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Poetic T Apr 2021
God was the homicide
               that killed a whole world
over his jealousy of man's will not to

bow to his corrupt virtues..

He had planned every life and every sin
                  was his masterful collusion with the devil.

For both were one and all, two sides of a coin
                that always landed on its edge

and no one was the winner.

Definitely, a man or woman who thought they
             were a creation of purity.

But if they were a creation of the beginner,

The end was always a plan to fail like an image,
          it was never perfect but a delusion
of a copy that like its original
            corrupted by ego.

As it knew every breath, but still sent every baby
to the hell of inescapable torment.
                   As it was its plan all along.

That no souls reached its peace,
but the torture that it watched on its throne
           above and sighed,,,

That this was its creation, an image of self...

And it knew it was the master of every moment,
                       and they all  leads to hell.
Poetic T Oct 2020
I argue with you so much,
           I'll be no victim to your rules...

So why you preach that you'll be there
        when you ain't here,
two thousand years absent,
                                    Father problems..

No, you were never a father,
            more like a ghost of wishful thinking.

But I'm now not confused,
          I went through a depression,
But now I know the only faith I need is inward,
             I've been here before and
   I'm not playing by your verses.

Never letting ignorance lead me astray,
    Why do others think  I'm lost when
                                     in truth I'm
finally found..
Amanda Kay Burke Sep 2020
When God abandoned me I thought
That at first he must not have cared
But after enduring a world of pain
I realized he was never there
Its crazy how much i used to believe in Christianity compared to how completely opposite i feel now
Poetic T May 2020
He may swallow your sins,
                               but if he spits

there's hell to pay...
Poetic T May 2020
I live for a world without,
on imaginary friends..

Because at the moment,

Twelve Thousand gods fight
        for ******* of your will...

To be hateful and **** for them...

I used to believe in the tooth fairy,
             and Santa...

But the reality is some mother *******
                grow the **** up.....

I read fairy tales but I don't,
                     ****, hate..
Morality of fallen morals
      in imaginary words..

People need to recognise,
      that every story is just
a third hand view..

Rewrote from the reflections of
           that time.

But some are sheep and some
      are wolves...

But the wolves never feed,
    just try to prune the wool
over others eyes to let them howl
                                     at the moon..
Poetic T May 2020
For he hurled  the stone,
                            casting it with anger...

And so the first sin was sewn..
                   For the wrath of another showed
that we were the picture of god,

If we were imperfect,
                then our creation was flawed
beyond the reflection of our birth.

The stone was never perfect but
                    flawed when created.
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2020
Some creatures seek higher power

I seek ascension myself
So as to become my own higher power

Some seek wealth
Material possessions

I seek strength
Sustain myself when I am without material possession

Others seek fame

I seek claim
Claim over my body
The actions it makes

I love how different goals and values are compared to everyone else

Maybe someday I will find myself reevaluating my definition of success
But I doubt it

Change this world maybe
Not myself

And end up all the things I wish to be
I don't believe in god so it's hard to find something to put faith in. So I just believe in myself. That's enough for now.
Poetic T Apr 2020
I cut down the last tree,
   and ate the last apple...

I  wore the snake as a noose...

******* gravity...

                 I fell hollow and empty...
Poetic T Apr 2020
G-od Is the D-evil,
             conjoined twins that do
the opposite of the other.

But are they the same person..
        never telling the other what there planning
but sharing the same thoughts.

Does that make them both guilty of what they do?
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