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Dawn of Lighten Jan 2014
Ilion Gray:
my personal call sign, Kronos/Cronus
Obviously the Titan among the writers of the Hello Poetry,
He has probably the highest viewership, and most commented amongst the poets.
It becomes very evident after reading his work why he is the Titan of poets,
And reading his poem is like historical masters revisited among mortals.

Harlon Rivers:
my personal call sign, Poseidon
Poseidon was very fitting with Harlon River,
due to the symbolic nature of the water in their names.
I have only read few of this gentleman's work,
But I can assure you his work is very much a gift to the audience,
And like Poseidon that gift is fire to humanity.

K Balachandran:
my personal call sign, Zues
After thinking and pondering,
K Balachandran is the Zues of hello poetry.
His work is always top notch,
And it has so much layer of meaning in his ink.
I admire his compassion in his work,
And his generous response.

Nat Lipstadt:
my personal call sign, Apollo
Nat is this exciting charismatic youthful writer like Apollo,
And his vigor is unmatched with his writing.  
His writing is passionate,
And has such strength.
It is so hard not to notice his work,
But when you do read his work,
You will know why I had him as Apollo of Hello Poetry.

Soul in Torment:
my personal call sign, Hermes
His work is like a trickery,
When you think you got it,
You see another layer in his work.
To read his 10w poem,
As simple as it may seem,
You will do double take to see more meaning  in 10w.

my personal call sign, Dionysus
Probably the most festive,
and warm poems you will ever read.
Timothy not only write awesome poems,
But also gives lot of positive feed back to many.
More I thought about Timothy's work,
It just made sense to have him as Dionysus.

my personal call sign, Gaia
Another Titan among the Hello Poetry,
And like Gaia, KMae is like the Mother Earth of poets.
Her wisdom and knowledge is vast,
And her writings are warm and very expressive.

my personal call sign, Athena
Her 10w is so amazing,
I became Dumbfounded by her work,
Because it's so thought provoking.
She has vast repertoire of her style,
and it is unmatched by many I have read.
I can only wonder now a days how she is doing,
Since she has been Mia for awhile now.

Olivia Kent:
my personal call sign, Hestia
Very down to earth,
And calm resting of poets.
If you want a ink with purity,
Check her work out!

Sally A Bryan:
my personal call sign, Hera
Her work has so much strength,
And love with thoughtfulness,
It felt only right to align her with Hera.
Highly recommend to those who seek love and warmth,
And very hospitable response as well.

CA Guilfoyle :
my personal call sign, Artemis
Just like Artemis,
And her work is untamed beauty.
Graceful and amazing to read,
Her work is innocent,
But very strong.
Try to catch her work,
But beware, her newer inks are harder to come.

my personal call sign, Aphrodite
Her work is elegant,
And quite beautiful.
Has a perfect feminine quality about her writing,
And gives lovely expression that empowers love!

my personal call sign, Hade
Always great with darkness,
And convey disparity like no other,
Hade perfectly convey Noose's work.
If you ever want to read decay at it fullest glory,
Noose has this covered for you.

Atul 'Drona' Kaushal
My personal call sign, Cupid
Probably one with most profound love poetry I've read
And his work is dedicated love poems.
His work are marvel to gaze upon,
And strong display of Eros.
Highly recommend for those who like to read love poems,
If not, check his best poem of all "Angel?"

Pradip Chattopadhyay
My personal call sign, Helios
In my eyes poet Pradip seem to be the sun of the poets,
Always filled with bright energy.
Very mystical in this poet's ink of ray.
If you want a poem that will brighten your day,
I recommend Pradip's poems!
Please don't take it too personally to my call signs, just wanted to add dimension to my writings with individual characters, and by adding a layers to convey the best description with gods and goddesses metaphor.  Some were really hard to distinguish with the characters, and some were already taken by others.   With limited 12 gods, it wasn't perfect, while some were dead on!

This is to recognize some of the best poets I have met and read, and while everyone is good in their own rights, these few people really stood out for me as the pantheons of Hello Poetry.

This may change after 2014 review in 2015, and make a completely different list when the time comes.  Who knows, I might just stop after this one!

This isn't completely finished, but for now this will do.  If I want to add more stuff I maybe inclined to do so, but with limited times as of late due to work we shall see where my attention spanned will take me.
Dawn of Lighten Aug 2015
Often time riddled with questions and philosophies of those days of professor's lecture in college campuses, and to this day have not forgotten my lessons in those class rooms of social, or psychological behaviors.

Does truth always equate to goodness of righteous path,
Or is it the belief of one's faith that dictate what truth should be?

If so then does truth sincerely matter and should it be forced like mathematical equations with one singular answer, or come in terms that truth is in the eyes of beholder?

Like the internet sensation that brought debate of the color of the dress,
What is truth to you maybe wrong to others, so then does truth matter?

As grains fall from the hour glass,
I become more convinced that arguing for the "right" way is as much of a joke to those who see you wrong for your choices!

Sometime laughing at the indifference maybe the golden rules of life,
For lies, and truth is in the measurement of experiences!
Sometimes giving a warm smile is end all and be all!
More and more I look at life, and reflecting on internal surrounding of interpersonal relationships, everything is in perspective of experiences! This was in hello poetry draft for awhile now, but I think I found the happy medium I wanted to display!
Dawn of Lighten Oct 2016
Mary Jane moving her hips
Upon my reach in finger tips,
As I put the green grass on my lips.

Fell by the ditch,
Puffing those skunks,
And ride those green dragons high above.

Baby, boom, dare I dream,
Baby, boom, haze and cream,
Baby, boom, scent of *** steam.

Tasty herbs hunger play,
Those roots ****** all day,
Let me pay and sleep or lay.

For this is why I obey,
To have you on my finger tips,
And taste you on my very lips.
Torched by Mary Jane, and finding bliss upon her haze.

