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Permanent vacation.
Down by law.
Stranger than paradise.
Night on Earth.
Only lover left alive.

Garrett Johnson.
Come to me at
Night in my
In my
In my
At first
I barely
At all
Maybe insane?
Over time
I learn to
Live with my
Witches just
As I had with
My beasts
Fantastic monsters
I've always seemed
To see... these
When put
Under that light
So I learn to live
All over again
As far as I
I have
No other
Good choice?
Is An
I Am
Little Bit May 11
Tight yellow mini dress
Girl I see you
In your iridescent
ombré bedazzled
Thigh high boots

Standing by your
Run down ride
With a half smile
And a blonde weave
gone bad

Trying to be
Someone you’re not
Just to get him hot
Just to get them hot

Girl I see you
Pouring oil that will just burn
You’re gonna burn up
Girl I see you
You’re gonna burn up
It’s gonna burn up
c Apr 4
They say to put yourself
In someone else’s shoes
But your boots
Couldn’t tell me
Why you left
Poetress2 Mar 31
Snow looks like diamonds,
crunching beneath my warm boots.
The sound is so sweet.
Ellison Mar 26
She was a head-turner, that one.

She wore tight-fitting clothes that
Complimented her like a love letter
And her walk could make
Any sensible dude talk

I'll never forget when we first talked
And how although I only liked her physically
She presented herself as innocently decent
Even after showing me a picture in her underwear.
And I felt badly
Because even as I write this poem
She might someday find this and know it was for her
But if she does
Her knee-high black boots can walk proudly across these words.
Emily Feb 20
Why do hackers think so highly of boot camp?
Who pays through the nose to send footwear abroad?
Why use boots and not sneakers nor sandals?

Stick with the proven approach,
Used over thousands of years,
Billions of satisfied users,
Faster and cheaper to boot.

Throat lozenges—guaranteed to improve hacking.
Julianna Dec 2018
The laces of his work boots had slowly
Come undone,

After a long and exhausting life-
They finally released.

Lanky strings hung over the sides of
Pale leather with
Purplish scars,
From cement.

There was blood on the sidewalk.

He took off his boots that night
And placed them in the back of his closet

Next to the skeleton of an older pair.
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