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FunSlower Aug 4
10 times in 10 years is nowhere near enough.
Though these sounds I’ve found,
They’re quite renowned.
They call me on my bluff.

I could call him humble gleaner,
With a will to stand in quicksand.
He knows I get the shakes.
But a minute with him and I’m ready to swim.
He knows I’ve got what it takes.
I should call her Thumbelina,
With the fastest hands in the land.
She’s there with me when I wake.
Through whimsical words and unwavering plans,
We can laugh at every mistake.

Embrace this place. Self pity is never pretty.
He’s so calming, she’s so witty.
So pick up your feet and own their city.
There’s nowhere to hide.
Swallow that pride.
Recall their wise words.
It’s high time to glide.
Poetic T Apr 9
God was the homicide
               that killed a whole world
over his jealousy of man's will not to

bow to his corrupt virtues..

He had planned every life and every sin
                  was his masterful collusion with the devil.

For both were one and all, two sides of a coin
                that always landed on its edge

and no one was the winner.

Definitely, a man or woman who thought they
             were a creation of purity.

But if they were a creation of the beginner,

The end was always a plan to fail like an image,
          it was never perfect but a delusion
of a copy that like its original
            corrupted by ego.

As it knew every breath, but still sent every baby
to the hell of inescapable torment.
                   As it was its plan all along.

That no souls reached its peace,
but the torture that it watched on its throne
           above and sighed,,,

That this was its creation, an image of self...

And it knew it was the master of every moment,
                       and they all  leads to hell.
FloydBrandon Feb 2020
Do you know the Ragamuffin
Have you any mange
Worth his weight in traffic crashes
Mage of breakfast eggs

Static with a double edged
razor bladed sledgehammer
Magic if a psychopath had post-traumatic rash disorder

Charismatic flash hoarder
Dynamite snack breathing volatile glass jaw
Rats-fat ******* of an easy baked cave alchemist
subject to the laws of disintegration

Shrunk as a putrefied raisin
Grayer than petrified daisies
Annie Sep 2019
All of my life has been a search
For things I could not see
For matters founding in my heart
For things that I could be
I sold my home and life
For principiality
But everything was worth the price
And Im remorselessly

Yet I wonder now and then
Whenever I am asked again
What I have answered once
Though I walked freely down that path
And there is no regret
and yet
I wonder what I felt inside
What caused my mind to set
This way along the past
What craving caused my vast
Amount of ruthlessness

I lost my time, with no remorse,
And all of my appeal
The breaking clocks may have been worse
But still, I could'nt feel
Nor understand
what Ive been searching for

And when I carried on my way
I lost myself in forlorn days
Where I found something new
I never had been searching for
And yet I felt that something grew
Inside of me
That let me fear
The things about to come

For I got lost,
found by someone,
Something that changed my mind
I didnt want to lose that fast
Nor leave it all behind

And for the first time I did fight
I changed the clockwork of my mind
I chose a place, a time a side
And wonder about all my life
About decisions, thoughts and creeds
I owned in future pasts
For any deed
I would regret
And yet
I wonder
What have happened
to my heart
Annie Feb 2019
My mind got wrapped into a spell
Entwisted by two hands
And slowly, my resistance fell
Into a man’s presence

My toughts began to twist and spin
Into thin fingers touch
And faster, I’m entangling
Into a frantic clutch

Out of two dark, abyssal eyne
I drew new force and energy
And realised I can’t decline
A kind of curiousity

And fled myself into a vibe
Both flustering and soothing
Until I found myself beside
A control I confide
Kelsey Jun 2018
A cutless mage
So weary of speech
The magicians basket
A tale to teach

For wanding and waving
The dreams of the dreary
The illusion of joy
A load he must carry

What spells, what tricks
Does his basket contain
A book of the difference
Between revere and disdain

For his shoes have been worn
And robe has no sleeves
The midnight mage
Lost his glow in the weave

Suspended in wind
The magician has forgotten
The blooming of Daisy's
Now litter his coffin

The townsmen share tales
As they laugh and they weep
Of the mage in the mask
Who never thought to speak
Sarangi Jun 2018
New chapter fresh start
Empty page waiting to be written on
I wished for words
I got a  perfect song
La la la la laaaa.....
Made me dance on the floor

Out there,
It was darker
I wished for a lantern
I needed lights
Ha ha ha haaaaa...
I won a  moon in my life
I can't stop
I can't stop smiling
Wake me up
Am I dreaming???
It's too good to be true....

PS : I love you
I am in love with you
There once was a mage named Stella
Who looked just like Cinderella;
She sang with the faeries
And ate lots of berries
Till she was big as a fella!
Àŧùl Apr 2015
I recovered from the night again,
She had disappeared once more,
Was she using me as a ******???

I was frustrated & also saddened,
My self-control got strengthened,
For I was not a tissue to be used!!!

I have my feelings & my emotions,
Presence and absence torture me,
Ego I had tamed got hurt by now...

I won't let that elusive Angel come,
Questioning I must be her realities,
Illusions will end this time finally!!!

I'll establish an identity of my own,
Dependent I'll not be on the angel,
Was she only a dream & no more???

I had duly asked the aged captain,
To search a lovely bride very soon,
Oh, so sure I am about afterwards...

I was tailed by the spirit-like angel,
So irritated by her dreary dreams,
On-off, came-gone, again & again!!!

I now would learn to catch angels,
With the plan, I went to the mage,
Should I now learn some spells???

I entered through a dark alleyway,
Was told to visit this strange place,
What comes across - I wondered...

I knocked the door & she appeared,
Very young she seemed to me now,
Just the age of the angel of dreams!!!

I noticed that she wore a long robe,
So shiny it was silvery like her hair,
Just like the angel of dreams wore...

I rubbed my tired eyes in disbelief,
"Who're you?" I asked very loudly,
"Are you the mage's daughter???"

I wondered for long & she replied,
"Your guess is correct, kind Sailor,"
She beckoned me into the shack...

I set my foot on the wooden floor,
I look for any sign of the mage,
I want to be set free of the cage!!!

I just thought & thought about it,
But the witch was not to be seen,
Curious I asked, "Where is she???"

"I am my mother," she said calmly,
Perplexed I couldn't say a thing,
My mouth opened once & shut...

I was now about to rise & go away,
But she stopped me with her arms,
"I must show you," so she did say!!!

I did not believe what my eyes saw,
How she changed into the old mage,
Then back into her own daughter???

O I had become confused a lot now,
Why would she transform like this,
I feared if it was actually the angel...
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My HP Poem #850
©Atul Kaushal
cmy Feb 2013
The old oak tree grew at the edge,
of an orchard where little ones play,
and there lived a mage,
who hears trees on a windy day,

Rushing wind rustles leaves,
on that one day brilliant and bright,
With amber gold autumn grandeur on display,
singing tuneful songs delightfully light and gay,
Apple trees trilling events as mysterious as night,
Of love found and lost last May.

— The End —