Notes: I have done my journey through a pipe once as a young adult, but seeing as this generation seems to do it often then not, I thought I would try to express words that they may understand?
Dawn of Lighten Jan 2016
It's a tinder place of ether spread across the astral plain,
And the soft ember cinder caress upon the air.
Celestial purple and orange embraces the sky with love,
While the tones and hum cease by the roar of the deep blue beneath.
This is the taste of your essence I long to capture with my soul,
As the blight of solstice immerse like the darkness of hallow whisper.
I seek upon your Amber of your heart to melt this frozen maelstrom red,
And quench the unending thirst that beckon us both to our beats anew!
No need for explanation, when tongue is limited to words, and words are limited to imagination!  It is an ideal and thought that shall invoke or provoke the dull senses to freedom, for we are stars among the plain unspoken.
Dawn of Lighten Jun 2016
It is the ink propelled with mold and feces,
And the grandeur of dogma littered with arrogance.

The persistent deconstruction of ideals covered with dust,
and yet it screams openly to the audience of deaf.

Forbidding irk come with forbidden shadows beyond it's own screech,
And the scatching of the chalkboard has friendlier tone than unoriginal scribes of embellishments.

The act of taken lives from people who do not deverse your pardon need not be your tropies,
For those actions of hate deserve no love or pity.

For this is the land of united people of places and hope,
For you can not divide us with words,
Or sword upon freedom.

The vigilant light shall warm us,
Your hate will only fuel us,
You shall never silence us.

For we shall live for the dead,
And their memories will not be forgotten.

We will defeat your hate with our compassion,
And we will prevail where you so sought to undo,
For love will defeat your prideful destruction.

Say good bye to your yesterday,
For no song of your will be heard but in the mist of ocean,
And our choir will muddle your preformance.

For your last act stood as an epilogue,
And ours has become the prologue.

Have you truly succeeded?

I think our cheers shall resonate the true answer.
Quiet mouth never gets fed,
So let us feast by opening our voice.
Dawn of Lighten Jan 2015
Finger tips gained much weight,
As it slumbers in stagnant pulse.

Eyes no longer can blink to close the sorrow of empty solace,
While caretakers play the same video for the last decade of existences.

Like an empty glass of wine,
Does he reflect nothing to anyone.

Just a lifeless shell,
They do not see him!

A void without a soul,
and living without a life.

Don't give up on him,
He is aware of people's view of the vegetation.

Consciousness still lurk around the body,
He is not a vegetable!
A remarkable story about a boy who was diagnosed by Doctors as a Cryptococci Meningitis, but little did anyone know he heard everyone during his "vegetable state!"

This story must be reached, and encourage people not to give up on life, so they may come back to our world anew!
Dawn of Lighten Jan 2016
Do not fear the unknown in front of you,
But explore it's essence!

For fear is a blockage of progress,
And stoppers of growth.

One does not learn to swim in a whim,
But free fall with courage knowing it might be the last,
And come out stronger soaring in the wind.

One can only stay in the maze to die,
But find refuge by exploring the wilderness.

For the liars play their soft lyre to sooth you from the truth,
Like Sirens charm their voices to men's demise.

Like Odysseus, be a nobody for the Cyclopes,
But come out as a victor of his kingdom!

For risking nothing will get you nothing,
But find courage to voyage to unknown,
And be a champion of unraveling!
The greatest fear shouldn't be getting lost in this world, but be fearful of living in confined comfort of your vault!
Dawn of Lighten Oct 2015
Invocation flowed by divination on the splat of paints,
As the hand move eradically, painting blurr dramatically!
Compelled by the vocal expression, with reinforced connotation.
Singing with such provocative verbalism with moving utterance!
With drop of paint splash of articulation, with inner confession!
Fingers post, flow with curves like storm erupting with Passion!
He can't stop, he will not stop, as ye move relentlessly like erratic feline.
Go forth with his art like a roar of thunder shaking root and foundation!
As he gasps and collapses, to his final demise with the finale!
Inspired by French portrait artist in French performance called "Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde!"   Very inspirational visual painting art performance! if any French speakers know the translation, please do explain! This was in the draft for awhile to come to a certain point to express what the man was doing, but rather than putting it off as long as I did, I thought it must be shared among the public and Jean Pierre Blanchard should be echoed among the artist!
Dawn of Lighten Jan 2016
Step forward,
turn your front leg backward.
Spin into round kick inward.

Must be like a cowboy
Korean versions of a bad boy
Hidden skill shown with a coy

Jump spin into 360 kicks,
By breaking those sticks,
Then onto those bricks.

Further test your skill with an opponents,
Becoming strategic with your movements,
Bashing their heads against your martial improvements.

Taste your first defeat,
Your blood upon your lips,
Spilling from your head.

Move forward,
Aim toward victory from inward.

For defeat is not an option,
Winning is the true completion,
Because being number one is accomplishment.

So why are you laying on your own puddle of blood,
Defeated like a soak dog,
Get up and fight!
These personal voices talk to me as I reflect on my weakness,
When I first took Tae Kwon Do,
And when I bloodied myself in a spare against Kung fu practitioner.

It was a great defeat, and miss the taste of my own blood,
To live a fight in battle, to counter attacks, and being strategic in movement!
Dawn of Lighten Dec 2015
I see a man holding a sign asking for money on the ramp light,
And I would have typically dismissed them "supposed homeless,"
But today is Christmas I told myself as I pulled a twenty dollar bill.

I stopped at my favorite Mongolian restaurant,
Enjoying their stir fry of vegetables and meats,
And I see a young male asking for a phone to borrow.

I would have dismissed him normally with random strays of people,
But today I reached out and started a conversation with this young man.

He was kicked out of his parent's house in Chicago,
Looking to reach out to his friend to hang with.

In Christmas day with another homeless who lived in Chicago,
And some how got to Louisville living in a tent so I gather.

First asking for free water,
And then Dr Pepper as I offered to get him water!

As he try to dismiss himself from the premise,
I asked if he had a meal?
And from what I gather he hasn't ate for awhile,
Maybe a day or two.

I offered to buy a meal,
And then sat with him,
And initiated a conversation!

I know there are fake people trying to take advantage people's good deeds,
Or lazy bums who choose not to work!,
But today is Christmas.

He could have been my brother,
I mean not in literal sense since he was Caucasian,
But aren't we all human with same desires, needs and wants?

If I was in that situation would someone would have helped me?
When I was hungry and had nothing I wished someone did helped me.

People don't deserve a single thing from me,
But today is Christmas!
He could be my brother,
He could have been me!
Merry Christmas everyone!
Dawn of Lighten Nov 2014
In the mist of moonlight fog glaze,
I see the red shine sun like jewel ablaze.

