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Poetic T Jan 19
We are all green houses,

              never let anyone throw
a rock though your widows..

As there just jealous that's growing

Some may be infertile within,
               cold and un-growing.
No seed of compassion sprouts within.

But you are a virtual rainforest of
                       creative imaginings..
            So growth forth and no rock
shall ever come through your  greenhouse...
Poetic T Jan 9
I thought you where a mirage,

            fleeting between my moments
                                          of exhaustion.  

But then I realised that dreams
                              can be a reality,

and you were here next to me.

My oasis, quenching me
                    in my times of doubt.
Poetic T Dec 2018
That Singular Lego Piece,
When I was younger and
life was just walls...
That where just falling down
around me,
                 I found something.

A single piece of Lego.

       And on it scratched into
it where three words...

Always build higher.

Where my life had been
even at such a young age.
                            I thought
             the only thing walls were,
where ones that crumbled.

But after that moment,
when all I fell upon
                  where pebbles of lost moments.
                  That could have built
higher but crumbled, like so many.

That one brick,  built me higher
            than any singular instant.

And to this day,
                  I have never looked
at another lower,
                     or higher than myself.

For ever brick is built on the strength
            of another taking the weight
of the one below it.

And without that strength below,
           we couldn't build ourselves
                            to the height we are today.

Everyday I wear that brick around my neck.

Not to weigh me down, but to realise,
       that below every brick
       is another holding us up
                  with there strength, and without them
                                                    we would crumble.
Poetic T Apr 2018
Impressions of self,
        show us the depth
        of our inner strength.

And no matter how
          faded we may be,  
          we'll never forget ourselves.
Poetic T Apr 2018
We need to sober up
             from the liquor
                               of lies.

And see that which was regarded,
               was through
               pain tainted glasses
               now broken.
Poetic T Mar 2018
She was woven within the clouds
but never really settled on cushions of
                pearls that never rained down truth.

Her inclination tainted her wings of
        subjectivity, and she washed her
past off her, feathers descended in sorrow.

Tears crumbled as the truth that all wasn't
                    as was shown stripped her of virtue.
She never flew again, to show her solidarity for truth.

Her wings did open, but to show the strength
                   of even though she didn't soar
                   she was of the air of truth, faithful.
Poetic T Mar 2018
You raised me to rise above the
         shallow pills that are sometimes
caught in the throat of life's dry moments.

But when we swallow to many placebos,
       longevity is staled by us collecting
false remedies to  our problems.

I'll never do as my friends did and choke
on every struggle, clearing my throat I never
took anything I just rose above life's problems
Poetic T Feb 2018
Even though we start anew
           to relinquish what made us more,
will leave us less..

To abandon one part of us
     removing  that which for awhile
                                made us stronger.

Will only leave us empty further on.
                Our strength is only made a shadow
by what shined a light on the parts that held us up.
Nasira Dec 2017
He roars aloud and breaks and tears
And puffs out his mane and his fangs he bears
As if to tell me and all others (but especially me)
That there is no power and might as he
And he walks with that regal ego
That he was born into
Over the corpses of the fallen
Over my half-dead body too
So blinded by his beauty he can barely even conceive
That the **** he pushed away is the royal he needs
But he can't hear beyond his own roar
Can't see past his mane
Can't see that the light at the end of the tunnel
Is actually just a train
Thinks his image will forever burn in her brain
And he might bring the fire but she brings the rain
And she steps out the mud with broken bloodied bones
Marches through the castle like its already her own
Howls at the moon and sets fire to the stones
With a hand on her heart and her eyes on the throne
Tell them to hoist the flags, tell them to let the wolves roam
Tell the King of the Jungle
That the Queen has come home
Bibby Dec 2017
Wear your scars like tattoos,
Let them remind you of the times you could've died,
But you learned to swim with the tide.
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