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I like my beans,
             maybe a bit hotter than

Mine with jalapeno peppers,
           scattered like snow..
melting it on the taste buds
              oh so delicately...

Then a layer of cheese,
  like soft footprints..
    never touched.

Before my mouth consumes it,
                  What was whole now

          chunks missing..

like a where's wally of the food

I'll tell you where in my belly..

Beans, beans they'll make you full,
         on what ever you want.

but for me it the saucy kind,
         cos that's where my beany

                                       boat floats.. saucy
Abstract illustration,
for likened is neither
                       words or form.

Were just memories,
of then and before, afterimages..

Thinking were real, but were diodes
of light fixed re-watched...
observed a thousand times..

We never realise that we weren't here,
                just a replayed moment...

Look behind you,
        to late..

             were not really here..

"Just a moment being rerun,
                   did you hear me when

I said that, yes that's me not you..
don't worry, just sleep. Shhhhh….

Everything will be fine in the morning...
2h · 96
Deaths Question
I was always asked
what happens in death

I'll tell you when you get there.
The suicide note was blank,
            I hadn't thought up
a good enough excuse yet

   for why they killed themselves.

This one was a tough one,
  as my hands aren't as strong as
the used to be, took ages to suffocate...

But as I hung them up like a piñata,
  covering the ligature marks smoothly.
I pushed them to get a rhythm  of what
               to write..

I was tired, uninspired...
I'm getting to old
               for this manual labour,
time to retire and write love stories...

"To whom it may concern,

                         "tested gravity..

"I got a D- oh well....
3d · 41
Reflection Of Me
I laugh at old people
        out the window.

Then realise I'm looking at a mirror
Your ink will never dry,
        smudging every time  

I read it..

there are never goodbyes only

         I'll read you again soon friend..
Sorrow is a pen that is no longer lifted,
                                    static on a desk
until the ink is dry.

    As the quill soars no longer.
3d · 32
Sloppy Dates
Dates, are either wrinkly
                          or juicy...

Mine wasn't that good as
             I spat out his tongue.

Dam, I only said Hi...….
I ran down the shore
as the knifes crested near me,
               never reaching the shore
that I stood upon.

For I don't want to drown,
          I want to breath.
crimson stillness isn't my

So I run, out of breath..
  but the shore line is further now..

No waves will wash over me this day..
Never trust an angel,
            as my demons
knew where there angelic
                               stop was.

And all you heard was,
              oh Jesus, oh Jesus
forgive me for I have …………………..
Reality was my nightmare,
               dreams were my solace.

I was real within them.
Walking like a cowboy,
         that was wetter than dry...

Banal breathes,
why must I pressure myself
to do cornfed motions,
                           that serve as life...

I held you in,
tried to suffocate your existence.
But self preservation
          is an inhalation of regrets.

We rob the planet, feeding it our exhaust,
                    a carbon footprint
better off with out..

Sometimes the day to day
                                  bland reasoning,
  out ways the necessity of us.
Snow flakes fall upon
the black mountains.
   But never mix,

But where oriental blossom
falls, in the next field
         fruit pickers labour for

Our words define our morality..
Racism has many words that  are every day vessels for all to use against another, there is no room for racism in a world so woven together but pulled at the seams by the few
I struggle when I have to write
rhyme you see naturally I'm slight
towards the free verse, trying to get
it perfect, just right I start to sweat.

My words syllables are just what ever
comes in to my mind, Im not words clever.
For some this comes naturally, I have to
use sites as my words need to be next in que.

But to some this is a natural progression,
is it for me  worth it which is the question?
We say to learn is to elevate ourselves higher.
Using this metaphor in hope I don't misfire.

I'm poetic blue, I write on cold white warming
it up with words, hopefully there correctly forming.
Me I **** at rhyme, I have to use a site, as for some this is natural as I`m free verse. So i get blue with how long i take to write ones that do but I`m learning and getting better the more i try
Seen in the distance,
        beauty glistened
though ocean waves..

