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Angela Rose Jul 14
We both liked the folded chips, the ones with the extra crunch
We both liked them the best, but you always saved them for me
It was a small gesture, but it was a gesture of love

We both liked to be the center of attention and sing or play guitar for everyone
We both liked to be the one with everyone’s eyes on us, but you always let me shine
It was another small gesture, but you never let me forget you loved me most

We both loved hard and powerful and passionately
We both loved in a way that I have still yet to match with another, but you always loved me harder
In the end it was my failure to connect that let us diminish into smithereens of failed high school sweethearts
She was a flower wild
Wearing thrift store pair of shoes
Holes in sleeves of her hoodie
Jeans in all types of blues

Knit sheets unmade on queen size bed
Dreams Jersey or maybe New York
Knows she's destined for simple things
An average underachieving dork

Pizza breath
Bloodshot eyes
Red as petals blooming
A rose
Whiskey shots over wine any day
Toothpaste on tip of her nose

Alabaster skin and crooked smile
Knotted shoelaces on feet
Hair tied
A messy braid
Freckled embrace emitting heat

Shoulders carrying world
The burden of it's weight
Too prideful to ask for a helping hand
When the heaviness is too great

She believes love to be tangible word
Favorite songs are always sad
Can catch her staring out the window
Reminiscing joy she long ago had

She agreed to attend therapy
But an appointment was never made
Voice was simple to convince
Body harder to persuade
It's so much easier saying than doing
Poetic T Nov 2020
The voice of many is all one. it doesn't matter
the flavor of our skin with coffee,
                      we milk, were caramel.

Were all different tastes but some think
because our tastes are different
that they can throw the cup down
                             crush it under the knee..

We aren't recyclable we may taste different,
                 but doesn't mean you can crush
any of us under afoot
                                 or knee.

were all in this together if one falls, we all fall..
Poetic T Apr 2020
I'm  missing some stiches,  
                         flawed genetic patterns
hazem al jaber Mar 2020
More harder ...

sweetheart mine ..
come to my side ...
hug me as you wished ...
and lay into my warm bed ...
let me give you ...
the pleasure ...
that we both need ...
let me make ...
that sweet love ...
until we *** both ....
until we get drunk ...
one to the other ...

yes sweetheart ...
my sweet angel ...
come to me ...
let me do what i feel ...
open your legs wild ...
let me smell your wet ...
to kiss it and lick ...
to taste your honey ...
with my lips ...

come sweetheart ...
i'm so hard for you...
right now ...

would you come ...
to share ....

hazem ...
Ken Pepiton Feb 2020
As deep and fast as I imagine thought rrivers
riving my senses,

anon, another comma breather comes along
to spit me out,
too hot, too cold, too banal to avoid,

****. (****)
that's it.
We are all like those constipated tea drrinkkers,
from Back to Eden, nutritional gospel of the gay nineties,
and the entire Trump executive system,
is a biome transfusion,
that ...

is not what I was told. I was Told,
authoritative ly by the
most popular prophet Sid Roth is boosting,
that prophet shouts, GOD the Lord, we trust, the one on the money,
set Donald Trump at the peak of power.

I cough an ought and violently disagrree, see, as it appears
to me,
Donald Trump is a set-up, see
as they impeached him, behind the cameras

they gave him an arsenal capable of

you know,
Armegeddon or whatever end you harbour,
in the depths of you.
Where you hope.

Here's the point, the point Con-cep-tion, see

the idea, formless in one dimention, re
a grrowning word, I,
mmmmore tu, wham a slap touch bounce
catchit, we

be, time goes, okeh, and after all that

it's 2020 and we are netted on the right
side of the vessle shaped

into a torus wit a hot and cold, kinda

beauty, is a word I sup, offer up, pose
you agree, see, psi
ence science with (con, as in with meat)
conpsience is scorrnd,
as a word, meaning less if previous sci
ence of right sounds, sets
psi as
a shibboletharrgic gate, to filter lazy eyes
from evil eyes,
before filling them with visions

of grranduer for winning the war, not that
last battle,

where --nevermind, click Broca- off.

*******, walks on. I know the messenger.
We can trrust this meta-story,
ever after all we know
had to happen,
sooner or later. Why,

I said so.
Seek and ye shall find, I said is true.
Thus I found you.
one to take me at my words, and love me
to set me free to fill the vessels, not a few,
who built their shelters on the sands,
long since baked to stone,

mortal mind, listen, reading is your gift,
writing forms the vessle, we fill,
we living words you loosed,

when you pierced the Babbit wall, and
robbed the city of angels of its
stolen water,

per haps,
at the behest of some mourning mama
whale where the birthing harborr
poisons hopes whales give
the whole world, along
with the butterflies,
and bats, and dodo birds.
2020 vision day 42, deeper, faster, harder
Amanda Kay Burke Jan 2020
Friendship is not just a word
More than hanging out
Who you've come to rely on
Trust without a doubt

Known from beginning
More than length of time
About who has your back through thick and thin
Help bury a body and cover up the crime

A friend:
Someone who came into
Life when you needed them most
Others left you alone in pain
Remained while everyone else was a ghost

Life is hard
But even harder alone
Remember you are blessed
Have a friend who sticks around
Has truly passed the test
A true friend is a blessing
Amanda Kay Burke Jan 2020
It is relatively simple to say "I love you"
Much harder to explain
Like the sun's held hostage in my soul
Even when in unbearable pain
Me trying to explain how love feels
Butterfly Dec 2019
I want those late nights, staring at your ******* smile.
You're making me fall harder than the first time.

Whisper in my ear:
"I'll never lose you."
Iewh another love poem
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