Kept near to her locked up chest,
And protected in her jade oyster shell.

From afar in quiet hush I gaze,
And in sudden move like a **** of spell dissipate into different phase.

Wonder and ponder the curiosity of the magnificent chest,
But further in trance of wanting to know this gem hidden in her shell.

Every action to come closer from distant felt more like a maze,
And falling ever closer to a near dreaming daze.

I always wanted to see what this light she kept so near her chest,
But I knew I would never see her hidden gem in her shell,
Because ladies keep their truest heart locked and hidden for no one.
Note: I always ask what other's would keep to their chest,
And I know not everyone will allow them in,
But that is my ultimate wish is to explore the hidden wonder.
Dawn of Lighten Nov 2014
She sang the trot like she owned the narrative,
as if she was singing about her inner most secret.

-The  lady who lost her lover
The place where she met him
The Place with the Camellia flower

It was a place of summer and ray bloomed
while it matched the radiance of the two Paramour
and a reminder of their internal chest thumped in unison

In the street where they first met she stood alone
fatigued with no more breath to give
Many nights shed her tears by the Camellia flowers

Now the flower leave crumbled
The petals showed it's red bruises
and falling like the tear drops

When will the lover come back to her
To the lonely Camellia Flower
When will he come back-

The song ends with a grasp
as this German lady song ends with her whisper
To the Korean Trot song of the past

To the song "Lady Camellia!"
Not to get confused with the 1848 published French Novel "The Lady of the Camellias," or better known for "La Dame Aux Camelias!"

As I was web surfing in youtube, I came across a Korean Talk show, and in it she sang the old Korean pop song genre called Trot! Mesmerized by how well she spoke in Korean, this German lady singing even in Korean old trot song.

I took liberty to translate the lyric the way it seemed to fit perfectly, so I can't take any credits!

Updated notes: After doing several research, there maybe a correlation between the Old Korean trot to the even older French novel! While the music gives more of a story of two lovers and the anguish of the lady, the French novel actually makes the Lady Camellia as a courtesan.
Dawn of Lighten Mar 2015
Viscus stream viscous,
Heart to roots and branches of vessels.

Visceral nature vaporized,
While grains and sand disperse to stir yet another pyramid covered in dune.

Vipers show vicious fangs,
As the tide shelter and nurture rain drops upon the vegetation

Vilified to venerated,
So fogged forest of moonlight howl it's innocence.

Veer away vexed motions,
And free from the desire untamed nor untapped.

Vein to vessels,
As the crimson dawn awaken within you!
Blood vessels streams the movement of the sun light glare upon the breath of cold morning wind!
Dawn of Lighten Aug 2015
Stretch your hands forward and gaze beyond it's reach,
And then ask yourself what do you see?

Those many eyes surrounded by your presence speak,
but they are leaves followed by the winds that past by your will,
and their blockade will only seep through like cloth against water.

Does a lion faint or fear by the sound of any creatures it stumbles upon,
Let alone does a squeaky mouse not follow it's instinct to hide?

Not even Goliath can take your deeds,
nor can anyone stand by the front of your palm to dictate your will.

For your action is a will of your own, and your's alone,
For you have only the person in the mirror to resolve!
So long as you know yourself, does life need to be anything but a mirror you stare upon? This was written while back in hello poetry draft, but never could I have finished it, nor do I feel satisfied by it!  I am hoping revise maybe?
Dawn of Lighten Aug 2015
Coming into credence of the surrounding,
As the perpetual cycle met like a race track.

Current presence dim lightly with another solstice beckon,
As winter takes the sunlight for yet another annual walts,
While moonlight hover more frequently to a sound of a violin.

The inner heart wrapped around a blanket,
Cozied by the sleep of hibernation like camp fire.

The beats come into a trance,
And radiance come to a halt by the darkness,
For it is the reign of fall that cover sun like a shrouded veil.

Such is the time of gloom come to a reflective meditation,
For all imagery end with a last note of a piano,
And seared thoughts say good bye with the vibration of it's strings!
It seems every coming fall, thumping of the chest pause for a moment to think!
In this silence, one can only ponder the actions of the past to the present.
Am I happy?
Dawn of Lighten Jan 2016
Be happy for me as I am happy for you,
For you are the vessel that move me.

For I am striving for your admiration,
And your affirmation.

My movement for your attention,
And your attraction with your confirmation.
What most men seek in the assent of her presence!
Dawn of Lighten Apr 2016
All abroad to this transit express 1337
The top of the one percent deviation to the rest.

Like those of the first class in air lines,
And us in the back seat separated into middle and less.

Throwing crumbs at us to divide amongst us,
While we oblige by bicker and fight with cuss.

It is their "Monoply" game we are playing,
But it is our pieces in "Risk" we are laying.

I say we must stop our own conflicts,
And don't let them take away our game of "Life,"
But stand together in this transit in locomotion.

When it is the worker bees who hold up the top floor,
And without us holding the pedestal the "Jenga" shall fall.

Don't let them divide us,
But once we stand together nothing can stop us,

In unity we shall be strong,
But divided we shall fall.

Stand up, and find commonality,
Then and only then can we have little more pie for the rest of us.
There are lot more things we can agree upon,
Than finding something different among us.
Dawn of Lighten Jan 2017
Seep upon the illusion of vanity,
As your true morality contested.

While all things fall asunder,
None reach perfect atonement.

Such struggle is but divinity of being human,
The tested fallacy in full glory.

In those imperfection lies heart of human kind,
And ridged expectation flow with the wind,
For all things do come to an end.

That precious moments define us,
And our flaws prescribe to center of universe,
For night sky are basked by infinite wisdom.

All things are illumination of life,
And there are no regrets,
But lost ether alone amongst the serenity of celestial plane.
What does it truly mean to be a human being, but the stride to be better in our imperfection, but that makes life little more interesting.  

There are no perfect universe that cradle our senses, but why would we want to clone who we are, knowing imitation is a limitation?
Dawn of Lighten Mar 2015
As the pages slide to yet another yonder of canvases,
one can only ponder upon the seared images of the past smiles.  

Nothing was ever so evident as to where the dices rolled,
but it was certain to land in the mist and shadows of hues!

