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Dani Just Dani Jul 2023
I lay on the floor
besides my bed,
My cats wondering
what’s wrong with me,
Walking back and forth
And back and forth,
Just to end up laying on the
Floor with me
I’m trying to sleep
To forget,
How your eyes gleamed
Hurt and betrayal,
I’ll get up today
And tomorrow
And the day after that.
But on some days,
I can’t wait to lay
On the floor to think
About you one more
Until the day it’ll be the last.
snipes Aug 2022
my life is on the line,
at least my clothes
are being dried
abhinav Apr 2022
I got a Voldemort filled
inside my brain
a world exist where
door ain't remain.
A world governed by
testo and dopemine
everyday feel like making it rain
sleepless nights feel like jerking
aside the thoughts inside barking
futile because already gave in
flesh and bone
where sins cave in.

Feel like fly in Venus
ain't working out with Jesus
so lemme call out to star
bruh lend me few Winnie
to fetch me some honey
as i rather have pitch up deep than to sow and let it reap
thinking and thinking till it leads
to ******* scar that feeds
grooving epidermis making it bleed
it's like god handing out seeds
and I ain't getting one because of my deeds

Landline, laziness the line
bed's the mine
set foot there goes the crying
all i do is sit back and rhyme
hiding sorrows in these lines
hoping you'd save the day
like the Dre
back when shady was stray
Pray, I pray none's listening
is my existence so grey
pillow talking all night
only time i get to voice my say.
I wrote this back when I was in a bad place... Well never opening this door ever again... i hope :(((
Jammit Janet Aug 2021
I am full of feelings
All the time
Sometimes they are so powerful
They consume me alive
Materialize Madness
Incite my moral decline
Jammit Janet Jul 2021
Educational hangover
You rewrote my internal story
Switched around the dialogue
Kept my life anything but boring

Educational hangover
You got me drunk on knowledge
Faded on grades
Homework stacked
Books for days
Maitsholo May 2021
nothing feels right
I cried
I believe crying is one of the  ingredient of a remedy that cure pain
Eyla Apr 2021
there i was
sit alone
people walk and passed by

some of them are carrying serious ill
some of them are crying,
lost someone they loved

never know
what people carrying
on their shoulder

but in this place
we all knew
we carrying
similar problem
noor Mar 2021
you gave me a flower
as it bloomed into a beauty

my flower was beautiful
it shone brightly under the sun
conveying its beauty to everyone

my flower smelled so sweet
that even the honeybees would come around
thinking it was a treat

but soon

the petals on my flower
began to darken

the petals on my flower
began to wilt

and finally

the petals on my flower
fell off
one by one

reminding me that
something so beautiful and sweet

will always be temporary
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