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Poetic T Mar 2023
Only within darkness
Can our truth shine
Behold we are the candle
Poetic T Apr 2021
God was the homicide
               that killed a whole world
over his jealousy of man's will not to

bow to his corrupt virtues..

He had planned every life and every sin
                  was his masterful collusion with the devil.

For both were one and all, two sides of a coin
                that always landed on its edge

and no one was the winner.

Definitely, a man or woman who thought they
             were a creation of purity.

But if they were a creation of the beginner,

The end was always a plan to fail like an image,
          it was never perfect but a delusion
of a copy that like its original
            corrupted by ego.

As it knew every breath, but still sent every baby
to the hell of inescapable torment.
                   As it was its plan all along.

That no souls reached its peace,
but the torture that it watched on its throne
           above and sighed,,,

That this was its creation, an image of self...

And it knew it was the master of every moment,
                       and they all  leads to hell.
Poetic T Apr 2021
Even though you could feel it
                     fathomless than your soul.

We glimmered into each other's lagoons,
            and for that finite moment we
swam within the moment of the


That even though you were
                bleeding out, we knew that
we were one the blade, you, me


I didn't pull it out,
as I knew id lose you.
               Instead, I shredded my shirt,
    collected it around the wound
that was never meant to be.

I was a killer of many dreams,
            but you were the reality that
awoke me to the possibility of u and me.

As u bled out we wrote a story of what was,
   could have been...

911 was our ring tone of love,

And the ambulance was the church bells
             of our blisful joyning.

When the investigation of our meeting was
                                                                ­    over.
We were together,
the scars of both united of us,
                                that we were meant to be.

But love has many sharp edges and we both
           had a blade under our pillows..

Sweet dreams were  balance on serrated edges
Poetic T Apr 2021
The restrictions upon my self
worth, never the right, write,
              wording, metaphor

of what I wish to show you, u, me.

That even though I don't cry or
                scream, I'm swaying

every sentence I write, right to  
the point that there was never
a chair to hold words.

Instead, I bleed my word, pain
with every stanza that collected
beneath holding me up.

Until I wrote so much that there
wasn't just air beneath me but solid
              meaning wanting to
hold me higher than that which
may make me fall...
Poetic T Apr 2021
She was never the one,
   I wanted her to be...

Giving her all of me,
   never asking for a thank you,

or even do you want me....

All I wanted was the smile,
   the curvature of her lips to
say I like to be with you...

But I couldn't feed the hunger of
  my heart with the maybe's

She was never the one,
   I only fixated on her curvature.

Giving in to my insecurities
  never asking if I was the one.

or even that I mattered to her.

All i wanted was to be loved.
   The curvature of her heart to
mirror the image of what id

         imagined our love to be.

Bee stung in the reality that i
    wasn't her nectar,
more the annoyance that she'd settle
for to sting
I was a ****,
  never the flower....

Only the one swotting her away
awaiting to

Poetic T Apr 2021
Whoever thought the fly was the prey,

never thought it was a diversion..

The sacrifice of one
                                         for the many...

So many wings flying through threads...

till the spider free falled to the death

                                            of inevitable fate...
Poetic T Apr 2021
but always give everything.
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