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Doubt is a cloud hanging
              over me.

And the rain is a reminder,
            that ill never dry off.

I just want to hold up high,

                                                  so it keeps
me dry of tears seeping though stitches.

But on this day, I'm ill prepared and
            the clouds drown me in droplets

of high felt emotion.

                   Raining down unimpeded.
I fade like a dead match,
                 warmth still seeps..

But within I'm charred and
           unresponsive to your words.

You once lit my world, brightening

my every emotion.

But then you just faded like
           the space between moments.

Your light was there, then gone.

I wanted to rekindle us,
          but what is spent cant be brought.

You were the match that lit my wick,
         but then you were just charred
We tried to relight what was there,
            but we'd burnt out to early.

even though I was lighting up,
                our corridors.
You were no longer there,
           extinguished before our time.

I knew we couldn't strike it again,
    it wasn't me, it was you.

And even though I shone for you,
    you could no longer hold a flame to

And you
                    we, were just flickering
on the brightness of the past
Time is a construct of
       passing frailties,
We cling to them more so for comfort.

Not realising that we're already
                an echo just rebounding off
the moments that have conceded
to a  passing that is bigger than us.

But still we live for those mere seconds,
                                                 for meaning.

And to show that even though we were
                         just a flicker,

                     we burnt brighter than a star.
A whisper within the tall reeds,
                          as hollow words

echo though those static.

Yet ever word has motion
             on those unmoved.

Yet words can collect upon the cracks.

Weaving untruths between each,
              caressed form.

And still though unmoved.
      I heard the lies that started

as a ripple in a pond.

But made there way through
  the reeds that stood tall.

And I just gazed as the wind told me,
          that no matter the ripples.

A breeze is still made,
      and will pass through,
           the reeds of static


I cried on the edge,
             that I neither had thrown
                                  a stone of lies within

or that I had breathed untruths
that were
                wavering between static reeds.
And the blind venture on the misgivings
          of what they do not see.

But heed whispers from
         a snakes tonuge,
to bite them upon there vulnerabilities.

Seeping Ill words beneath
                             there morality.

Man does not need the whispers
of snakes to control them,
but the reality of humanity.

To  awaken the truth
                    that were just human.
Idiots shouldn't play
with matches
                cos they washed in petrol...

But I'm no idiot,
            but I'll still throw a match

in the room and watch the idiots burn.
If I was still alive, you think I'd be proud
        of you sticking that chemical imbalance

stuck out of your arm.

    The reaper be looking at you
                           with tears
                            falling from white waterfalls.

But if I was here, I'd be guarding you from
                         the mourning of regret.

You tried hard, but misery pushed down
                     on your artery...

And you tried to explain,
                                                        that you were lost
         before this moment and couldn't carry the load.

But this was meant to lessen the discomfort
                                            of me leaving you.
                    I'm still here,cant you hear me talking..

Pulling you back from the abyss of this, our mistake.

It took nine hours of words, dripping into your
your not alone, your not weak, I'll always be here..
                                                          ­                    with you.

Then you alwoke, it wanst me, but a breath of us.
                                                             ­                                                    Family,
                friends were my arms and they gripped you.

You'll see me,
                        hear me in others,
                          your never ever be alone again.
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