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Pavement blues
   infuse the few
   with aimless renews
      of fruitless views!

Pavement blues
   refuse the new
   with endless crews
      of wasted clues!

Pavement blues? true?
Keyan R Mar 12
I am too nice,
My strongest point makes me the weakest,
Regardless of my height, being too kind is where the peak ends
I don't mean by being respectful is where I've lost the fight
The scraps and bruises come from those beneath my mighty branches, those who keep taking chances
The one I constantly provide for, the one that see my bark as supplies, my shade as protection, my time as what I only provide

And I'm way too nice,
She knows all my secrets, how to pick at my wounds
How to get me to leak information, how to deepen past feuds
With more ammunition that I never planed for because I am not the type to protrude and push someone down when their lost or confused
See there's a big difference between helping someone who actually needs it,
And someone taking advantage of the help you give

It's hard to see the difference,
Like a misspelled word in the dictionary
Is that truth or fiction?
Is is reality or a depiction of what is being preconceived..
Those are thoughts I now think about as the text is being received
Her words and phone calls I can't tell why I feel so relieved
When I speak to her, even if I am being deceived.
Everyone I've talked to has told me to block her number, and it's so hard..They even offer to take my phone and do it themselves...and I claim I'd do it myself. I still haven't and still like an idiot answer her call or her text. I know it's obvious, but it's hard letting go. Even if I feel detached, her web still hushes my lips and I am bitten by a venomous kiss. It's toxic isn't this? To give and never receive...that's how our relationship always is.
Nikki Feb 13
my mind starts to drift and the walls seem to fade
as the wind placidly calms; my heart became staid.
every sense of you lingers; touch, smell and taste
begging for your hands secured around my waist.

vulnerable. susceptible.
safe. protected.

i'm terrified but excited; so eager to be frightened

these butterflies i refuse to ignore.
it's been awhile since i've written and of course it's about you
Rick Warr Dec 2018
it’s that time of year again
a time for re-evaluation

my gratitude awards
go to ...

disinterest in material things
those who see better values
cultivated kindred spirits
kindred strangers
who are yet to be met
a comfortable life
the cliff, the trees,
the creatures, the seas,
the music
the things i can do
and the freedom to do them
and the love
that was shared
this year
summing up
Patrick Austin Oct 2018
Please take a quick a moment to write a review.
If you were not satisfied, what could I do?
Customer care is always my goal,
to all future guests who visit my soul.
Closure’s essential to us moving on,
It matters to me why now you are gone.
Fearful my future will repeat mistakes,
I need to know first I might have what it takes.
Did I love too strongly at first when we met,
then settle for stable as needs being met?
Was it the fact that we need to work harder?
disappointments too much for you, so why bother?
With your help, my program can surely improve,
for now I am ready to make my next move.
Patrons of my heart may have different needs,
beyond conversation and sowing of seeds.
They may not discover the flaws that you see,
because they love past them, unlike you, with me.
Having a long term relationship end suddenly with no explanation is devastating. Please consider talking about things face to face and explaining your actions, choices and feelings. Anyone who does less, is not worthy of being in relationships. Wouldn't it be nice if people had reviews on Yelp after dates and relationships. I think better behavior when dating could result from this. What do you think?
sunprincess Sep 2018
My brand new ionic hairbrush is the best invention ever!

Who could ever imagine this incredible tool
could perform such amazing feats of magic!

My hair is so smooth, sleek and shiny
I truly feel like a superstar!

Honestly, If the inventor were here,
I would kiss him and drive him around
in my car!
Miss Clofullia Aug 2018
we're gonna die at some point
and all that we're gonna leave behind us is a bunch of
bad reviews and 2 star ratings
for restaurants that didn't treat us right,
for uber drivers that were too quiet or too loud,
and airline companies that were responsible for 16 long hours
in an airport with too much light and no air.

the day will come and none of us will be ready,
even though some might lie about it, with a cold smile on their face.
there will be no bargaining then,
all the money in the world will be as useless as a pair of flip-flops to a legless person.
for sure, we'll regret using the expression "no regrets!" too often,
instead of accepting our vulnerabilities and our imperfections.

we're gonna die seeing our mother's smile
and hearing our father laughter,
from the day we were born.
just like then, we won't know for sure whether
this is the beginning or the end
whether we are leaving a world or coming into another.

we're gonna hope to use our last breath for something memorable,
something that won't make us not get a good death's sleep,
keeping us awake in a homemade YouTube video.
we're gonna wish that someone finds all of our passwords
and breaks into our emails and social media accounts to realize that
we were geniuses, or something like that and we're gonna look forward
to not being successful and
not seeing anyone cry over something that we said while we were drunk or, worse..

there's nothing more annoying than a come-back to an argument
that comes too late,
the one great idea that could shut down anyone if it would appear in the middle of a fight,
and not afterwards. always afterwards.
when the quarrel initiators are already tucked up in bed, covered in wet dreams and solitude.
nothing for you to do. no hour is decent enough for you to call them in the middle of the night,
shouting your retort, then hanging up the phone and laughing like a crazy person.
that's how after-death must feel like.
a smart answer that comes too late and that no one gets to hear.

our bodies start dying from the day we are born,
little by little,
small chunks of tissue getting rid of our existence,
making us less appealing, less ripe.
our bodies become dumber and dumber every day and start
throwing emotional **** everywhere, hoping to make others mad,
and not care as much about us, near the end.
in a way, it's a form of protection.

