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DAF Mar 22
just a bunch of words
no particular order
thoughts all blended up
free to anyone who'll sort them
Shofi Ahmed Jun 2017
Little earth is on the radar,
under the starry net.
Take a handful of soil,
only gauging a star’s gait.

Try once more can't do it
without the star above,
keeping a tab on the land,
on every birth and trait.
She loves her.

She loved her
with little rays of sunshine
Pitter patter tears.

Her love was like dew drops
on grass blades
on a misty morning.
Like a butterfly loitering around a little girl.
Like money on a starved beggars hand.

It was a humane love
built with
illogical trust and belief.
It was made of burnt bricks
of built up grief and an exhaustion
which comes from an eternal search
for a handful of love.

Her love was the size of her soul.
It was next to everything she would own even after death.



— The End —