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Veritia Venandi Aug 2020
Often times in my orchard...

I see her moving in graceful steps of bellet in a baby pink tulle skirt...

The wind carries her from the ground to the sky... Like a playful lover blowing kisses of affection...

Her essence is ether...and her heart a lovely gathering of bonded petals...

Her bee buddies always seem to cling to her... humming to her tales of colorful lands...

She baths in hiding of chilled dew and contours her cheeks in divine pink...

I wonder if the holy earth sprouted her or an angel from the sky... for her beauty seems  neither of heaven nor of the earth...

Whatever be her origins or her source of grace...the heart reaches out to her in dark times...

To lead me to the way of light...
Slowly and stealthily through the steps of pink!
Another of my flower poems!
In love with Camellia! ❤
Dawn of Lighten Nov 2014
She sang the trot like she owned the narrative,
as if she was singing about her inner most secret.

-The  lady who lost her lover
The place where she met him
The Place with the Camellia flower

It was a place of summer and ray bloomed
while it matched the radiance of the two Paramour
and a reminder of their internal chest thumped in unison

In the street where they first met she stood alone
fatigued with no more breath to give
Many nights shed her tears by the Camellia flowers

Now the flower leave crumbled
The petals showed it's red bruises
and falling like the tear drops

When will the lover come back to her
To the lonely Camellia Flower
When will he come back-

The song ends with a grasp
as this German lady song ends with her whisper
To the Korean Trot song of the past

To the song "Lady Camellia!"
Not to get confused with the 1848 published French Novel "The Lady of the Camellias," or better known for "La Dame Aux Camelias!"

As I was web surfing in youtube, I came across a Korean Talk show, and in it she sang the old Korean pop song genre called Trot! Mesmerized by how well she spoke in Korean, this German lady singing even in Korean old trot song.

I took liberty to translate the lyric the way it seemed to fit perfectly, so I can't take any credits!

Updated notes: After doing several research, there maybe a correlation between the Old Korean trot to the even older French novel! While the music gives more of a story of two lovers and the anguish of the lady, the French novel actually makes the Lady Camellia as a courtesan.
Joe Wilson Jul 2014
The garden looks lovely at this time of day
but an essential ingredient is not here
for without your feel for its Gaia
It’s not really a garden I fear.

I touch a rose and see your beautiful face
in the hibiscus and camellia it’s there too
but without your gentle encouragement
their beauty just doesn’t shine through.

I sit on a small garden bench in the shade
and I think of the things that we said
and the tears start to fall and they just cannot stop
how I wish for those good times instead.

I’ll carry on tending our small garden
I know that you’d like it that way
but it will never again have that sparkle
that it did when you tended each day.

©Joe Wilson – The now empty garden 2014

— The End —