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Had I had heart to love me, the way I loved you, I would have never been so stupid, vulnerable and misled, enough to let my heart be broken and  my soul be condemned to shatter everytime I hear your name.
Its funny how far people can change, in this cruel world all everyone sees are thier options and choices that they could make so much so that they could forget that they are free of the choice but not of the consequence. One day you are somebody they love and some day you are just another stranger that passes by.
Poetic T Nov 2020
Intervals depicted by woefully
                        stark sights.

Tombstone branches drape
              over the division
of essence.

That now clings to the earth,
  moved on by the breath around.

I see them grazing in the air,
a corpse  of what was warm.

Now showing the frigidness
                          of what is upon us.

Mourning the beauty of what was,
         and I look up at the tombstone
branches in reverence.

Awaiting the time when life wavers
          above me once again.

And then I will smile, for now,
       I slumber within my

stark contemplations.
Nikos Kyriazis Oct 2018
Scented by amorous
reflections of the past

I do not dare
to go closer

Often i repent
about keeping it still

A bearer of dreary hues
that imprisons the now
and drains its mirth

The sojourn of that drape
is coming to an end.....

There will be a time
that we'll stand above and laugh
for the molten strands of the past
K Balachandran Oct 2018
Sari drapes her fine,
Couldn’t conceal what was meant;
Beauty is magic!

— The End —