fall,
I want to look good on my deathbed.

If death wants me to pass,
        it'll be dressed in what I'm
             slumbering beneath the dirt in.
Never kneel before another,
           always rise like the sunrise,
to bow to the sunset
                   only shows that's you
set to others whims..

Always rise,
              for we are brightest
                           at the dawn.
4d · 54
When Your Away..
The photo on my dressing table
       will never hold the weight of
                                          my heart.

Only your voice lightens the moods
          of loneliness, even though
your here I need you closer than afar.

There are pieces of me that aren't
           complete, I cling to your pillow
wishing your head settled upon it.

"I miss you,

But you never answer back,
        I await your shadow to cling
to the doorstep and lighten my worries.

That moment ill cling to, never wishing
       to let you leave again, till the next time
you are called away   "I will always love you,
You raised me to rise above the
         shallow pills that are sometimes
caught in the throat of life's dry moments.

But when we swallow to many placebos,
       longevity is staled by us collecting
false remedies to  our problems.

I'll never do as my friends did and choke
on every struggle, clearing my throat I never
took anything I just rose above life's problems
A lonely maggot weaves within a skin
of plush thought. On the outside not
a blemish of appearances. But beneath
this maggot becomes a fly buzzing within
                                       confused messages.

Where one laid the eggs of woeful sorrow,
but the fruit still looks fresh, never showing
what collects below. Eating away at the
reflection that were pure, now swollen  with
                   discontent of noises feeding beneath.

"Seeing only the surface
                  never shows the secluded
           emotions rotting within a chamber of sorrows"
We are all zombies
          of the institution,
when will stop following
the others that walk through
life feeding of others misfortune..

Break the shackles of life,
               don't walk, run free.
Be yourself not a clone stumbling
on roads to no where..
      Walk paths that others fear to tread.
I'll never be solid with the fluidic
relationship of our evaporation.

I lapse towards you never wanting
to be without a touch, but I fall.

Why cant a embrace you without letting
you go, before we graze momentarily.

But in our sorrow a gleam of light shimmers,
and I linger between fluidic and rainbows.

I just want to fall towards you, but this is
a silent gaze never reaching you whole
7d · 129
Old Chalk Boards
I found chalk on the holding
of sky shimmers, then I composed  
on the blank spaces that where
echoes of what was drawn in
memories of yesterdays dreams.

Barren slate needed the imagination,
woven between fingers streaming
across an arborealis of creativity.
I am the drawer of dreams that
were colourless and now fill a void.

I outlined the slumbering's  of what were
just blank smudges. Now revitalized,
I'm within this moment, a collage of
colourful wishes that I created before I
look smiling, tomorrows imaginings drawn again.
Dreams are drawn before there seen
Mar 10 · 100
She Changed A Bulb
Poetic T Mar 10
She changed me like
        a used bulb..
But I hadn't gone out.

Never thinking I was useful,
                amendment of dulled glow.
I was useless to her needing.

Finding something brighter
              than something that
     had shined upon her from the start
Poetic T Mar 10
Sadness cleaves
to malicious
Clotted grins seep,
          fuchsia petals
descending from smiling grins.

No ones gets the humour,
           as balloon machetes
cleave sorrows from faces.
    His smile drips from
           a joke not gotten
                      a jester of death smiles.
Poetic T Mar 10
Buried before our birth,
             we're  grains collecting
beneath every breath.
             As we gasp within.
Am I worthy of every fragment
           collecting within a silhouette
of times shallow grave, I'm obscured.
Poetic T Mar 10
Ashes of life permeate
       through shallow tides,
weakening as shores of
                   white undercurrents
collect stagnantly on white shingles.

Corroded within each grain
          that swallows all hope of
Life is a moment crumbling to an
inevitable ending, buried beneath times silt.
Poetic T Mar 10
Woven smiles collect
              euthanasia on the ones
who cant voice through

She collects the ones death,
                     tears upon.
For he pauses where
she shows empathy upon silence.
Even death has feelings, so his sister shows empathy upon those who need it but haven't reached the final chime of life's clock
Poetic T Mar 9
We all have a
that never fades.

No matter the
we pour on it..
Poetic T Mar 9
I'm just a man
               with a pencil
sharpening it.
For blunt words
        never mean much,
but sharpened words
          are smooth
on there understanding .
Poetic T Mar 9
Life is always calling me,
      but I just put  it on answerphone..

"This is my message,
"We are shooting stars,
                          always falling,

"But I know she will capture me,
         before my ashes dim,

I will never answer life's calling,
             as I have found
it falling into her.
Mar 9 · 51
Learn From Before
Poetic T Mar 9
Scars are our tools
           to remember lessons.
Never let a cut repeat
           as it'll only cut deeper.
Mar 8 · 125
Tippexing Over You
Poetic T Mar 8
I tippexed over your memory,
hoping to cover
                     our good moments,
as well white washing the bad.
            Waiting for it patiently to dry.

But everything created
          leaves a shadow,
and i can oh so slightly
        still see you in my mind  
                                  and i cry.
Mar 7 · 77
Substitute Tears
Poetic T Mar 7
I collected raindrops
                              as a substitute,
so that you never needed to cry.

