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Karly Codr Nov 9
isn't it sad
that the only happiness in my life
is driving to goodwill and finding
an eight dollar pair of super cute boots
because i just think that it's sad
okay now i'm going to bed and crying because today has been a day
Indestructible, for Johnny Cash
by Michael R. Burch

What is a mountain, but stone?
Or a spire, but a trinket of steel?
Johnny Cash is gone,
black from his hair to his bootheels.

Can a man out-endure mountains’ stone
if his songs lift us closer to heaven?
Can the steel in his voice vibrate on
till his words are our manna and leaven?

Then sing, all you mountains of stone,
with the rasp of his voice, and the gravel.
Let the twang of thumbed steel lead us home
through these weary dark ways all men travel.

For what is a mountain, but stone?
Or a spire, but a trinket of steel?
Johnny Cash lives on—
black from his hair to his bootheels.

Originally published by Strong Verse. When I was a teenager Johnny Cash used to pop into the Nashville McDonald’s where I worked to buy burgers after the Grand Ole Opry let out. True to his nickname, the Man in Black always wore black. I think he’s as immortal now as human beings can become, since someone will be singing songs he wrote and and recorded till the end of time. Keywords/Tags: Johnny Cash, black, hair, clothes, boots, voice, rasp, gravel, steel, guitar, songs, music, mountain, stone, heaven, manna, leaven
ConnectHook Feb 3
La exploradora
Su vibradora.
Como víbora
Pero de manera
Inspirado por la famosa Dora y su mono
FloydBrandon Dec 2019
Tuck your head inside a bucket if you feel like gettin lucky
there’s a million ways to die but only one to say Kentucky

Put your money where your snout is
lay your dogwoods on the grave
there’s about to be a doggarn shootup at the bank

Sheriff took a ***** break and caught a case of fever aids
gave it to his deputy and shared it with his eager maids-
While Billy’s on the move in his new boots
shootin from his hip with a fistful of attitude
ridin on a pony bad enough to beat a moose dead
stealin all the money saddle up’n cuttin lose men

Honey weighs a bucket more than hammers if your aim’s right
close your eyes and pray
this cowboy town gets loud at midnight.
Garrett Johnson Nov 2019

Permanent vacation.
Down by law.
Stranger than paradise.
Night on Earth.
Only lover left alive.

Garrett Johnson.
Come to me at
Night in my
In my
In my
At first
I barely
At all
Maybe insane?
Over time
I learn to
Live with my
Witches just
As I had with
My beasts
Fantastic monsters
I've always seemed
To see... these
When put
Under that light
So I learn to live
All over again
As far as I
I have
No other
Good choice?
Is An
I Am
Little Bit May 2019
Tight yellow mini dress
Girl I see you
In your iridescent
ombré bedazzled
Thigh high boots

Standing by your
Run down ride
With a half smile
And a blonde weave
gone bad

Trying to be
Someone you’re not
Just to get him hot
Just to get them hot

Girl I see you
Pouring oil that will just burn
You’re gonna burn up
Girl I see you
You’re gonna burn up
It’s gonna burn up
c Apr 2019
They say to put yourself
In someone else’s shoes
But your boots
Couldn’t tell me
Why you left
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