In youth I would have shook by the self casted shadows,
but the silence of the nights dissipated smoke to clarity.

One does not lose everything to stay at the bottom,
for falling so low would only move to elevate and progress.

Even if you fall and break every piece of your bones,
what does not flatline your pulse will bring you back rebuilt!

So sail like the adventurer, or pioneers who would ***** a temple upon the new world ripe for a firm grasp.

For no one was ever worthy to prescribe a gift of life,
but to dare dream and articulate your envisioned pages of future.
Do you not dare!
Dawn of Lighten Dec 2015
Prove nothing to no one,
But sincerely look upon your inner being,
Then ask where does the balance stand?

The world isn't held by anyone's standards,
But your will to find a personal happiness,
So stand tall and look upon the sky with a smile.

You will see that while living is suffering,
So are the rest of the souls around us.
And you are not alone in this solitude!

Understand perfection is an illusion,
But not to say don't try,
Instead be empowered by knowing nothing is.

Do not compete with others,
But try to over come your own weakness,
And become better than before with your personal lack.

Ultimately understand no one lives forever,
But finding inner piece or peace that can bring you at ease,
And then becoming better person as time progress.

Surely our deeds should be measure by self enlightenment,
Because no one is ever the same to be measured upon,
For a better you will end up making the world better for all!
Once you can relieve of world's standard, you will realize life is in the palm of your hands, then seek it with all your might!
Dawn of Lighten Jan 2016
Canvas with oil painting upon the beach backdrop rile imagination,
With the couple dancing in the sandy ocean bank.

The lady in red curves with the wind,
While the gentleman leads with a waltz.

It's this fantasy that drives our inner movement,
And like a music we follow the tune of the moments,
While define the characters within our actions!

If a painting spoke to me,
I believe "The Singing Bulter" was saying Carpe Diem,
Because dancing in the wind is living in the moment.

To dressed to impress,
True to the movement,
Being one with each other!

It is the sweet taste in the air,
For nothing in the world matter but that moment,
Because love needs no words to express a thought.

So say "The Singing Butler!"
I once saw this mesmerizing oil painting by Scottish painter Jack Vettriano, and made an impression on me. Recently I saw that same painting again in a customer's house, and like a clock without perception of time, I was frozen in a moment by it's allure.
Dawn of Lighten Feb 2015
Not a single moment,
not an ounce of breathe,
not even a speck of my mind,
am I not trying to live!

With every molecule within,
and the fiber of my being,
with last of my voice,
I shall move forward.

Living in a moment,
not a care in the world,
all I can do is smile,
as life present itself with an opportunities.

What are we in this mondane world of moments upon moments without living in the very present,
but experiences that last us for eternality.
As I vulonteered to help out in South Carolina market,
enjoying warmer climate,
While trying to make my mark in another location!
Dawn of Lighten Feb 2016
He stood on the "Endless Bridge" in Guthrie Theater,
And looked onward at the old abandon mill district of Minneapolis.

The crescent moon ascended to the glimmer of the city lights
As the nature of the wind pulled his hair back to shed his hidden soul.

The Mississippi River clash against the pavements of the dam,
And the moist from the river felt through the air on the pours of the skin.

Neon lights of the 35W reminded the contemporary architect of modern city,
But the old mill district had it's ever so present among the modern buildings.

In that silence she walked down the aisle from the theater entry onto the balcony,
The silent graceful walk even in heels like a prey of the jungle,
There she stood next to him to reach her arm around his.

He glanced onto her face matching his eyes to her's,
And she pulled the most warm honest smile of innocence.

Upon his gaze upon her dark glistened navy blue dress,
With golden neckless he gave her as their anniversary gift,
And pearl earring illuminated the moon light of nightly beauty.

"You look majestic," barely able to mutter as he faced her side by side,
And his back against the solid balcony wall.
As title implies, this is the scene in screen write's epilogue.
To those people who are new to Minneapolis area, here is bit of description from a well known news source.
Dawn of Lighten Jan 2017
A day where we lose people less,
Living life with spirit and careless.

Is 2016 truly the year most of us became restless,
Because we got the leader of hopeless?

Death of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynold equated to year of relentless,
The fall of humanity and all that is good make us sleepless?

Stand before us that life has never been anything but senseless,
All action comes with reaction and all things are current living breathless.

Let us not forget to mourn for our past seamless of timeless,
but let us not dwell in sorrow and agony drunk hopeless or reckless.

Lets grasp life with fearless,
And accept the moment with purest act of passion celebrate life as life and time will come with to eventual lifeless,
While cherish moments as each moments is an another bliss of bless.
As I was read an article that gave negative plight to 2016, with the less than savory elected leaders in Capitol hill, or iconic people who have passed away, I refuse to take the whole years as something that needed to be past.  

Too often I heard people say 2016 was horrible, but if the negative energy gets strengthened, and people ask for 2016 to just end as if any other year was better than other years, they aren't living in the moment.

I refuse to let negative energy to prevail,
I will empathize for people's plight,
But I feel obligated to look at not last year, year after, or any years as to reminisce and wait on, but make the moments count!

My fear is people will always say this year was bad, and wait for next year, but rather people choose to fight for now, and live in the moment to strive in the present.
Dawn of Lighten Nov 2014
Too many critics without the empathy to judge souls,
Who are thee to judge like the righteousness of heaven?

So often people speak as if they are blood brothers of man,
But fizzle into a cliche' of echoed voice within the deep caverns.

Silly isn't it that with hindsight the vision is always twenty twenty,
And like viewers of Romeo and Juliet to yell out "don't drink that poison!"

This is not a rehearsal for you to think how life should be,
because you did not live other lives to know who they are.

We are not a machine to be reassemble by your image,
but by god's creation to make mistakes and learn.

Humanity in it's purest we learn from a single step,
and with each step we become more aware of our surrounding.

Learning to manipulate the laws of our world,
and to live in the fullest glory of the very moment.

Do you become a saint by going to church, temple, or, synagogue,
Or is it following your heart to do good the best that you can?

Simply put you are no more of a judge,
than man made concept of judging.
"If any one of you is without a sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her!"  John 8: 1-11

Personally venting of hypocrites, and those who think they know god.
A former christian, and been agnostic, who believes in undefined higher power.
Dawn of Lighten Mar 2016
It's this ism of schism,
And lost in racism with perpetuated choatic cataclysm.

