opi 7d

it always happen when i was happy
when i was calm and enjoying the time
out of thin air
a worry comes in front my mind
it wouldn't stop knocking on the door
another worry comes
it brings more friends
they start to bang on my door
my heart beats so fast
i couldn't breath
i am scared
i try to hide
but they smash my door
they come in
they find me
they follow me and wouldn't let me go

i hate when this happens. anxiety makes me stressed and it really hurts my head.

You’d think that after so many years
upon this utterly lonely planet,
we’d have learned what our purpose was

But each and every one of us,
each soul and heart,
are as confused as ever

The shimmering stars in the sky
reflecting themselves selfishly upon the lake
screaming at us to look at them;
to pay attention

But we’re too busy debating,
debating whether we have a purpose
or if we were simply made to die

The stars lose a bit of their shine,
creeping silently back to their room,
but yet they were not deterred

Night after night,
the stars gained glow after glow,
until we all finally looked up
and all of our angry faces turned soft

The stars glimmered and glinted,
being reflected in the eyes of each of us
entrancing us;
hypnotizing us

And then the stars snapped their fingers,
but we all continued to stare at the beauty
that we had forgotten existed in this cruel questionable world

We shouldn't spend all of our life wondering if we have a purpose. We should just live and appreciate the beautiful things in life. <3
Jerrey Jan 4

Mind storms to find rhymes clever as i could ever find,
Lines forming kinda flavours like twisting wind,
Forever changing with time,
Like an aging wine,
Like miracles, bt It's a sin that i can bind beautiful words
Like glue,and create a scenical verse
To describe psychological hurts,
touch so many nerves,
And still being unable to describe her.

Seriously i wrote a whole book and i still feel like its not enough...

I'm so stressed out.
It feels like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders
It makes me want to shout
When life throws nothing in my direction but boulders.

Time is passing too fast
I feel like i barely have enough time to breathe
I wanna make every precious moment last
but everything that happens makes my insides seethe

Celina Dec 2017

Have you ever watched out the window
While driving in the pouring rain
Have seen the dark clouds
Covering the blue sky

Have you ever watched the stressed people
While driving by the other cars
Have seen the sad faces
Hiding thoughts behind it

Have you ever watched the children in the backseat
While standing on a red light
Have seen the laughing faces
Playing with their toys

Have you ever watched the racing raindrops
While driving down the highway
Have seen them getting bigger and faster
Catching up with each other

Until they reach the end of the glass
Winning or losing the race
it doesn't matter when they fall
down in the river on the highway

How great would it be
To wake up next to the sea
With the sound of birds
Flying above the clouds
Having coconuts as drinks
Lying down at the beach
The sun kissing your skin
Your mind clear of doubts
Away from the hectic life in the city
And dive into peace and serenity

I really need one
Middy Nov 2017

they lied to me
when they said
they'd be kind as princesses
and quiet as mice
but if it were true
why are my ears covered?
why am i crying?
why am i shaking like mad?
why am i running away,
escaping from everything?

why do they do this?
my hands are still shaking
as i write on this tear stained page

my head is resting
(but not in peace)
on top of my aching arms
my eyes are shut tight
not opening or seeing

am i awake?
am i asleep?
am i alive or dead?

no one knows
not even i
who would care about me anyway

i wote this after a breakdown i had about my noise. i also am stressed due to issues at home. sorry for not writing guys
Harsha ravi Oct 2017

Sometimes I cry for no reason
The simplest things stress me out
I get so stressed and the dumbest tasks
and no one, not even my parents can understand why
The claim its an excuse for my irrational behavior but is it?
I get labeled as the angsty girl
who gets angry at everything?
Is it my fault? or is it anxiety's?
She never gets blamed
She is a burden the kind that you cant get rid off easily
The kind that weighs you down for the rest of your life
The kind that drowns you

Aaron LA Lux Sep 2017

Trying Not to Lose My Mind

Life in the fast lane,
I’ve done alot more than most,
but no matter how fast you gas,
past catches up even the freshest bread becomes toast,

sick as fck,
somewhere in Eastern Australia,
been on antibiotics for 3 weeks,
on this rollercoaster so long forgotten how to get off,

I want to get off,
please I need just a bit of relief,
see I’ve always gotten everything I’ve ever wanted,
but it seems I’ve never gotten what I really need,

feeling queasy & uneasy,
in Fremantle just south of Perth,
want to throw myself up out of myself,
feeling intoxicated from toxins I need to purge,

want to stop this ride but instead it continues to surge,

life in the fast lane,
I’ve done alot more than most,
but no matter how fast you gas,
past catches up even the freshest bread becomes toast,

though no jam ma’am,
maybe some peanut butter though,
I’ll tell you the plan man,
it’s get into the system & get out the vote,

voted but Hope lost,
& Trump won,
which means it seems that world peace,
as an option is done,

in this chaotically crazy Funhouse,
ah Hell oh well at least it’s been fun,
House of Mirrors reflect the words from a mouth of Fear,
in a place where nothing is intended not even the puns,

sick as fck show’s almost over lights off get the fck out,

sick as fck,
somewhere in Eastern Australia,
been on antibiotics for 3 weeks,
on this rollercoaster so long forgotten how to get off…

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆

Shammyshamsham Sep 2017

tik tok tik,
times too long
works too many
love too less.

tik tok tik,
its already two thirty
a few more hours
you'll soon be free.

tik tok tik,
Did the clock stopped ticking?
Times taking so long,
I'm stressed, bored.

Tik toc tik toc tik!!!
common hurry!
I miss my bed.

Tik toc tik,
time check its two thirty eight.
Tik toc tik,
times too long.

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