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Jammit Janet Aug 3
I am full of feelings
All the time
Sometimes they are so powerful
They consume me alive
Materialize Madness
Incite my moral decline
Jammit Janet Jul 8
Educational hangover
You rewrote my internal story
Switched around the dialogue
Kept my life anything but boring

Educational hangover
You got me drunk on knowledge
Faded on grades
Homework stacked
Books for days
Leah Carr Jun 14
My lungs in my throat
My heart in my head
Just waiting
Maitsholo May 18
nothing feels right
I cried
I believe crying is one of the  ingredient of a remedy that cure pain
Lyn Apr 3
there i was
sit alone
people walk and passed by

some of them are carrying serious ill
some of them are crying,
lost someone they loved

never know
what people carrying
on their shoulder

but in this place
we all knew
we carrying
similar problem
noor Mar 5
you gave me a flower
as it bloomed into a beauty

my flower was beautiful
it shone brightly under the sun
conveying its beauty to everyone

my flower smelled so sweet
that even the honeybees would come around
thinking it was a treat

but soon

the petals on my flower
began to darken

the petals on my flower
began to wilt

and finally

the petals on my flower
fell off
one by one

reminding me that
something so beautiful and sweet

will always be temporary
noor Mar 5
i keep thinking
this is it
ive hit rock bottom

but im always proved wrong
by this endless pain
and this endless fall
still falling
noor Mar 4
i am not lazy
im just a little hazy
because lately its daily
where im drained

i am not lazy
i am just gloomy
cause its so lonely

i am not lazy
im just drowning
all i hear is shouting
all i see is frowning

i am not lazy
im just crying
im just dying

i am not lazy
i am just stressed
this seems to be a downward spiral into depression
The very air I breath, feels so rushed, raw and unfiltered. I wish you were here with me by side to witness my desperate grasp for air. Maybe you could offer your hand and a gentle kiss to sooth my fears and caress my demons to their slumber. Speak to me in our native tongue, play our tune and dance till our feet come off. Your absence is the presence of fear, fear to lose you, fear loose myself; without you to catch me as I fall. So far, I have been holding my smile together, but really any dummy could read the troubles in my eyes. I miss you; I miss you now.
growing up smart
you don’t realize how much you aren’t
until you’re blacked out
at 2pm
after not sleeping for three days
drowning in jumbled words
and desperately trying not to disappoint

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