we're gonna live through other people's deaths,
we're gonna be "survivors" and "carriers of their memory"
we're gonna try and appear strong for their closest ones,
even though we will forever be broken on the inside after they
become cool, underground.

as we grow older, we believe that death is more about us than the one leaving.
It's possible that we didn't even get to meet him personally,
but he "left a great impression on us", from his real friends' stories.
it's possible that we randomly cross paths with a funeral cortege of some unlucky stranger
and we would still believe that it's about us.
every time we stumble upon it from an observer's point of view, we cannot stop
thinking that it could have been us in that box,
forceless, incapable of protesting against the tie
or the flowers that we are/were so allergic to.
we get lost in our mind, near the coffin and our eyes start to glow
and lose liquid.
every time someone dies, it's always about us. at least, for a couple of seconds or days.

when we die, or are about to die, we find out that death is not at all about us.
it's about those that are left behind, the above mentioned "survivors".
we begin to worry about them,
to fear that there's no fresh milk in the fridge, no gas in the car tank,
that no one took out the garbage, nor fed the cat,
we are about to leave life under the impression that we forgot the fire on.
every time we die, it's never about us. at least, up until the last seconds.

there's no chance in hell that heaven's gonna accept this kind of language!
maybe the subtitle won't work for this part and I'll get off the hook.
I was thinking that one of the greatest penalties
God could give to a feeble-minded person like me
would be the possibility to choose between the infernal region and paradise.
I would end up in a very familiar situation, experiencing the purgatory of my afterlife,
in the same way I did in my entire earthly existence, not being able to pick a side,
make a decision, take a left or a right.. without overthinking it too much.

we're gonna die crying.
we're gonna die hoping that we closed the door.
we're gonna die tasting coffee.

we're gonna die when we least expect it.
we're gonna die in 3, 2..

we're gonna die trying to live.

George Krokos Jun 2018
Another year has just gone by and what seems to have happened there
is that someone has forced me to incur a bad debt by deception's flare.
That's how it seems to me now with some people who're waiting to see
what they are entitled to get in this multi sided settlement and spree.
Some evil people have a way of getting what they want and are after
even if it means deception, in breaking the law or by causing disaster.

They must be brought to justice to face the consequences of their action
only then can I rest and prevent them getting away with any satisfaction.
The problem here is that, one of the suspects is the next door neighbour
while the other being someone who could do another offence to savour.
Written early 2018.
Just another lonely bright Dazzled night in the diamond city of the land of gold.
The seasons change feels like a lamentation the autumn wind has never been so cold.


Thought these metro lights blinding but I still see your name next to the moon in the stars.
The city's fluxed and curved silhouette,
Spectacular. happy to look, haven't seen you on these streets without occasion like a vintage car.


I wonder, Were we moving too fast was it the pressure?
our chemistry had me at my triple point; fluid at times, solid for a minute but heated when we're livid. Aroma like therapy that's why I'm with Mary more, now that you're not near me.


Used to be nothing but a product of jozi. a chubby hot boy plus everybody knows me. Well only my role, never my name Ilie man all ways had dat more fiha that's  what I was told. Not innocent but I have a bright soul.


It was easier when I was apathetic, I could fake smile, greet enemies like "sho, Fede". the me of yesteryear would snark at my weakness now, but my sight has changed lately.


Realize the higher I go the more balance I need, yes, these changes involve you but they are all on me.
A spoken word ment for a performance that never happened due to changes which is ironic. did most of it riding through Sandton . Includes a few South African/Rastafarian slang words such as
Jozi-short name for Johannesburg, South Africa
Ilie man- a man who is sacred/blessed/sanctified
Fiha- good marijuana
Sho, Fede- greetings (my)guy
Hot boy- a young illicit substances distributer

The Train of thought has a direction and many stops, when you're melancholy, but you Learn something at every stop along the line.
Each stanza has a sporadic rhyme scheme to show the sporadic nature of thought
Valene Apr 2018
It's official, we're monsters
We're disgraces, we're abominations
We're ****, we're dirt
We're apart of a ***** and evil congregation

We've been so cruel
They've judged us just because our skin is ashen
They've persecuted themselves, stabbed each others back, turned each other into ashes
Hearts have become nothing but beating organs that pump evil into our veins
Brains have been blocked out and replaced by things that just produce shame

Thinking that we're the superior species, but that's absurd
We run like zebras to **** like lions then scavenge like vultures and feed off each others carcases
To think that we were created in God's image, the idea hurts
Cause God's image is turning into Satan's minions, into his children and we blindly walk into our own Tartarus

And don't get me started on the laws of the land we don't even take care of
Telling me about the right to freedom to help you paint the idea of the right freedom

You **** in order to gain, and that process goes on and on and on
From the early days, all we do is take and the process goes on and on and on

I hate the way they look at her beauty and can't fight for it
Just take her and have fun, a whole night of it
I hate the way you so quick to hate and so quick to **** my vibe
And the fact you like it, you love it, when you've got stolen stacks instead of working for a truthful dime

Screaming "I'm just human" has made me realize
That it just disgraces the title if we pin it to a crime
Let's not lie to ourselves any longer
We're humans, and humans have proved that that means being imperfect people, but perfect little monsters
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