I need a personal holiday
A break from this foolish body
A few minutes at least, when I can touch my scalp without scraping ounces of dandruff with it
A second or two when I can look in a mirror without tasting disappointment
Now that would be something

I would like a release from this endless buzzing of thoughts against my skull
These insecurities and exaggerations are clouding my head
That's what I need

Just a little holiday from myself
To observe how I speak, act, think
To strip all the protective and self-destructive barriers
A time of leisure and relax

Let's go away for awhile, shall we dear?
moon child Jul 1
Because I'm


Because I'm


Because I'm


Because I'm

Making up excuses for why I keep

Killing myself
It feels like I’m stuck in an elevator. Neither going up nor going down. Stuck in the middle. Stuck in between floors. Stuck between levels. Not going anywhere. Just stuck there. Not moving forward. Not going back. Just stuck. I keep pressing the alarm button but no one hears. I’m alone here. Why is no one around? I’m getting claustrophobic. I’m banging the doors. No one is here. I wish I could get out. I wish I could go up. If not up then at least down. I just wish to go somewhere. I just wish to do something. But the doors won’t budge; the doors won’t open. Why won’t they open? Why won’t the elevator move?
I’m stuck in an elevator. In between levels. Levels being the stages of my life and the elevator, me.
And me being stuck here as I wish to move but I can’t. I’m just stuck not moving anywhere. I hope I move. I hope I go up. I hope I’m not stuck anymore in the elevator of life.
I know it's not a poem but I really cant write poems so yeah
Gray Jun 4
Since i am always tired,
My boss got mad, and i got fired!
I am now really in apartment debt,
Which caused both my parents to be extremely upset.
My feet ache,
But i have no time to take a break.
My brain is stressed,
But don’t i need to continue to try my best?
My relationships are practically nonexistent,
But isn’t wise to be a little resistant?
I must declare,
I wish i had more time to spare.
CocoLoco Jun 3
I'm over today..
Its barely started

I'm already depressed..

Nobody has texted
Or called to check in..

Lover says he's at his aunt's
Even he is hardly responding..

Best friend is about to have a baby

So I don't want to be annoying..

My other best friend
Has a few of her own..

She could probably talk
I think ill leave her alone..

My mom is stressed
About shit of her own..

I may look fine in the outside
But under my smile I'm bleeding

Today I give up
The demons are winning..
Furey May 14
my head is killing me
looking at anything hurts
it's like if someone took a knife and
I don't know why it hurts so bad
my eyes overflow with tears
it's a migraine
there's my heartbeat
it makes my head hurt worse
please stop
I just want to sleep but I can't
medicine not helping
what am I supposed to do?
Tim Mahon May 2
Get out of here
Can ya hear?
Get out there
Life ain't fair,
Life's a fair.
People running ‘round with no emotion do not care
Splitting up the money, Bernie Sanders, get your share
20,17 LGBT the love is in the air
Take a deeper breath because the oxygen is just not there.
Cops performing routine stops
Druggies performing knockout drops
Presidents older than triceratops
These cocks are dropping like stocks
Stocking the ballet box
Like an unorthodox Goldilocks paradox,
Like a Manchester protester avoiding his arrester by
Throwing rocks at the child molester.
This world, hurled into a mess a sin,
You gotta guess who to bless
When they press us in.
Yes we win
Unless they oppress children.
We will express distress like PETA and animal skin.
These streets ain't safe anymore
Gang recruitment at age 4.
You should no more and know your
Liberties that we fought for.
In that field the opportunities it did yield.
We acknowledge that college provides more knowledge
But turn a blind eye the the diabolic alcoholic,
I don't know why,
I don't know how,
I'm standing in front this large crowd.

I close my eyes and I squeeze her hand,
As I stand on the the land where I've been banned.
The executioner stands with scythe in hand
As he cuts the rope according up plan.
I float above ground uncrowned and damned.
Our society is jumbled, just like this poem. We are persecuted for voicing beliefs and in the same sentence told to be tolerant of others.
Em Quinn May 1
its hard to write when your mind is empty,
like your brain can't put together the words right.
every time i glance at the blank page
i catch my breath,
and my eyes trail in and out of focus.
i don't know if it's out of frustration,
or whatever else,
but its like my head sinks below the water for a minute,
whenever i pick up a pen.
writing shouldn't feel like drowning, yea?
so why does it feel like drowning?

its hard to write when your hand isn't steady,
like its trying to run away from the words.
an unsteady hand is the enemy of poetry,
so i guess i can say that,
when people ask me
why i can't do the things i love anymore.
why my days are spent inside,
shades drawn.
maybe i can say that i can't see the notebook,
that's why i haven't been writing.

what i don't say
is that i don't
to see it.

these days, words weigh on my mind like cement.
anxiety has been extremely hard to deal with lately, so i'm very sorry for the lack of posts. dealing with life is hard sometimes, yea?
More often than not, my dreams get stuck in a shelf.
It's become old and rusty.
Sometimes, I seem inexplicable for myself.
A head full of squeals remind me of squandered chances
The breeze is calm outside, inside I see panzers
Waging wars, scathing scars, I'm hardly half-
The man I used to be, I know you'll be confused to see
The new me, I'm broken and often scrutinized, it's brutal.
This note is painfully honest, I've opened my mind out.
I'm not being frugal
Truth stays hard to digest
Lately I'm stuck, my life's loosing all of its zest.
zb Apr 23
my life feels like
it is reduced to the sum
of the plates i'm spinning.
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