This fixation with complication,
And devotion to destruction.

Lines of grape vine leading to purely deluded wine,
What was devine shine left in oh so decline of our prime.

This determination to provocation,
With invocation to division.

Stuck in the darkness becoming blind,
So **** blind by our hate filthy grime of our sinful crime.

It is our limitation to our self infliction,
For all action comes with reaction.

Time and time again feast dine not knowing our fine line,
To define what is right of mine,
this line this line pathway to beyonder.

To build this rotten fruition,
It is but infliction leading to degregation.

What is this demoralizing scene, hatred, digression of the old days displayed among our mist?
My faith in humanity is like a vine line, and so often as time passing by, the line that held my faith has thinned to hold that line.
Dawn of Lighten May 2017
Leaves wisked away by the continuum breeze,
The finite beats echo upon the heart at ease.

The dawn of red hug the sky as the radiance flees,
Putting the summer to surrender on it's knees.

As falls sneaks like a clock work continuum into new millemmium with peace,
Just as symphony has beginning and end of finite notes tease upon the climatic narrative completely seize.

Yearn upon the taste of desire unquenched by sorrow and depair of pandora's forbidden keys,
As the night sky sings the lullabies goodnight and farewell with it's closing chess piece.

This is the feel the tasteless deconstruction of an empty cup of a soul continuum lease,
And as all things end with unfinished books by finite time gaze on horizan of the infinite seas.
Dawn of Lighten Feb 2017
Dimension beginning of vile ****** exposed,
And the Emperor has no clothes,
While helplessly strut a mighty walk without a shame.

Course of history repeating itself,
Like the flow of water meeting in the river of streams,
But recycle through the clouds and back to the ground it flows.

Are we so blinded by the glimmer of the mirage of oasis in the desert,
We toast with sands of dune to quench our thirst of our plight,
And all is but a fickling light ducktaped by words of unintelligible muddled murmur?

This is truly the flawed design of our time,
When we no longer promote arts and crafts of philosophies,
And religious cults of zealots condemned the science and Academia by berating it's achievement.

Likes of ancient times of Agora and the height of it's human enlightenment,
There are forces of deconstruction of society of choas ensued by hateful fear mongers,
And systematic inward of national fevor of berserkers leveling progress.

Maybe another dark age is inevitable,
But little seed of hope I feel tangible,
And sometimes event maybe a phoenix.
Religion is all sense of purpose is a illumination of hope in human plights,
But those who seek absolute power by controlling devotees, then it is no longer a religions but a cult of designed by vanity.
Dawn of Lighten Apr 2017
To those who have an estranged parents would not need an introduction,
And those of you who have the gaping wounds would only be christened in self propelled justification,
But any of us in these journeys like all adventures do come to a close.

Proving to everyone your ways are correct,
Or dismiss the very thought you been wrong,
And all finales the conclusions the end is not all we may seem to understand.

No one will know the inner conflict that stirs all emotions into ejected unspeakable anger,
And no self righteous religious leaders would know how to quell the demon shadowed in your best illumination.

For all things are never bygones,
And patriarchs or matriarchs are but a human beings with chipped characters,
But no amount of apologies would dismiss their old follies.

Then the sands come to claim us, breathlessness plunged into a moment of silence,
And all solice come to a halt with all whispers sieze.  

The person you feared all your life has become pale,
Body mass and muscles have left them,
While the frail body yielded them a hunched postures.

No matter the prospect you will not be fooled by their weakness,
Nor will you show sympathy to their coming times,
And all senses of love have been depleted bone dry.

No one can tell you "You are wrong,"
Because no one has dealt with your past,
And the world must shut their mouth.

That was about a 6 month ago,
To some it would take longer,
And others there would be no second thought.

Sometimes deepen pain can never be healed,
And those of you who took the picture of the frail parent in the hospital can't deny your feelings,
As you look at the healthy picture against the dying parents you have made up your mind.

The breath is asunder as the lungs clinge to what little air to grasp,
But those of you who choose to make peace and see the dying person one last time is a better person then I,
For not all of us can forgive and forget.
Dawn of Lighten Dec 2017
The night was young, and the fortress gates opened.

Rams ready to unleash, and the beast roared.

The inner demons woke, and the fiery fire ablaze.

The monster ran to the outer keep door, and seek the blood it had sensed.

Sheeps butchered by the wolf,
And white flags raised to surrender.

Nothing was unscathed, and her temple trampled to the crumbling sands.

It was not enough for her thirst, and she asked not for mercy, but more of her to conquer.
Dawn of Lighten Jan 2016
Hold on to my palm,
And I'll sing you a warm psalm.

Take you away from the judging eyes,
And clear you from those painful cries.

My dear you have harnessed the majesty of perfect smile,
But your agony you carry can be seen from more than a mile.

Let me lift you up upon the air,
And soar upon the sky like doves in pair.

Let me shelter you from this unforgiving wind,
And embrace the stars together to our final end.

In mean time hold on to my palm for a voyage.
Because I want to share with you a time less age.
You won't know until you let your walls drop,
And then experience what maybe a time of your life,
Because sometimes it does take a leap of faith.
Dawn of Lighten Aug 2017
Retinues of scholars and sages,
United in ages of our personal cages.

Desire to eclipse our wages linked in our pages, but always looking our worth in numerical gauges.

Truly the painful retrospect quantified aroma that arousal the mind in spiral, and the very essense of black hole is true chaos in it's definition of creation in us.

As I stand to breathe for a moment, I look to see that it haven't even been started, and what little  composure that exist in me dissipated the foundation of a cup that cracked.

Gaspe to grasp that it is ticking, and the sensation of lagging is more apparent with each passing day.

Maybe if I close my eyes, maybe I can rejuvenate to start again, or wake from this dream.
Dawn of Lighten Nov 2014
Birthed and raised from once upon a time called the Morning Calm,
not to be confused by a place known as the Rising Sun.

Country echoed by Confucianism,
and imbued by philosophy of filial piety.

No one questioned the morals and ethics of elders,
No one would have questioned any nature of the father or mother!

A religion of zealous in family,
and pride in ancestry.

