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Poetic T Apr 3
Whoever thought the fly was the prey,

never thought it was a diversion..

The sacrifice of one
                                         for the many...

So many wings flying through threads...

till the spider free falled to the death

                                            of inevitable fate...
Poetic T Mar 2018
Limp effigies of childhood memories,
             still holding so many secrets.
   Woven within tattered tears,
                        now long since evaporated.

Now vacant, an amnesia of fallen promises
           that are retained.
                     But uninhabited threads,
          decompose beneath every dewdrop.
becoming  undone.
Shane Leigh Jul 2017
My sweet, softly.
Softly my sweet
As I walk into the night –
Is that fear that furrows your brow my love?

I reach -
But I dare not feel the slick of your skin;
Watch the torments torture your heart.
I will go softly my sweet, my dearest,
Into the darkness and –
Oh, so softly my sweet.

Do not speak precious words to me now, –
Harsh words – not as I go into the dark;
But please, do wipe the sweat from your brow,
And move not your lips and be silent.

My dearest, I have made my oaths to you
And yet, you say no.  
You still say no – you are not to.
So why is it you still ....

Oh Gods!
My love, do not touch me like such
With heartening words and calloused fingertips.
I beg of you, Cease! Or I will be forced to stay;
I beg of you, Please! Do not make me bear
The sorrowful words that proceed from your lips.

Just let me go softly my dearest,
My sweet.
My sweet, let me go softly.
© Shane Leigh
This was my first poem published to this site. For the most part is has not changed, but I have added a few things along with adding to the title.
Is the one that is passed truly the one that treads in the Darkness?

— The End —