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Dawn of Lighten Nov 2014
Birthed and raised from once upon a time called the Morning Calm,
not to be confused by a place known as the Rising Sun.

Country echoed by Confucianism,
and imbued by philosophy of filial piety.

No one questioned the morals and ethics of elders,
No one would have questioned any nature of the father or mother!

A religion of zealous in family,
and pride in ancestry.

Older meant wiser,
And they can not do wrong.

Will not do wrong!
no wrong!

So that was the dawn of birth of our world,
Our teaching to obey until the bitter end!

Obeyed obeyed for the captain knew all,
fall into the bottomless pit for he knew it all.

Tortured from trusting,
And believing filial piety,
The only world we knew.

Falling falling the Titanic we were,
Trusting the captain,
We fell in a deeper hole.

Until we fell so deep,
And looking at rest of us free falling deeper,
Why were we falling with the captain?

Captain replied "Even if family moves away from a false foolish fear,
Carrying everything with the trust of the captain can carry even a Mountain!"

Is that what we were doing,
Carrying a false foolish fear,
Your fear, your mountain?

Is that what mother paid in price at the end,
Her blood for your mountain,
Your hole you are dragging us into?

From suffering I knew,
Grown from lies I knew,
You can only trust yourself!

Look at me now,
A man who will not share your mountain,
or hole that would of put us in an early grave.

I already buried my mother,
I will not follow your path,
I have grown from your rending.

I will forgive you,
I will love you,
But I became a man from your rending enough!
The price we all pay for families are blood and sweat,
but only you can choose to carry someone else's mountain for so long,
and you have to make that choice to become adult to move forward.
Invocation Apr 2014
RHCP, my stomach aches
i confuse what could be hunger
with weakness.
another long evening
my last smoke
went missing. my hand
I haven't slept in days.
I search for something.
Will someone catch the paper I've shredded?
My heart's blood spattered across sheepskin
skin torn asunder
hands clenched under
the table

Stop judging me and staring so critically
stare lovingly into my eyes and notice my effortless elegance

I lie when I say I don't want to be noticed.
I am in the process of staying coherent

— The End —