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Sierra Blasko Oct 10
You said I was okay
I said I was, okay?
They heard I was okay

A funny order, it is

I believed
You when you
Told me that
I was okay when
You were not in my shoes
and neither were They

But when
I said I was not okay
You asked if I was sure,
Sure it would not pass
(because okay, is default?)
and they heard you, not me

Am I sure it won't pass?
I'm sure it will
Because everything does
What doesn't **** me
Makes me stronger
(B u t  it needs  n o t  to  k i l l  me)
Annie Oct 6
I want to be this
wet white dress
hanging alone on the line,
on such a gentle
Sunday morning.

Why do I want to be this dress
so badly?
Every time I glance it’s way
I’m surprised with the jealousy I feel.
I must be jealous of its peace,
I suppose.

It has no need to do anything
all day long,
except hang there
and sweetly dry
in its own time.
Julian Delia Oct 4
My head feels like a visit to the cranioscopist’s,
Like someone bored through it with a drill.
Inflamed and ill,
Like the ego of a billionaire philanthropist.
Flashbacks of “You”,
Got me off my tracks and feeling blue,
Stumbling around in pain, without a ******* clue.

My neck is aching,
My body is shaking,
My ******* soul feels like it’s breaking.
Volcanic unrest, putting my heart to the test,
Got manic anger strapped to my chest like a suicide vest.

I’m the spectre of truth, a hard hitter,
Like that last, smooth drink that fails your liver.
A lone wolf whose claws are made of words,
A man grown bitter and whose heart hurts.

My legs feel heavy and tired –
Is it now accepted to not have energy to even exist?
For that certainly isn’t how we’re naturally hard-wired.
I don’t know how to accept the illusion,
There seems to be no solution –
I look desperately, amidst the confusion.
I look for similarly empty eyes,
For those who do see the lies.
The only truth left is this;
He who murders lives, and he who loves dies.
Ye semi-regular dose of distilled emotions.
rebecca Oct 4
It's a ball of tangled yarn that I just can't figure out
I need to untangle it before my time runs out.
What if my "what-if's" come true?
I can't sleep because the threads twist and constrict
I just don't know what to do.
Catheter Bill Sep 26
like a daydream,
knotted together days
losing curiosity
regarding what happens between,
polar opposites.

can't send a message to myself,
my body is willing something
false starts and abandoned plans ,
droning contained,
inside my head.
There is an inevitability to all things,
rhiannon Sep 18
Unbearable, depressing
Cry, hide, whisper
It made me feel small
I feel like I just can't cope, trapped inside a small room of sadness, I feel like my freedom has gone and life is not worth living for me.i cry myself to sleep as I try not to see the traumatic nightmares.i feel depressed and very emotional.
AstralPotato Sep 15
Crowded places; happy faces
Greeted a person with such ablaze
Offering radiance which resonated the sun
Defying his sense out of phase

But deep within, his soul conjured
A sense of loneliness emanated from his heart
From a mask he wore in fervent solitude
Trying to dig his oldest scar

From there he felt what he once endured
Faltering, as he ventured out
Scorched deep into his core
Old feelings trying to break out
Carter Ginter Sep 12
I'm feeling stuck
Lost in this moment
What moment?
I don't even know where I am
This life is a mess
I don't want to move
I don't want to do anything
I'm tired
I'm sad
I feel like nothing
Where is my motivation?

Turns out it's anger
The rage setting fire to my veins
Is just enough to ignite the rest of me
Until I can release everything
Lost in this spiraling rage
Until I burn out again
And once more
I feel like nothing
Ijla Aug 21
The world's closing on me fast
Like a racing car **** bent on winning
The stress surrounds me completely
As if smoag over a developing city
Suffocating me
Pushing me closer to the edge
As I look down
I see nothing
Just an eternal fall
Ground out of sight
Tempting as it might sound
I knew better
So I approached
Another I thought could help
"Try not to overthink"
"Better even, try not to think at all"
Their words ring in my ears
As if like the sound of a billion dying cats
They keep telling me to be normal
Just to be myself
Just to calm down
Chill without worries
Be cool
Just like them
I guess they fail to realize
That being me meant being crazy
All the things they ask from me
Atr things beyond my control
I don't ask to overthink
I don't ask to feel depressed
Or even stressed
I wish they would just understand
If not give me space
To heal and grow as a person
On my own pace
Without their expectations
Listen to understand not to reply. Cause most of the time we just need a listening ear. Not a replying tongue.
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