I saved them in a jar,
to remind you that ill always
         collect you from sorrow.

And pour these raindrops out
so you'll never have
                 to see yourself tearful again.
Poetic T Mar 6
Eyes that are open but collect no vison,
                     seeing only a narrow view.
With ears that hear all,
           but only listen to false verses,
that whisper nothing but whispers.
We all walk paths,
                     but some are but the same.
A repetition of where we walked before
                       as we follow ignorant steps.
A mind is free when not tethered by the
insecurities of others neglect to walk another path..
Poetic T Mar 2
Limp effigies of childhood memories,
             still holding so many secrets.
   Woven within tattered tears,
                        now long since evaporated.

Now vacant, an amnesia of fallen promises
           that are retained.
                     But uninhabited threads,
          decompose beneath every dewdrop.
becoming  undone.
Poetic T Mar 2
Abstraction of every glimpse,
                     woven within closed views.
But still they gaze on the entombed caskets,
       that have never been looked upon.

And within there is only broken reflections,
          that collect mute on the screams
of reverberated white room.
                            Where every thing is silence.
Poetic T Mar 2
Within the silence of violence
            we are collecting our words,
that fall like tears that never reach  
         a point where there meant
                                            to mean something.

But with every emotion that collects
             only every silent voice.
   They scream within the void of nothingness,
as no one listens to the bombs caressing upon us.

Within every collection that falls on every
                            restrained voice that is void less.
          Beneath the rubble, of those who's blind anger
falters against those they have never vocalized words.

"But still tears of pain cry downwards.
             "silencing all with there silent voice of discontent.
Poetic T Mar 2
Words are echoing through
the sins of a heart,
            but some are worth the guilt
of what may wash away on our reflections.

But with every fool there is a knight
       that has fallen for the moment of love
that shines his armour brightly.
Somethings were meant to glisten on a heart.

Occasionally a heart cant but listen to the
             hymens of what reverberates within
                   the echoes of every breath of love.
Sometimes emotions are a lifetime in a singular beat.
Mar 1 · 195
A Grave Of White
Poetic T Mar 1
A million snowflakes submerge,
                             a blanket of life.
Now static,
      a grave of white
     hides its crime.
Until the forgotten are found, buried once again
in unmarked tombs of silence.
          Once again forgotten in a blanket of earth.
Poetic T Feb 28
I am a butterfly of plucked wings,
          colourful hues ground up.
  Now I'm but a past life crawling
beneath where my beauty spanned
               the unending motions of life.

Now I see myself as less than before,
                               a scar of my reality,
I have pain of gracing my wings
in an existence that is past tense.
                     Yet I feel the anguish of every flutter.

I crawl, begging for this abomination
            of fates greed to just let me bury every
thought beneath a stillness of empty thoughts.
               Yet I gaze up seeing the whispers of
every motion beat down upon me.
Poetic T Feb 28
Hearts are a metal detector to
the buried meaning of what
                      hasn't been found.
But what is needed in another's life.

Shards of loneliness embedded
            with gems of emotions.
Not precious to most but to one,
        searching a lifetime in barren hearts.

It may take a life time of searching,
           but when that motion is detected
no matter who it is, they are the treasure
            buried beneath that will find love.
Feb 28 · 58
When A Memory Lingers
Poetic T Feb 28
Elapsing into cognitive repercussions,
               a thought never one to fade.

Always an afterimage
  burnt on to the psyche
           of delicate dewdrops clinging.

Within a consciousness
              that never  evaporates
just lingers in a reflection of it hanging

Like its waiting to suffocate
           but the breath of reality
                              gives it respite.
Poetic T Feb 28
Even though we start anew
           to relinquish what made us more,
will leave us less..

To abandon one part of us
     removing  that which for awhile
                                made us stronger.

Will only leave us empty further on.
                Our strength is only made a shadow
by what shined a light on the parts that held us up.
Poetic T Feb 28
Contemplating the visuals that attain
my perception I see
                           harmonious interludes
caressing the weaving of the dormancy
                          of my ever static motion.

My breath like a summer breeze,
smoothly expelled
                                upon silent avenues.
Never hearing  my whispers collected
within my twinges of slumbering grace.

Wilfully I  collect on deaths doorstep,
               verses of silence entomb me.
Every night I talk to the fading stars of life,
but I eventually awaken in mornings breath.
Feb 27 · 63
Shallow glimpses
Poetic T Feb 27
Liquid horizons crystalize
within forms of sorrowful eclipse's.
              Only contours fossilized
before  gazes of vacant stares,
            never looking upon
                even the shallow glimpses
of what arose in vacant views
Poetic T Feb 25
Knowledge is the conception
                   of humanity.

For we will mature when the childish
                                 things are let behind.

And we find awe in our surroundings,
               a release to further ourselves.

Let us ever step forward into the unknown,
              for we need to open our eyes to see.
Poetic T Feb 24
When the walls falter,
crumbling within
                  realities windows,
                                  shattered inwards
by the tears that are dwindling emotions.

