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mini boon
got you
so soon
this lit'l
boo to
suit and
end the
blues with
petunias that
bloom with
smoke in
their room
and nocturn
with owl
matin was
in the
red house
Sarah Clark Nov 2018
rectilinear, oracle, eschew
today's words
apparently eschew and a sneeze are
interchangeable, phonetically speaking.

have you been holding out on me?
i'm all for said sensual urges and
wild manic destroying of the yurt, but please-

rest of us just gotta be sensible.
The eyes, as they look
No one gives the hoot
He was one last hope to last
But dead in brain
Soon his grave burnt in fears
Nothing could hold back her tears
A shiver
Clinched his hands
And the town was no more like the past
And a hero dies
As the town falls
K Balachandran Apr 2017
The midnight bell tolls,
A barn owl accounts with hoots
Night's mix of music
An owl hooting
Right outside of my window
Makes my heart beat fast.

— The End —