"Help me please,

                              She smiled,
  as she dragged him under...
Misplaced deliberations,
        oh where did  I leave you?

Like mislaid socks,
              I wear
mismatched thoughts

nicely fitting but not right.
5d · 32
Riding In Her
I drove the ***** like
     I'd stolen her..

Her gps all ****** up..

And afterwards as she
      lay fatigued.

Saying she'd been used
like a wheel spin
                             burn out.
He may swallow your sins,
                               but if he spits

there's hell to pay...
5d · 54
Cough Up..
Were the pancakes,
       and corona

is the syrup

lets spread it like
we eating out..

And were lungs are burnt...

I'll never eat out...

But ill wash my hands
           every time your
  cough pops up...
I'm a pathological

prove me wrong..
5d · 55
I`m An Atheist
I live for a world without,
on imaginary friends..

Because at the moment,

Twelve Thousand gods fight
        for ******* of your will...

To be hateful and **** for them...

I used to believe in the tooth fairy,
             and Santa...

But the reality is some mother *******
                grow the **** up.....

I read fairy tales but I don't,
                     ****, hate..
Morality of fallen morals
      in imaginary words..

People need to recognise,
      that every story is just
a third hand view..

Rewrote from the reflections of
           that time.

But some are sheep and some
      are wolves...

But the wolves never feed,
    just try to prune the wool
over others eyes to let them howl
                                     at the moon..
5d · 48
PiSs Me OfF...
keep me in mind,
               show me your smile.

I'll show you my teeth..
5d · 43
I opned a door
I opened a door,
               feminism reaction

my ***** in my throat.
Some times opening a door is just manners...
5d · 253
Pandemic reality
Pandemic reality
       one step outside

the scent of death.
My pen is my shield,

and my words
             my armour.
All wording not overly conveyed,
              I'm no dictionary.

My pen is my shield and my words
             my armour.

Sometimes dented, ridiculed,
            so not as lustrous as your

vocabulary giving,

but every symbolism
          I give in jest.

I can be a clown, watch my words prance on
              the page in fruitful

colouring of metaphor.

But other times I'm in the size seven
of another's outlook not my own,
emotion grazing my subconscious.

         For that fraction of eternity I'm them, you
I live there fears,  hopes wishes that die after I put the
                                                                ­             pen down.

Don't judge a piece of paper that has nothing on it,
           for will have a doodle, a thought..

A drawing of emotion entwined within its fabric.

   But you just ridicule, turn the page not knowing
                     the pain or joyful happiness
that went to create this...

Yes its not in your taste, but its there's, mine.

Were just artists of our own little world,
             and if you happen to land here.

Please be green..

   Recycle what you think,
and be positive,
    really do reflect on what others foresee.
We must first see what is the
achievable end  

     to first catch the glimmer of hope.

Of what started at the beginning
            and realise that to go forward
we must readjust.

But to change we must stare at the abyss
                           of our consequences,  
to realise that without diversity we'll
                            never transition beyond now.
This wasn't what he'd expected, since a wee little one,
       contorting the edges of fallen wood made thin.
What was rectangle became a triangle,
           what was just plain became more.

No fingers were used, a mind is a wonderous thing,
                                 Never wasted on this little one.
Creation, Imagination, as parchment clean crisp,
contorted to conception. But when it went wrong
            it rained snow flakes of ruptured imaginings,

Jagged and torn, papercutting those close.

Tears fell from his eyes as sorrow for skin bleed
not deep, but any more would have been a torment.

A thousand papercuts from a moment of
            frustration could turn paper crimson.

From that interim, knowing the power paper
had, be it words shapes, meaning.
       Learning that contours have potential and
wording on it was a powerful influence on others.

So began his journey as origami butterflies
             fluttering around him, calmness followed.
            Here child, as he handed a swan, and it swam
upon the innocence of there hand, and he walked onward.
Incandescent hues flutter around me,
          as nightfall's beauty graces
my  every sight.

This silhouette, a partner of illumination,
          still feeling the days touch even
                   though set beneath eventide.

