My life is stained
       with red wine spills

Even though I've wiped
       up most...

There will always be a silhouette
                   there to remind me

That no stain ever truly fades completely..

We chase sunsets
that they never really fade.

It is us that sets,
             as it moves on.

I was an empty glass till
you filled me half way.

"I was never greedy"

But as I saw it
             I was a short shot
So who needs a full glass
            to get tipsy..

You were the soft wax
           I the wick...

And we burned all night

Moulding ourselves
         never drowning
the evanescence
   as we evaporated into each other.

As I bit my nails
                  wanting to taste you
beneath my fingertips

I knew then that I loved you....

Claustrophobic meetings of
                   myself in the mirror.

I'm shut in this refection,
               when I know this
          isn't me..

Pain attacks of a realization,
                       I'm stuck in this
         obituary of looks..
                        I scream only seeing within..

I stare at empty picture frames...

         Vacant memories never filled..
That moment I regret was never saying..
                                                    "I do,

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