When the stones sink into my depths,
stirring murky sediment in my mind.
But its not only one that I throw within,
ripples of numbness collect in places
that were hollow, but now filled with
vacant white noise..

Grey shades now colourful eclipses,
for when I see the sunset of my actions
I know that I must sink stones once again.
But what if I were to throw more than
the recommended amount?
causing more than just voice to fade out.

I read the sign hanging on the side
of my emotions, and realize that these
aren't what I need. Throwing them around
isn't filling a gap its stitching it together
with faded voices. That instead of whispers
they produce an itch I cant scratch.

We are but a raindrops
                        among many

All falling together,
                  never  knowing
our destination

But its the falling that
                            gives us gravity...

Where footprints in the sand once stayed,
                      one is now washed away..
And we look around hoping one day ours
                       will be joined by another's.

Different from before,
                       But for now we walk on the beach
  looking at each sunrise,
                     because there is always another day..

Late motions collect on the views
                            of so little movement,
but when the twilight falls
even though shade is vacant on the
vocation of words..

Every movement is a stepping stone
on the creation of creativity that
                                     wonders blind,
But sees more than when the shimmers
of daylight plague the motions of unseen eyes
and everything is static

till wandering nightfall plays its games its games
on the fluid of darkness.
Everything breathes clearer when luminosity
                      doesn't suffocate it with brightness..

I tripped over your ill
angled shoe..
Face planting the floor..
scuff marked pride,
as I got up stupid woman,
I uttered this under my breath...

I tripped over your ill
angled shoe..
coffee in hand,
a master of balance..
Not one droplet spilt,
but I saw you awkwardly
gaze at me, and I smiled.

The next few days,
I took another path.
missing your haphazard
           feet entrapping my gaze..
I pondered the view,
the reason for my needing to  

Walking past where you sat,
                      now vacant.
I was glum at the thought
of you not fumbling my stance.
Collecting myself on days past,
I walked a new path to my office.

I tripped over your ill
angled shoe..
Face planting the floor..
scuff marked pride.
Getting up I asked you
a question..

"I've fallen for you so many times
               I think I'm in love,

You can only fall so many times
before you realise that its love.
I showed the marks that I'd
fallen for you,
                  more than most would.

Liability was sewn into the
threads of what'd been given
                        but you threaded
every single chance..

You can only wear  promises
                             so many times...

The dead stare opened eyed
                because they say nothing..

But with open mouths,
                          they scream
                      silently into  oblivion.

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