Looking up the moonlight bathes
           my thoughts,

                                     and I'm at peace.
Poetic T May 17
If we were the mirror of our creation
                and not made in perfect silhouettes.

Then we aren't the creation of perfection,
                           as were flawed beyond our sell by date.

Then that which made us is imperfect in its design.
                  So not omnipotent,
  flawed in its own blueprint.

And so just another pebble in
A dry pond where wishes die.
Poetic T May 17
For he hurled  the stone,
                            casting it with anger...

And so the first sin was sewn..
                   For the wrath of another showed
that we were the picture of god,

If we were imperfect,
                then our creation was flawed
beyond the reflection of our birth.

The stone was never perfect but
                    flawed when created.
May 17 · 85
Just One More
Poetic T May 17
Hit & run..
It only takes one to be over the limit.
May 17 · 155
Silently Deadly
Poetic T May 17
The moment were surrounded
          by deep breaths of nothingness.

But we swear we
                    can feel it touching our neck..

                               was that you..

                               wait no ones here..
oh' ****...
Poetic T May 17
The tears that razor emotions bleed,
                  can we ever recover from

those momentary eclipses

that smother light from the darkest needing..
Poetic T May 17
Deeply suicidal
momentarily insane.

for the need to drown
out the noise of depression.

I fall into the crest of every wave,
             hoping each will

wash my pain away.

But the reality is I

drown deeper.
May 17 · 82
Strangled Regrets
Poetic T May 17
When the hands motion words silent,
                               but full of forlorn grief.

They cry for love that was muted,
    but looks are glazed
   as there last breath whimpered silently.

And the words dead to ears,
                        "I love you,

As they walk out the door,
                                  crying at there loss.
May 17 · 74
Caskit Of Dead Roses
Poetic T May 17
Death is beauty,
               as the rose atop of death
feeds on the nourishment of
                                   an empty shell.

Even though its petals decay,
                              its reaches higher

than the tomb
                      to bring life crimson to the surface.
May 17 · 65
Decapitated Kiss...
Poetic T May 17
A kiss given when
                  the lips are


I stare into there void less  eyes,
           but my touch is warm.
May 17 · 75
When The Leafs Fell
Poetic T May 17
Brisk bones bend in the wind,
           as frail memories
fall beneath me.

Every one in a moment of decay.

No longer apart of me,

  but a skeleton figure

                         of a past,
brighter and full of life.
May 16 · 82
Dead Memories
Poetic T May 16
My mind
a cadaver of
within a coffin
                        of white..
May 16 · 94
Gravity Between Them
Poetic T May 16
I was the moon
      and you the earth.

Our children the oceans,
  ebbing and flowing between us.

We are the gravity of there actions.

  Teaching that every crest
will always collect on
                grains of knowledge.
May 16 · 81
Natural Opposites
Poetic T May 16
If you were the breeze,
           I'd be the tree

swaying to your words..

And my tears would be
          leaves falling when

I couldn't feel you upon me.
May 16 · 48
When The Rain Falls
Poetic T May 16
I could live a thousand years,
         but the rain will always

have more stories in one droplet
        than the lifetime of humanity.

I shed a tear,

it joins the story,

          and then I die..
May 16 · 306
Early Parole
Poetic T May 16
Solitary with you
                  was lonely.

I didn't really know

                   my cell mate.
May 16 · 91
Lock Down Losses
Poetic T May 16
An immigrant took our
                   I never saw it..  
  But It gave me a cough..
May 15 · 66
No Truth In What I Say
Poetic T May 15
I'm so lit
you get a fake tan
             of my words.

                          But there so fake  
that it washes of quickly...
May 9 · 256
Static movement
Poetic T May 9
Woeful glazes sitting idle  
                       for is one meant to be burdening  another,
And when the idleness
                          breaks free then all shall falter
May 8 · 73
Left Under A Leaf
Poetic T May 8
gags as lifts shoe
  full aroma
of hidden present
Poetic T May 3
hunger wasnt a joke
laughing eagerly fresh meat

cub roars fathers voice
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