zeebee 3d
my life feels like
it is reduced to the sum
of the plates i'm spinning.
Keller 5d
Restless and stressed over things
I cannot control
I wish I could stand back
And look at things as a whole.
My father always said I could never see the big picture.
mato devin Apr 18
Past at my ankles with every step
Future rolling over me without sleep.
Is there a way to replay the past without sulking in regret
Or am I stuck replaying good times waiting for my death?
lexi Apr 10
it's an invisible weight
pressing down on all of us
we pretend not to notice
and continue our daily routines
but inside
none of us are really ok
the only difference between the sane and insane
is that one is better at hiding it
What I Feel Apr 2
An inkblot tarnish that bleeds through sheets
of work, an all-consuming blackness that eats
through my morale like acid through a petal,

that slow and steady browning tainting
the pure white of that spotless rose,
imperfect now, and damaged,

the bruise that seeps across capillaries
of hope until all thought of life is tender
and sore to touch,

false colours marking things that shouldn't be,
my failure marked in bold for me to see.
Haven't written in a long time; revision for my exams has taken over and has left my state of mind in tatters. For those of you who followed my work, I was pull-free for a little while, however the stress of exams has made me start to pull again, which is what this poem addresses; a small failure - a bald patch - that grows, like a bruise.
sage Mar 18
❝ i feel
so hollow
in this pale moonlight

i beg of you,
make me feel right,❞
the empty girl cries once again.
Susie Mar 14
In short,
I can't automatically regulate
My own body temperature.

I am almost always cold
and when I'm even just slightly warm,
I panic and start to overheat,
My face gets hot and
I feel like I'm going to vomit.
The whole world is melting.

So I stay cold to be comfortable
I stay cold to be careful
I stay cold to be calm

You can't overheat and breakdown

if you're always freezing.
Being cold has its ups and downs.
opi Jan 12
it always happen when i was happy
when i was calm and enjoying the time
out of thin air
a worry comes in front my mind
it wouldn't stop knocking on the door
another worry comes
it brings more friends
they start to bang on my door
my heart beats so fast
i couldn't breath
i am scared
i try to hide
but they smash my door
they come in
they find me
they follow me and wouldn't let me go
i hate when this happens. anxiety makes me stressed and it really hurts my head.
You’d think that after so many years
upon this utterly lonely planet,
we’d have learned what our purpose was

But each and every one of us,
each soul and heart,
are as confused as ever

The shimmering stars in the sky
reflecting themselves selfishly upon the lake
screaming at us to look at them;
to pay attention

But we’re too busy debating,
debating whether we have a purpose
or if we were simply made to die

The stars lose a bit of their shine,
creeping silently back to their room,
but yet they were not deterred

Night after night,
the stars gained glow after glow,
until we all finally looked up
and all of our angry faces turned soft

The stars glimmered and glinted,
being reflected in the eyes of each of us
entrancing us;
hypnotizing us

And then the stars snapped their fingers,
but we all continued to stare at the beauty
that we had forgotten existed in this cruel questionable world
We shouldn't spend all of our life wondering if we have a purpose. We should just live and appreciate the beautiful things in life. <3
Jerrey Jan 4
Mind storms to find rhymes clever as i could ever find,
Lines forming kinda flavours like twisting wind,
Forever changing with time,
Like an aging wine,
Like miracles, bt It's a sin that i can bind beautiful words
Like glue,and create a scenical verse
To describe psychological hurts,
touch so many nerves,
And still being unable to describe her.
Seriously i wrote a whole book and i still feel like its not enough...
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