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Poetic T Apr 9
The restrictions upon my self
worth, never the right, write,
              wording, metaphor

of what I wish to show you, u, me.

That even though I don't cry or
                scream, I'm swaying

every sentence I write, right to  
the point that there was never
a chair to hold words.

Instead, I bleed my word, pain
with every stanza that collected
beneath holding me up.

Until I wrote so much that there
wasn't just air beneath me but solid
              meaning wanting to
hold me higher than that which
may make me fall...
Francie Lynch Dec 2019
A person's stature
Is never to be measured
By height.
leo arden Aug 2019
dear                  ,

exalt your stature

as the prided flower

in this field

of the wilted.
this is for you.
You may walk in the same storm with another, Under the same sky feeling the same rain but that doesn't mean you've endured their pain.

    Before you assume that you're above them, Consider the lightening when it does strike...
that it doesn't consider one's mere stature or height.
~Author Ven J. Arnold
copyright 2018 Ven Jencie Clifton Arnold
True. It's a hard long fall of that high horse you may be riding. Circumstances change all the time. Don't be so quite to judge.
Nikos Kyriazis Oct 2018
Then gazed the sky and he whispered
Foggy shades in a lavender void

Gloomy glimpse on a cumulus sigh
I'll grief with you my old father

And by dusk's last glow i shalt follow
Lo your son neath your stature he stands

Thou who rules in the heavens great court
A plea to you by your earthling

Your stairway i most desire now
Let me come in the ***** i borned

Days on earth are the true flames of hell
The inferno's tales you've narrated

The eternal night of my lineage
Now i regret what i've done then my God

Overdue are these words and through shame
For evermore i will serve you

And nevermore the foul serpent
Touch my hand and revive me once more
Sarah Mann Aug 2018
Originally purposed as an adjective.
But feels more like a place.
Or perhaps it’s a vibration.
The blue sky  
The ocean
The spanse of the horizon.
They exist, multitudinously.
Far from our concepts.
I strive to accomplish, to be
I wish to become similar to these
Beings of marveled stature,
Worlds of unknown.
The all-encompassing
Awe-inspiring limitless notion
That we know as
August 7, 2018 12:23 PM
Finished on August 16, 2018 8:55PM
George Krokos Apr 2018
We’re all subject to the unseen laws of nature
which loom about us like an imposing stature.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's
Mysidian Bard Nov 2016
I'm not who I was
The streets they will remember
Even if I don't
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