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Poetic T Nov 2020
What made me an atheist!!

I get the question a lot!!

And my reply isn't for the

Giving back in return what the
         the priest gave me but in return.

                            Over the alter,
all you heard from his lips where

Oh Jesus,
          ****** it!!

holy mother of god!!

    He took the bread and his ****

drank the wine...

And I thought if a man of the cloth could
           say the lord's name in vain so much
how could there be a lord if

he was blasphemous to such a degree...

I left him tied to the alter, a cross down
his throat... swallowing his faith,
             but his god couldn't save him...

I did the sign of the ******* as I left....
Vespa Woman Oct 2020
the pope asked me what i really belived in, behind the lies and masks and the effect of saten.
you know what i told him?
wanna know what i said on that dry summer evenin?
i said that my holy book is read by the perfact way your hair looks messy when you just get out of bed,
when you call me late at night because our songs stuck inside your head.
i worship the way you always say that i know just what you think,
ill pray to the way your voice goes low as hell when you talk about true love.
the way your eyes make stars appear in all that dreary darkness of...all the rhods we take and lines we cross just to hold echother near. and at the end of this congregation i promise ill see you soon my dear.
you give new colors to every flower. evey lemon, every tree. and the colors sparkle only when i hold you close to me,
on the red platos of navajo, honey bees makeing a song so much better than the radio, your voice the lead singer and my spirit feels the flow.
so yeah i know its a little bit melo-dramadic, a bit manic, co dependent on the way you look at me, whatever you see thats just what i wanna be. babe.
and so my soul is saved with every touch from you.
preach in the pew about all the times we had at midnight solitary dances running from our taxes living life and death theres nothin left
but all that holy love we share.

so i told the prest the, minister the bishop and the father and the son and evry single holy ghost who was there, that im in love with this girl and i dont give a ****, what you think force me to drink that holy water to set me on that straigh and narrow bath, and i would laugh at all the **** that they belive will work on somone such as me.
and THATS how i got excommunicated
oh my god, ANOTHER poem that makes no sense? bro lit!!
Jes Feb 2019

Superimposed with self-perpetuating pollution

But being sustains all and won't mourn its loss

Clear as the sky





I am

The end is just the beginning

Shedding limitations

In spring reborn

A heart of immense power

Cares for all

No longer infected by the sick

For illness is a choiceless choice

That needs no cure

This is the good news

Jes Feb 2019
A feast awaits, yet we live off crumbs

A feast of the soul that is

For anyone who thinks their birthright is material has been blinded by the blind teachers

What is good fortune compared to a mother

And What is a mother compared to her embrace

And What is her embrace compared to embracing all that is

But this blindness is willful

Open the eyes that open the heart and realise the world

The space will fire up your heart like a furnace

Infinity, localised
Breeze-Mist Jan 2017
Don't tell me of eternity
I doubt I could ever know
For the girl you see before thee
Was raised on touch-and-go

I only know a nomadic way
Of moving from city to city
My four years here will be my longest stay
In my entire life's story

I know that people will go as well
Friendships fade in but two months
Even family grows old, as I can tell
That the same people change under the sun

So don't tell me of forever
In a gated Hollywood paradise
An eternal feast and fanfare
Under great paternal eyes

Don't tell me of eternal voids
A perpetual nonexistence
A world with no light or noise
An eternal nonsensation

Don't tell me of eternal hell
A forever unchanging war
A torment I can not tell
To others whom I care for

Because, Mi amore, I don't need
A stagnant, unchanging world
I just need change, like sand into pearls
Or a woman growing from a girl
Just working out some existentialism.
Breeze-Mist Oct 2016
It would be awfully presumptuous and disrespectful of me
To assume
That I know and understand everything
(For even if I studied one thing for my entire life
I still wouldn't even come close
To knowing everything about that thing)
Or that I could fully understand you
(You and I
Are two different beings
With two very different viewpoints
And for me to assume
That I could see as you do
Would be quite ignorant)


It is equally presumptuous and disrespectful of you
To assume
That I am incapable of understanding and knowing
(In fact, I already know quite a bit:
I've been studying up
And though I'm still a beginner
And there are some things I don't quite get yet
I still understand a lot)
Or that you know everything about me
(Again, you and I
Are two different people
And I see things that you don't see
And for you to insist that you can read my mind
Would be the very definition of patronizing)
Kurt Carman Apr 2016
Eyes closed, I clear my mind,
Meditation breathing, stars aligned
Letting go I begin to soar
A delightful destination, a feeling of warmth.

And when clouds fill my skies
I simply rise above to bluer highs
Because If I think of beneficent thoughts
I can change the world a lot.

And when the sunshine fills my eyes
I spread my wings and begin to fly.
Soaring right through trouble and despair
Putting a smile on my face with love to share!

Like the four seasons, we are all delicate...
In Winter each snowflake is unique
in Spring the blossoming flower carries much mystique
The Summer rain washes our soul complete
And in the Fall we renew our souls for all to see!
My daily meditation gives me headspace and takes me to new horizons
Cassandra Allen Nov 2015
I don't know much of religion,
But I want to.
I am not one to be perfect,
But I believe their is one who is.
I want to believe all is good.
I want their to be someone who loves me no matter what.
I love the feeling of letting me just put it all in someone else's hands.
He has to be real because I believe in him.
He has to be real because I can feel him saving me.
He has to be real because I can feel him covering me in bliss.
"Ignorance is bliss"
True words because I am calmed by the unknown,
While it frightens others.
Because I guess I just believe,
And just believing I guess is Faith.
JM McCann Jul 2015
We live and breath off death, can you not smell
the corpses in your stomach?
The touch of worthlessness in your stomach?
Would you like to ****?
Is it better that death is wrapped up in all natural anti-botic free?
Is death better with food coloring to make it look real?
Does the word wholesome satisfy your whole love of life?
One of our lives takes an average of 10,000 others,
is it worth it?
The fleeting savagery of feeling natural?
Of ripping into ribs, just think you are eating a lung.
Nature also is starving.
Life is in flux but certainly the grilled chicken with olive oil
does not know that, would you like to see a picture of the creature you killed?
We talk of life being small in labeled and reverend boxes if our dust is
small what should we make of the animals killed and shipped all over
never named, life a cost to be minimized.
Where forests burnt alongside the coal for the barbecue
is it worth it?

A cow is to many what puppies are to us
yet we enjoy burgers and cry with the dying dogs.
Life given to cows for the sole purposeā€™s of being rapped
chained down and killed, a burger is a stomp of approval.
A carton of milk at fairway an hour ****,
heavily processed.
Some ideas have deeply changed my life and these are those ideas I'm not a vegan so this makes it all the harder for me
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