Older meant wiser,
And they can not do wrong.

Will not do wrong!
no wrong!

So that was the dawn of birth of our world,
Our teaching to obey until the bitter end!

Obeyed obeyed for the captain knew all,
fall into the bottomless pit for he knew it all.

Tortured from trusting,
And believing filial piety,
The only world we knew.

Falling falling the Titanic we were,
Trusting the captain,
We fell in a deeper hole.

Until we fell so deep,
And looking at rest of us free falling deeper,
Why were we falling with the captain?

Captain replied "Even if family moves away from a false foolish fear,
Carrying everything with the trust of the captain can carry even a Mountain!"

Is that what we were doing,
Carrying a false foolish fear,
Your fear, your mountain?

Is that what mother paid in price at the end,
Her blood for your mountain,
Your hole you are dragging us into?

From suffering I knew,
Grown from lies I knew,
You can only trust yourself!

Look at me now,
A man who will not share your mountain,
or hole that would of put us in an early grave.

I already buried my mother,
I will not follow your path,
I have grown from your rending.

I will forgive you,
I will love you,
But I became a man from your rending enough!
The price we all pay for families are blood and sweat,
but only you can choose to carry someone else's mountain for so long,
and you have to make that choice to become adult to move forward.
Dawn of Lighten Nov 2015
Note: this isn't my work, but a work of one of the poet named Haron River ( currently go by H A Rivers) in this site who is currently MIA! Time to time I would scour poet's work, and allow them to teach me with their wisdom with their penmanship.  This was a poem Haron River gave me as a memento, but all his work is golden, and should be shared!  Hopefully new comers would check his work out! Without any further ado, here it is!


Refreshed perspective gathered words
Like the ocean riptide gather
The rivers' flow at the confluence
Repurposing back-eddies,
Rejuvenation of stagnant brackish waters
Inherent soul-shine purging
From ancient core of earth mother

Light arising from the depth of inner stillness
As if a refilling wellspring burst forth,
Reawaking sighs too deep for words
Forming poetic constellation
To lighten the nebulous darkness,
Like sea of ink transformed into poetry

A sage opus renewed
By the muse of a migrating flock
Striving to discover new sacred grounds
Yet there is an undeniable song sung
In the howling wind of change
An incitement from a higher dialect
That empowers a restoration of the spirit
Oeuvre uplifted by rogue waves of wind
Arousing that which time erases

A renaissance manifest
Among the rousing nuances
Of poetic continuum,
Provoking a verve revival
Judicious to discovery
The enthralling vastitude
Of every breaking wave
In a vast sea of poesy

Where prevailing currents
Stir oceans of verse eternal;
Provoking verve revival,
The magnitude of an unbroken circle,
Oceans swells merging oneness
With the omnipresent of color
Of uncharted depth

As if thoughts assuage
By the Union of distant touching souls,
Spark nuances spanning poetic realms,
Transcending barriers of unexplored lexicon
To manifest the immensity,
Enkindling rhapsody of hearts and minds

Deeply rooted soul replenishment
Harvested from the tree of humankind,
Willingly sharing without regret
Enabling a metamorphosis
Of the human journey
Once again not my work! This was given to me by Harlon River, and seeing as I haven't seen his work for sometime, it must be posted!  Currently he goes by H A Rivers, and if you want to be inspired, read his stuff! I know I do, and makes me want to be a better writer!
Dawn of Lighten Jul 2016
I hated you so much for making me your slave,
Stoled everything I had from me.
You made our family life miserable,
And I blame you for my mother's death.

Now you are in the death bed,
And am I suppose to feel for you?

You would think I would feel certain level of sympathy to your current circumstance, but I feel numbness in this endeavor.

You think I would feel at least an empathy,
But your diabetes got the best of you,
Because you never listened to the warnings.

I feel this coldness in me like the Minnesota winter,
And I thought I would never have to go back.

Do you want me to ask for your forgiveness oldman?

I have no desire to go to Minnesota for you,
And whatever is left of your son died in me.

What the hell am I suppose to feel?
So here it is, the man I told myself I will never be, and now pondering my next move! I will be traveling to Minnesota at some point I suppose, and this uneasy feeling I can't seems to shake it off.
Dawn of Lighten Jun 2015
Black jack is the name, and reality is the game.
Are people portrayed the same,
Or deluded to shameless aim?

It's about reel faces playing with real faces.
Hollywood dealing with race cards,
And face cards with ace cards!

As always Asian played by Caucasians,
No reel characters play the real characters,
Just twisted wasted reels upon reels!

Accomplishment mostly unknown,
Untapped or justified of truth of reality!

Who truly budget loan,
And then own or understanding tone choosing celebrities.

When we try to be one,
Consider to be none,
Legality own,
But seperate us by tone.

Yet Hollywood take away accomplishment
Setting their standards of establishment,
Dividing among us with resentment,
Without monetary replenishment.

This is about races, and faces, and those who play with aces.
Hollywood casting basis, dream chases, forgotten winning cases!
Because reel faces are not real races.
After skimming through online, checked on Hollywood racial mistakes.  Came across the movie 21 was really about Asians students from MIT, Harvard, Prenston who beat Casino in counting cards, but Hollywood used two Asians as a supporting cast, and rest was none other than Caucasian!
Dawn of Lighten Nov 2014
If our world ends in a year,
will we cling to our stubbornness?

Can humanity think more than ourselves,
and think about the greater good?

If you had to leave your family to save humanity,
will you leave your daughter, father, son, wife or any of your ilk to voyage into the stars for new home?

With the dying of our planet caused by humanity,
are we going to sacrifice everything so we could find a place like earth?

Human beings always seems to push our boundaries,
and our next voyage will be the stars!

If global warming destroys the world in a year,
will we stand vigilant in the coming tide,
and willing to allow the better of us to progress humanity?
So many thoughts crossed my mind as I watched the movie "Interstellar,"
with lot of profound questions, and emotional scenes to play on many ideals.
I am mused by what I can't seem to describe, and still trying to find clarity in such touching cinema.   Nothing in life is so simple, and sometimes our choices aren't good or bad, but picking the lesser of the two evil. Without spoiling anything, I encourage everyone to see without any expectation, or preconceived notions.  

Just take a voyage into a cinema of possibility, to the ideal of probability, even if the scene is imaginary!

