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My arms don’t reach, I am unchained.
That’s when you feel loose enough to cry
“Are you okay?”
And you want to say “No”
but instead you say “yes” and you lie.
Rivea 2d
deep breaths.  racing heart.  what is the teacher saying?   bouncing leg accompanied by the tap tapping of fingers.  room needs cleaned.  check needs picked up.  how long until school is out?  the secondhand has a tick.  have tests to study for.  is that a new ring on her hand?  my appointment starts at 4:30.  the AC has kicked on.  when will the weather make up its mind?  need to pay attention to notes.  need more sleep.  my shoe came untied.  the wind is blowing the trees outside.  what college do i want to go to?  did I turn in my assignment?  this needs to stop.
Here is a jumble of my thoughts from the past 20 minutes.
i still call you, just to hear your voicemail.
i wish one day you would pick up the phone.
but at least i can still hear your voice


i needed to call today
i dialed your number
and i knew there would be no answer
but today
all i heard was an automated voice message
now all i think about is what happened to you
this was a draft, but today the phone didn´t even ring
and i feel so lost
what happened to your phone
what happened to you
will i ever see you again
what am i supposed to do now
why do i still miss you
My life was all smoke and mirrors
trying to disguise the pieces that were broke.
Smoke filled lungs made my head feel clearer,
but parts of me were still disappearing.
As I forgot about my motivations,
and was stressed to make end meet.
Waking up with mental lacerations.
I had a lot of plates, but no food to eat.
There was a lot in my life that seemed to go wrong,
but I kept moving forward to the next day.
Delivering pizza my car breaks down.
What can I do to get paid?
Dropped out of college to make more money.
Now how does that even make cents?
One day you were just at my apartment.
This was the first time we met.
Slowly you showed me who I could become.
It's something I can never forget.
One day exactly I remember fully falling in love,
and two years later that feeling still exists.
Growing more with the days, hours and minutes.
You have changed my life more than I can perceive.
How did you survive? Let me know.
Nylee 2d
My life started on it
I have run over a million times
my little legs to huge feet
got enough space to walk on.

the beauty in water and landscapes
I have thought a million times over
accepting all kinds of sizes and shapes
The tree spread over gives me the shade

The oxygen and life spreaded all over
The bounty of love given to us
A sleep in between the blue and green cover
home to lives of the minutest

The one sided love has stressed the earth
It's aging twice to thrice extra every second
Our toxic nature has done enough hurt
A day of remembrance is just not enough
Rowan S Apr 9
I have ignored the warning signs
teetering, all a' kilter
upon this precipice

to breathe, hard air
a gasp, of frigid life
tip into another one
trip into oblivion

my mornings are strains of
ichor from within
ochored bile an offering
to a porcelain god

an illness slinks
through these

sandpaper stress
scrubs my marrow clean
to bleached
Jaede Bayala Apr 8
under the weight of soft
thoughts come in

-my own personal intruders
Jaede Bayala Apr 5
why does the
fat on
my body keep
me warm,
but my heart cold?

-self conscious
Marya123 Apr 3
Would the ocean feel any pain
If it couldn't tide, would it strain?
If the moon didn't pull it each night
With no force to help it feel light
Struggling with its surface tension
Reaching out, without attention
Would it burst under the pressure?
Or would it die, without pleasure?
I would relate to its heartache
Holding it in, trying not to break.
Universe, stop calling my bluff.
I think... I've had more than enough.
W Mar 29
Guilt that all i feel
It's this constant emotion that won't leave
And you reassure me saying it's okay
But it's clearly not
Because if it were okay
I wouldn't be feeling this way
If it were okay
You would be telling me that it's not okay

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