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Bellissima May 27
Through creaking doors
walk my ideas of people.
Cracked frames, bent and sullen.
Groaning hinges, bones
bruised and rusted.
malluraeh Mar 31
sometimes old love,
never went away.

oftentimes it's still there,
but the love is bent and
s e v e r e d.
Tori Mar 12
There lived an old woman
In a tumbled old cottage
In the midst of the silent wood.
She kept figurines
And the most peculiar things
In her little old cottage in the wood.

Her vases were chipped
Her tapestries ripped
And her silverware bent like her back,
But beautiful was she
And her beloved oddities
In that little old cottage in the wood.
Deiny Moretta Nov 2018
It doesn't matter to me if all this is over. My love for you still intact.
It doesn't matter how much I still love you, or if you did loved me at all. I never intended to break my vows or break you, neither I thought you would. But life is deceiving and it will always find a way to scatter what it seems to be real.
You dragged me into your world and made me feel that eternal was not just a word but a reality. You made me feel love was real and had me leaving a dream, when in fact, you were just preparing me for the worst nightmare wake up, once you decided leaving. You took everything I was,  everything I had, except my body.
You stabbed my heart with your lies way before you were gone, and just pretended to heal the wounds on every kiss, but in every single one you only made them more profound.  You painted my whole body with your lips, and all of a sudden you just wanted to erased me like any other  painting.
I just want to un-vow my heart from all these broken promises. I keep scattering myself from this soul binding that keeps reminding me of our yesterdays,of all the times I torn, so you wouldn't break.
I could never un-vow my heart from this memories, but darling am not broken, just bent.
shana Nov 2018
|beautiful disaster

A girl fighting a battle no one knows.
A girl with so much pain that destroyed her and actually made her whole.
A girl that was once dead inside but finally alive.
A girl that was done existing and now living.
A girl that stumbled many times along the way but stand on her own bravely.
A girl who that was lost but now have found.
A girl who has the experience but not regrets.
A girl who was controlled by her demons but just mastered it for a while.
A girl who suffered.
And finally, a girl who came back stronger than before.

|bent not broken
Anya Sep 2018
One may be straight
like a saturated fat

One maybe bent
like an unsaturated fat

Or, one could be bent,
disguised as straight
Like a trans fat
Another weird but true science analogy poem. If you don't understand look up the difference between saturated, unsaturated, and trans fats. If this offends you feel free to message me.
Amanda Jun 2018
Things do not have to be this way
It is not too late to change our fate
Take a moment and think back
To the night we had our first real date

Close your eyes, remember my lips
Shaking and scared I used to be
I was young, I believed in you
Coaxed every ounce of trust out of me

I found confidence in your soft skin
Soul blossomed in your cupped hand
Sweet moments created me
Though they never went the way planned

You left me broken, bent out of shape
All but destroyed with despair
There is still a glimpse of that innocent child
Inside me is the girl I was before I had you there
We leave different past selves behind as we grow.
George Krokos Apr 2018
Please don't ever rend my heart in two
but keep it whole so I can give it to You.
A broken heart is due to love in-fatuously spent
a one-sided affair that in self-interest was bent.
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Trinity Apr 2018
Spiteful words directed
Towards my bodacious life.
Why should I apologize
For all of your strife?
I will help
And try to make it better.
Fix the bent
And wipe away the tears.
I will contribute
I will be audacious in my moves.
Every willing, daring play
Towards your happiness.
My heart is yours to take,
My mind is yours to use.
The souls inside you use as bandages,
But do not insult me for my happiness.
Do not push and shove and take
Only to want more.
I am here to help
To love
To repair.
But I can do so much
Only if you let me.
Do not deceive
Into victimizing yourself.
You are not broken,
Just a little bent.
Do not bend me too,
Because I will contribute everything
Towards your cause.
Let me love you.
Let me hold you
And finally....
Let me give everything to you.
ShowYouLove Feb 2018
How beautiful this sacrifice
Of prayer and love that is our Christ
For we were once bent down in shame
Now we bend to praise your name
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