3 Trailers
Dawn of Lighten Feb 2016
There is a certain truth about knowing,
And you purposely act ignorant for their honor,
Because you simply want to accept that person as they are.

Show compassion to people you know are liars,
Because you hope person next to them may be burden less,
And maybe show life as we know it isn't so bad after all?

It is becoming much harder to play as a village fool who know not,
And still keep compassion to fellow human beings knowing,
But still there is bit of child in me to better humanity while not to give up.

Living long generates wisdom,
But I feel showing love to humanity with wisdom is a struggle

In brief moments of being in reality with the sight of truth,
As we share common gratitude towards those in need.

Maybe.... Just maybe....... With a smile,
Little grace goes far!
No one will be perfect,
But in imperfection shall we find our personal perfection,
For it is human nature to be simply us.
Dawn of Lighten Mar 2015
I welcome you to my humble consciousness,
The inner thinking of the naive human machine.

Programmed to be a shelter upon the depth of your fears,
And ease the pain as you release those sorrowful tears.

Let not your burden of current keep you stagnant,
But release thy dead weight upon my ears,
And blanket yourself with my hospitality.

I shall take you away from the scars of inner hurts,
And comfort you with my shoulder to rest,
While offer you part of the morning calm.

I shall give you my fountain,
And the sound of a piano,
Or the iPod with your favorite music for this occasion.

I shall pick up a watermelon I left on the river to keep cool,
Strawberry from the garden,
Grapes from the vines,
And apples from the orchid.

In the mist of the picnic table,
As the sunlight glare upon your smile.

Let the lake soothe you,
In the mist of forest,
While birds soar upon the sky.

No one will disturb you,
I will guard this garden,
And you may stay as long as you like.

I call this my home,
Hidden in my mind,
And only you are invited.
Home is where your heart is they say, but let me tell you home is where ever you want it to be.   It is not a place, it doesn't have to have four walls and a roof, but it's where you can feel at ease.  Let me show you, and take you to that place, because imagery is far more real than reality.
Dawn of Lighten Jun 2017
With our eyes open from birth,
We allow our stimulus to quench our progress

With our eyes closed,
We shall meet together in the other side of the abyss.
Dawn of Lighten May 2015
As I held my iPad to pull my airfare information,
The sudden blood rush pass through my senses,
as I glimpse fellow travelers in the airport.

It is this feeling of adventure knowing I would never know these strangers,
but the ideal we share a moment to explore another place profoundly echoes the inner child in me.

It's like a candy in the mouth or a very fine wine,
as I look through the plane window of the vast clouds,
And gasp as the jet takes off taking my nerves into a new height.

While my ear drums felt the extreme pressure begged to swallow my spit,
This feeling of exploring explode my emotions with uncontrollable excitement.

I just want to jump and do hundred push ups as the plane lands,
Because you felt this cramp like you were packaged in a box in the flight,
And now you are free to move and speed walk to your next destination!

When I arrive at the hotel,
The sudden desire to take a nap take place from the jet lag,
Since all your senses took an over charge!

You know adventure was just a beginning,
Because now you are in the nation's Capitol,
And there isn't enough time to explore everything in DMV!
Travelled to D.C.  and helped out in that market! The place I stayed was Alexandria V.A. Also known as the DMV, D.C. Maryland, and Virginia.

As I reflect in Knox-Vegas, current market I am helping at, I am kinda day dreaming for my next trip to Philadelphia after going back to KY soon!
Dawn of Lighten Sep 2016
Ambient voices lurk upon the tip of the ears,
As the ruffling of the leaves become faint and dull!

Shaken by those voices clamor your essense to a vilified characters,
And those sound intensified by the roaring thunder they seem to pound like war drums.

As the heavens shed it's tears to calm all senses to a full moon,
One can only indulge in the simple act of nature to light sound of rain drops to sleep.

Do we become the persona others echo,
And does one escape to runaway from energy of darkness?

It is a destined war to meet the oppositioned in battlefield,
And then you ask yourself if you are the truthful conviction of good?

The innocence isn't so much the victor of the scenario,
But the reflective nature to do the right things.

Those loud voices spilled the vile tongue of characters uncleansed,
And the dirt seem to gravitate the bubble you once protected your essense.

You try to rub off the dead skin that sicken your persona,
But seemed fatal attraction and unwelcomed maul of voices protrude.

Tremored hands can't seem to stop,
But the heart had seized it's pulse,
And looked to the self in the mirror no more.

Gasp to get some air in the drowning ocean,
As the weight of the back become stronger,
And reach out the arm to brace upon the nearest shore.

Everything must stay silent,
And then ask am I good enough?

The eternal struggle to find the person on the lake is a journey,
But one can't runaway forever from their own shadow,
Because the shadow will follow you for good.

Once you realize the reflection is your's
It is too silly to have ever feared it.
When voices tell you that you are no good, one must stop hiding from their personal shell to see the wonders of the world
Dawn of Lighten Feb 2016
This lady I once knew had a beautiful forehead,
And like a peaking of sunset,
her face glistened like a pale moon in early night.

The lady knew aesthetics with color, style, and fashion,
But also knew how to get those in good prices,
And a women who can control compulsive purchases are quality ladies.

As seeing her outer shell was magnificent,
But surely she must be a ***** without an intellect,
And so I spoke in question since no lady is without a flaw.

So I told myself I would like to find her weakness,
And that will deter away from me to her,
Because beauty always have a severe deficiency.

More I explored her mind I saw different facet of character unraveled
And unquenched need to explore her like a great book,
While you couldn't stop reading a next paragraph.

What was my curiosity of persona became a muse,
And more I tried to indulge the senses,
I became obsessed by the sparking of a character.

Like a sensory overload,
I became consumed by her presence,
And like the presence of a void,
I needed to know more.

There is a saying in Italian that ladies are like an art,
Or marble statues of elegant craftsmanship created by their soul,
And that I can only concede by their majesty

You my lady however is a master piece,
Dawn of Lighten Oct 2016
Cross roads within our pathways,
As our minds flock to our own rhythms.

Likes of individual galaxy compounded,
And formulated into a personal chemistry.

Truth of stars perflexed by undiscovered universe,
And each stars collide in the void vexed with uncontrolled momentum.

