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Poetic T Apr 3
Dying forlorn
a last breath

desolate isolation
Dying alone due to the virus.. I couldn't imagine it. peace to those who suffer.
this one brought tears to my eyes due to the 13 year old dying alone without his mum..
Poetic T Feb 8
Your like, look at the bloke with no legs,
      I be like,  I can run faster than you mouth.

Yes I many be stumpy and do these shorts
      look big on me, but I'll never be shorter
than your short mindedness.

Running your gob like your mouth,
                                                   matches your shoesize.

Dam why would you even admit that..
  well I haven't got height but boy I have length

not like you...

Do you shop at baby gap for then tiny toes,

I'll always be higher than those belittling
                                                      ­                others.
for there short term gratitude.

My strength isn't vertical,
its that I can stand taller
              than all the misgivings that others
stigma me with.

Before they realise the truth,
that  is I can see a lot
             more truth than you can,
the taller they are the more noise

                               they make when they fall.
Poetic T Feb 7
I was the nail in a coffin
                       of hardship.

But just because I was a nail
didn't disconnect me from
                the ideology of my use.

I held it together,
        for many this was to much,
brittle and frail they never dug
                                  down deep.

Where I held this all together,
          I wasn't about to let life
pull me out,.

I was a nail, holding my life together,
           a coffin of hardships that 'll
                                        bury one day..

but for now I'm in deep enough
                          to keep it together.
Poetic T Feb 2
We are all paused,
            awaiting a reset
that never comes.

The reality of us is,
       we must continue
even though we feel static.

As time will never wait
only continue past our pain. .

But moments heal over
                       and we continue.

Scarred but we wear
             them proudly,  
so not to show we were weak
          but prevailed over our past.
Poetic T Dec 2019
We can all be better,

        for that one moment.

We can touch a
              and show that even though

were at our lowest.

we can raise someone

                 higher just when they need it.
Poetic T Nov 2019
There are wolves at the door,
        but we will never let
them get there claws into you.

We are looking for the princes
  that'll treat you right..

And  we know you'll defend them,
          the princes when the time comes.

Your strong my daughter,
            raised that your stronger

than anything that'll get in your way.

            Your the meaning to our life.

But your free, and your stronger than
           any before you.

                                      Kick there arses..
Poetic T Oct 2019
Doubt is a cloud hanging
              over me.

And the rain is a reminder,
            that ill never dry off.

I just want to hold up high,

                                                  so it keeps
me dry of tears seeping though stitches.

But on this day, I'm ill prepared and
            the clouds drown me in droplets

of high felt emotion.

                   Raining down unimpeded.
Poetic T Oct 2019
When we are strongest
they try to chop us down
                    peice by piece.

                     Till were a stump,
that they can just stand atop.
But we will never be toppled.

We will always grow from
                     our lowest point.
And reach ourselves further
than we were before.

And if anyone were to try to
                                make us topple.
We'd poilitly let our heaviest branch
                      fall uopn them.

And watch them lie lower than
they ever tried to make us feel.
But we shall not gloat,
        we will just grow stronger
                   from there weakness.
Poetic T Oct 2019
On the road to mental perfection
                 you have to get over pebbles,

before you conquer mountains.
Poetic T Oct 2019
Never let a mistaken step,

  let you think that everything
is a fallen hope.

        For only one step
                shows us
that even one can faulter us.  

        The many hands

can pick us up.

But we are always stronger when

       a singular hand is holding us.

But when we have the hand prints

of others,
we will always lift up stronger.
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