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Aarvijain Jun 16
Soon we'll meet,
Soon everyone will know,
The world we'll conquer will the first one to bow,
The boundaries that keep us apart will break,
Our love will show them their place,
They'll keep the hatred but will know us as brave.
Stop with 'you better come here now'
Stop with the 'who what when where and how'
Don't bother trying to break this vow
I think it's fin'ly time for you to take your bow

You haven't said a word
Yet I can still hear your voices
Wrapping round my world
No, I've got no more choices
But to do what you say
Coz I fear the pain is never gonna go away
Haven't written in a while so I'm a little rusty. How is everyone doing in isolation?
Serendipity Dec 2019
It seems what differentiates
the mad and the musician
are the bow
in which
they strum with.
This 5000 word psych research paper is killing me in the best way lmaoooo.
Mark Wanless Sep 2019
i bow at the alter in
the church of imperfection
and pray softly here again
in storm of life confusion
the first line was the inspiration
A M Ryder Aug 2019
The arrow endures
The bow string's tension
So that in the release
It can become
More than itself
Philomena Aug 2019
"You will never know, it's the price I pay
Look into my eyes, we are not the same
Yeah, this is where you fall apart
Yeah, this is where you break
'Cause I'm in control, and you'll know my name
'Cause I gave my life, gave it everything
Yeah, this is where you fall apart
Yeah, this is where you break
To everybody who doubted
Get on your knees and bow down"
Gem Palomar Jul 2019
I, a sweet innocent rosin, has been tainted, by your coarse hands, and your magnificent violin

You stroke me forcefully on your quivering bow
as I give life to music with marvelous delight

But an innocent man you are not, for you take me harder, on to the marvelous bow, a scrupulous innuendos act

At last you end your rubbing to a stop, with me well spent on your magnificent bow, I take my leave into the dark abyss

You play wondrous music from my sweet belongings, a rosin to a bow, a bow to the viloin, and a violin to his player
rgz Jul 2019
If you mined my mind all you would find
are tattoos of you and your fine *** behind
not strictly true, you would also find the things you do
but I'm not blind, so..
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