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Doubt is a cloud hanging
              over me.

And the rain is a reminder,
            that ill never dry off.

I just want to hold up high,

                                                  so it keeps
me dry of tears seeping though stitches.

But on this day, I'm ill prepared and
            the clouds drown me in droplets

of high felt emotion.

                   Raining down unimpeded.
Poetic T Oct 8
When we are strongest
they try to chop us down
                    peice by piece.

                     Till were a stump,
that they can just stand atop.
But we will never be toppled.

We will always grow from
                     our lowest point.
And reach ourselves further
than we were before.

And if anyone were to try to
                                make us topple.
We'd poilitly let our heaviest branch
                      fall uopn them.

And watch them lie lower than
they ever tried to make us feel.
But we shall not gloat,
        we will just grow stronger
                   from there weakness.
Poetic T Oct 5
On the road to mental perfection
                 you have to get over pebbles,

before you conquer mountains.
Poetic T Aug 26
I could never swing from a 0..

   cos I'm always plus one,,

I'm never alone, the weight to much to carry
to an early grave,  

                    if I ever thought of that moment,
   they'd be my wings giving me flight.

I'd hang on for the breath on sunrise knowing
             that there is a new beam of balance.

That id not be dust,but I'd be a fresh breath
                        on the new day.

I'll neve be a zero hanging limp,
            as im always plus one.

Which the all of you breathing me through
              each daw, knowing there is more

to keep me going, even though I'm low you keep
                   me flying high enough to float

and not fall where a hang alone, silent...

   Know I breath each dawn and I'm never alone.
Annika Mar 8
she tries her best
but she has no idea what she is doing
International women's day
Poetic T Jan 19
We are all green houses,

              never let anyone throw
a rock though your widows..

As there just jealous that's growing

Some may be infertile within,
               cold and un-growing.
No seed of compassion sprouts within.

But you are a virtual rainforest of
                       creative imaginings..
            So growth forth and no rock
shall ever come through your  greenhouse...
Poetic T Jan 9
I thought you where a mirage,

            fleeting between my moments
                                          of exhaustion.  

But then I realised that dreams
                              can be a reality,

and you were here next to me.

My oasis, quenching me
                    in my times of doubt.
Poetic T Dec 2018
That Singular Lego Piece,
When I was younger and
life was just walls...
That where just falling down
around me,
                 I found something.

A single piece of Lego.

       And on it scratched into
it where three words...

Always build higher.

Where my life had been
even at such a young age.
                            I thought
             the only thing walls were,
where ones that crumbled.

But after that moment,
when all I fell upon
                  where pebbles of lost moments.
                  That could have built
higher but crumbled, like so many.

That one brick,  built me higher
            than any singular instant.

And to this day,
                  I have never looked
at another lower,
                     or higher than myself.

For ever brick is built on the strength
            of another taking the weight
of the one below it.

And without that strength below,
           we couldn't build ourselves
                            to the height we are today.

Everyday I wear that brick around my neck.

Not to weigh me down, but to realise,
       that below every brick
       is another holding us up
                  with there strength, and without them
                                                    we would crumble.
Poetic T Apr 2018
Impressions of self,
        show us the depth
        of our inner strength.

And no matter how
          faded we may be,  
          we'll never forget ourselves.
Poetic T Apr 2018
We need to sober up
             from the liquor
                               of lies.

And see that which was regarded,
               was through
               pain tainted glasses
               now broken.
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