Yet there are the singlular truth in all chaos,
And the relentless ether split to the vastness of space,
Like calm ocean that allow our solice.

Those days are but a yonder,
As we ponder upon the yearning impulses.

In the stillness of a full cup of water without a pin drop,
And with inner thoughts still hunger,
But still reach the vestige garden alone.

Vintage of souls forgotten in our hearts,
And shattered beats asunder murmur in tranquility.

As perpatual ideals die in the burning stars,
We are in space alone in dreams.

No longer a thought of discord,
nor any dissidents displayed,
But maybe that was an act of love unspoken.
There seems to be such dichotomy coexist in acts of love, and without hate or line to cross, we are in a solitude to see what  degree of infatuation was our kindred spirits linked.
Dawn of Lighten Jan 2016
My past time is Warhammer 40k
Collected 12 separate army ranging from 10,000 point to couple hundred.
My personal faction is craft world Eldar,
Since they are space elves of the dying race,
Prideful, arrogant, know it all, psyker gifted, prudes of 41 millienium.
Play with twelve Wraith Knights,
And earning me as "That Guy,"
As known as cheesy player,
Or just a solid Gould cheese.

I am inspired by Marcus Aurelius
Known as the philosophical emperor,
Also known as the last true good emperor of Rome,
Loved by many by the empire,
My favorite quote by him
"Accept the things fate binds you,
And love the people whom fate brings you together,
But do so with all your heart!"

I am a Capricorn,
Driven by amethyst gem stones,
Or a pure ruby so they say!
I have not had the same gravitational pull like Joan Of Arc,
Nor have I become a champion like Mohammad Ali,
Or fought for civil liberty like Martin Luther King,
Or earned the legacy likes of Humphrey Bogart,
But I would do my best to carry even ounce of their torch of greatness.
I think this will be my annual self reflection project, kinda like time capsule
Dawn of Lighten Aug 2015
Each passing time my will to create with words depart from my impulse,
The drive and want and passion lost by crippled sense of inner flames.

Do you see the dreams blurr the skies of blue to grey,
As crimson and hues of purple interplay in the celestrial plain.

From the time of land parted from the skies zenith ago
And further more the time garden of Eden let Lilith go!

It's a place of Queens and Kings with wings,
while ladies and maiden play among the swings.

With stone and lands with rocks shaped into castle,
All those creation crumbled to dust to ashes blown by the wind.

Such illustration created by sleeping illusion eludes interpretation,
As time elapse our minds will shut to collaspe with no variables.

As the strand of hair turn black to white with forgotten songs,
One can lose all of their imagination and can only surrender to sleep.
I think my will to articulate with words have passed beyond my time,
For the fire and desire to write have dwindled into expressing nothing more than dreams and old memories!
Dawn of Lighten Dec 2015
Life as we know it is a chance,
But require made hands to dance,
Then **** on everyone with winning prance.

Reading the moving lips,
Looking for people's reactive bits
And que into people's tips.

It's them ballers,
The high rollers,
With stacks of hundreds of dollars,
The ****** know it all white collars.

With them fancy cars,
Hanging in cliquey bars,
Swinging the club in many pars,
As if some royalty bloodline of a tsar.

But in a game of chance, owning a yacht means nothing without a boat!
All those credit cards mean nothing without the proper cards on the table!

Riches mean nothing in a table, nor nice clothes in a game.
Because even kings and queens could fall flat on their faces with those aces!

So let me tell you little bit about this game,
It's reading people to tame,
Where you grind the game without a shame,
Stepping up to no longer stay the same
It's a game recognize your name to a fame.

Just remember the high cards can get you far,
But get beaten by them deus in a bar,

The pairs are wonderful as it gets higher
jokers bring jokes to her admirer,
While the ladies yell "off with their heads!"

In the royal court Cowboys rule supreme,
But those pair of aces undo royalties like puddle of creme.

Two pairs are better than a pair,
And three of a kinds are better than a two pair,
While the wheel is super fair.

Straight line is common winning line
But Flushes them after a dine

The boat takes them for a cruise,
Quads will get them a bruise,
But the nutz are royal flush of hidden ruse!

It's the mastering of perception,
Made hands with repercussion.

Because life as we know it is a chance,
But requires made hands to dance,
And hold onto your winning chips by ******* on them with your prance.

When you have nothing, there is nothing to lose,
Because Hold'em no limit is the purest form of living a life!

Became psyched by rewatching the cinematic classic "Rounders!"
Dawn of Lighten Jan 2016
I ask for freedom,
Freedom to release this weight.

The weight of this world is lifted
Lifted like a feather.

Feather moved by the wind,
My wind that shall carry me.

Me to you the eternal slumber,
Slumber as brown shape shift

Zipper do da day.....
Day of the day day yay day yay daze

Dance sundance film
Errrr.... Away... Yay day yay day away daze.

Ablaze in a maze phase away in a daze,
In this ways,
it pays to gaze.

Praise with the ways,
Are you still reading this?

Stop.... Now!

I mean now...

You don't need to read any further.

Because you are finished right now!
Why play with the mind, because it's too easy! You got Rick Rolled reading style!
Dawn of Lighten Aug 2013
Dimly lit moonlight
Shines upon your precious face
You are beautiful
By Matt Homan

Co-worker wanted to express a haiku, and I enjoyed it, so I posted it.
He was inspired by the music titled "Dark Night of the Soul"   By Phillip Wesley
Dawn of Lighten Nov 2014
Hollowed within the frozen finger tips,
as each stroke of the key vibrates a crisp C.

The piano home key that resonates the beginning,
and the place of birth of most classical music.

Then the C chord echoed with E and G,
while the journey read like a journal.

So it stood as the progression of time,
like the life force intertwined with each notes.

Where does your hand take you to the next step of life,
as you create the next stroke of your dream song.

Hallowed within the frozen finger tips,
and the final song is the end of life.

Make your perfection of music,
as if you can no longer play a next tune.
I am always reminded the life is bitter sweet,
and tomorrow may never come,
or you may never see that one person once again!
Recommend playing BWV 875 as to set the mood,
and yes those of you actually took Piano and know Bach's work would know it typically starts in D Minor in Piano.
Originally was meant to be played with harpsichord,
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