There is no place to smuggle,
        to hide within hollow walls.
Because when everything falls
                               were all exposed.
And everything is but a shell revelled.
Poetic T Feb 24
My footsteps should have remained static,
but I listened while you were whispering
                beyond my reflections.
       I was their but my own impression
didn't linger long enough to see the pain
                       falling like autumns leaves.

I looked beyond the views of myself and saw
a light fading before it was meant to become
                                                    a shooting star.
I now wish upon your descending memory,
wishing I had been there more before you felt
                        the need to become extinguished.

Reminiscing on my failures of what I should
                                           have delicately read.
But I let you light fade swinging like an
extinguished chandelier.
No longer did light breath,
                    but an extinguished moment
of time that wasn't meant to fade yet.

*"Were both shooting stars hanging silently,
                      never falling just motionless in grief.
One  more light tribute
Feb 23 · 116
Blunt Blades Cut Deeper
Poetic T Feb 23
Words are sometimes
                   like a blunt knife,
           they can cut over time
and you don't realize that itch
is but the blade edging deeper
under the guise of an scratch.

Sometimes people can stab
                                 you slowly,
and you never realize that
even though by your side.
their hand Isn't holding you,
              but the hilt pushing it deeper
with snake smiles coloured as friendship.
Feb 23 · 181
Static Crests Of White
Poetic T Feb 23
The bleached headers collect on this
sea of silence, words collecting memories
                  of names now wilted and silent.

But we remember these crests of white frozen on
the fields of shattered dreams, dormant reminders
                           that not all names are still spoken.

Nerveless there are still waves of regrets
                  and honour for fallen impressions.
Buried beneath the sea of green, our future granted.
Poetic T Feb 23
Lying on the bonnet of the car,
          your mums blanket layered across.
We just look above, clouded skies skim
across the ocean of forever.

As the immortality of twilight
                 lingers before us.
Stones hidden from our gaze,
luminous echoes of distant motions.

But sometimes its nice to just look upon
                    the murky swirling above us.
Everything has a beauty, and we just look,
        meaning taken in forms of random flurries.
Feb 23 · 183
We Each Gaze Upon A Star
Poetic T Feb 23
It takes one star to guide me,
            but a million
     to momentarily lose myself within.

It takes one star to dream upon,
          but a million
     to lose it within mirages of self.

It takes one star to go out that,
        but a million
   still glow, but I miss that one the most.

*"We each have a star we gaze upon,
               Let it always flicker for you,
Feb 23 · 51
Coffin Of Disquiet
Poetic T Feb 23
Embalmed within the suffocations
of modern society. I have the weight
contorted upon the covering of my mind.

Obscured within a coffin of  white noise
deafening my existence. I only see voids
of reflection clouded within my reality.

Lying beneath so many layers of contorted
nonsense. I live for the time of censorship,
Where life was silent and I wasn't buried.
Feb 22 · 300
We Are All Woven
Poetic T Feb 22
We are all stitches in the cloth
                           of the universe,
each a moment holding
        the past & future together.

For without these
                   overlapping occasions
we would become frayed.
Undone not learning from one another.

But we are but one stitch among the
                    many colours that are
woven as far as the eye can see.
            patches that collected together.
Feb 18 · 100
Wings Were Clipped
Poetic T Feb 18
I could clip the wings of angels.
           but still they would think
that heaven was a place to step upon.

When every god is deceased,
            and fact becomes reality .
                      Some still grasp at straws.

*"We are awoken no longer slumbering  in denial,
Feb 18 · 77
Rumours Corrupted
Poetic T Feb 18
Rumours fly like dead carcasses,
             infecting those who they land upon.

But no one realizes that they were bitten, corrupted
             burrowing beneath conscious thought.

Seeding the larvae of what would seed within
            the canals of corrupted reflections.

Never realising that every thought was laid
            well before they knew and hatched diseased.
Poetic T Feb 18
A man of knowledge
    can be learnt, even though taught.
For the teacher who
           has forgotten there lessons,
Must learn new ways from the pupil..
Poetic T Feb 18
The anchor that never sinks
            but keeps the family in one place.

                       Never sinking
but one that keeps you all together
                  through the rough times

Never drifting
                 but kept you anchored to one place
and safe in the turbulent times.
Poetic T Feb 17
Unravelling as we were woven together,
she was whole,
                               but I was losing strands
of conscious motions.  

Even though I was fraying,
       she wound her strength
around my insecurities, making us stronger.
              As a whole instead of two separate values.

Love has a way of holding two parts together,
                     even though we may unravel.
Together we bond making us stronger
              than anything separate, we are one love.
Poetic T Feb 17
Un-enlightenment  was the trading
of collected ignorance that was sewn
on the eyes of so many individuals,
collecting in a mentality of blind illiteracy.

Detachment from the realities that were
shown before, but spectacles of onyx
kept them from seeing reality and all they
responded to was the illusion of there hearing.

Contagions were ingested within the falsity
of words collecting in mirages of there own.
But every consultation was a verse in reversed
wording collecting the meaning in other manners.
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