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Mark Toney Oct 2019
Exposed to types of poetry
a coterie
of poet friends
great poems pen

I wish that I could read them all
from that I fall
the mountain climb
there is no time

How satisfying to belong
we're growing strong
our dear peer group
Poetry Soup
7/30/2018 - Poetry form: Minute Poem - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2018
We talk during the day
And prowl at night
Donning our costumes
To prey on tv shows
No matter how many
Cute girls I meet
I will never forget
The ******* who raised me
To my best friends, who, despite what the years might say, I have known since the beginning.
A riddle that
No one
Has solved yet:

Abused as a child
They won't let you see them
Fully naked except

Under one particular
Set of
How do you make them
M C Jul 2019
A body is sovereignty.
Everybody is their own king.
Every good king has a council.
I am king and my friends are sagacious.
As proud as I am to be
I am much more honored to receive guidance of grand magnitude.
As for the council I give, I say unto my friends:
If you find any essence of good in me squeeze out every last drop.

Use is ecstasy.
IncholPoem Jan 2019
At  yesterday    evening
  i  saw   my
dream  fat  girlfriend.

  Her  bicycle addicted
brother and  her  other
male  boy class  and  tuition
mates  were  with
evening's  gossip

­My  eyes  were
             trying  to  search
           on  him.

Her  father and  guess
i  think  one  of  other
girlfriends   was  inside
the  cyber  cafe.

Recently   full  moon
    was  seen  on
his  faces!
sometimes when
no one checks
the group chat
for awhile and
there’s no one
else on-
it feels like you’re
just talking in an
empty theatre- waiting.
waiting for anything.
a “read” notification,
a typing bubble-
a sign that you’re
not alone-
Nyx Oct 2018
I watched it all happened
I watched it all burn down
And yet I stood there watching
Without uttering a single sound

I knew all their secrests
I knew all their lies
I knew the real stories
All from each side

Trusted by all
They told me all things
But I stood there in silence
As they played a game of kings

Doing nothing at all
Even though i held the power
I just let them fall
Withering like a flower

Times have moved on
They are all no longer friends
I'm the last connection
There is no chance they will make amends

People fall apart
All rundown to different ends
Hatred and recentment burns
Though cast away by the winds

I see them all now
And even I've lost that spark
The one I once held
When the whole world seemed dark

As I stand upon the ashes
Of the loving people I once knew
That time gone and forgotten now
The very thought to which is taboo

Yet here I stand
At what was the foundation of the past
Holding the matchbox in hand
Crying, I thought it would last

I did nothing to stop it
I myself set it ablaze
So much for the peacekeeper
all she could do was gaze

And try and act innocent
Attempting not to get burnt
You would think after such tragedy
That I would have learnt

But its a burden I'll carry
Right down to my grave
Knowing I destroyed them
When they could have been saved

I let them burn
What kind of a monster does that?

I'm Guilty

Anya Sep 2018
In third grade
I joined my school band
I was percussion,
the only one in my school
Lugging around my giant drum kit
I was different
still an essential part of the band

Now, fast forward to seventh grade
I joined my school field hockey team
I was the goalie
The only one on my team
Lugging around my giant bag of gear
I was different
still an essential part of the team

These parallels stick out to me
Clearly, it's a statement

I desperately crave that team
sense of belonging

at the same time
I want that independence
I want to be different
I want my own little niche
It's amazing how much poetry
can give you an insight
into yourself
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