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Jey Blu Dec 2017
Why does time pass more slowly when we want it to go faster?
Dripping like molasses
Flowing like tar
s l o w e r
s   l   o   w   e   r
Time freezes
"No beat, no melody"
As they say in that famous play
Hamilton never stopped
Until that bullet made him
Sometimes I wish Aaron Burr would shoot me in the same way
Time is killing me
But not fast enough
It's the waiting that does it
But what am I waiting for?
A reason to be dead?
A reason to be alive?
A reason to have a reason?
A reason.
That's what we're waiting for.
I wonder what mine is.
Eyal Lavi Sep 2017
Thrice he knocked upon her door
"May I enter?" he implored.
"I bid the welcome"
Were her words

Thus he entered
Into the chamber
Were the bed
The night they wed
Had marked the first-
-and last as well
When both their bodies...
Had layed in bliss...
Her lips, her kiss...
All he had missed...
And dreamed and yearned...
Just to return
And look into her auburn eyes
And feel the love he was denied

Then twice he bent upon his knee
And then he stood
And then he looked
And thus he saw
It wasn't she
Not she who loved him on that night
Indeed he knows she never did.
And yet if only-
"No, not ever," were her words.
"Never ever will you be the man I loved, of this be sure."
So sure was she.

"I disagree," was all he thought
Though words came not
What point to speak.
"There is no point," were words
he heard
From lips, her lips
Her kiss, pure bliss
Was not to be.

This is part one of a short poem in two parts
K Balachandran Jan 2017
At certain intensely
solitary hours,
when the journey
to the center of the self
brings awareness to a level,
where  duality is intolerable,
my bold **** self
with nothing to hide,
haunts the other:
the one merely dressed to ****,
challenging time and again,
for a wrestling match
--a fight to the finish.
Ravanna Dee Oct 2016
You lick your lips,
and your tongue slips back behind your teeth.
Just like a sword,
being tucked back into its sheath.
Now, you are preparing for yet another day,
to come out of a dual victorious.
But oh, my vicious opponent,
one of these days your words won't leave me injurious.
Every cruel word someone spits out,
can either break you further,
or make you stronger.
It's your choice.
Viseract Jul 2016
A kid with a dark childhood
So **** shy and misunderstood
His inability to understand
Leaves him underhanded
As he tries to draw the line between
Foe and friend

He's heard so much talk and walked a lot
He remembers the rage, one day almost forgot
And ever since then, well never again
Because it was the day he faced his end

What man forged would forge his skin
Into a purple and white **** grin
Traces it with a finger, trembling and cold
No, he could never forget the days of old

Though being not old himself, a youth he is
Still the saying is appropriate, so don't dismiss
The fact that the one thing that killed him but kept him alive
Was a memory, simply directed to reminisce

A vengeful beast, a loyal wolf
Two sides of the same coin that frequently duel
Contradiction to himself, as if someone else,
Murderous thoughts his mind did dwell

Now picture a teenager, dressed in black
Hoodie and jeans, and a black half-mask
See his cold dark eyes, now tell me fast,
Is he both victim and the one who attacks?
Read carefully. Understand. Capture the picture. Memorise. Who is this? Is this true?
Dawn of Lighten Jan 2016
Step forward,
turn your front leg backward.
Spin into round kick inward.

Must be like a cowboy
Korean versions of a bad boy
Hidden skill shown with a coy

Jump spin into 360 kicks,
By breaking those sticks,
Then onto those bricks.

Further test your skill with an opponents,
Becoming strategic with your movements,
Bashing their heads against your martial improvements.

Taste your first defeat,
Your blood upon your lips,
Spilling from your head.

Move forward,
Aim toward victory from inward.

For defeat is not an option,
Winning is the true completion,
Because being number one is accomplishment.

So why are you laying on your own puddle of blood,
Defeated like a soak dog,
Get up and fight!
These personal voices talk to me as I reflect on my weakness,
When I first took Tae Kwon Do,
And when I bloodied myself in a spare against Kung fu practitioner.

It was a great defeat, and miss the taste of my own blood,
To live a fight in battle, to counter attacks, and being strategic in movement!
The Willow Dec 2015
There is a cruelness in me
trying to uproot my nature of soft
and it stings
it hurts

I don't want to be harming
I don't want to be harsh

where did this distaste for trust come from?
And when will it finally leave?
K Balachandran Dec 2015
Her long manicured fingernails were deeply painted  red,
one would think  it was just a little ago ,had they let much blood.
Her dark painted eyes lend the uncanny look of a wily spider,
but her wild, heart he felt, beats passionately against his chest.
Visibly intoxicated, she said his 'words taste like mellow wine'!
Like in a duel, she was crystal gazing what would eventually happen

Would the wizard have his way,win over the spider woman?
Or is it the spider woman who'd finish her prey,after mating as usual?
"In the labyrinth we are," he calmly poured the heady wine yet again,
"We live once, there isn't any way out,let's enjoy this bargain
who enticed and brought us face to face is nowhere to be seen
Don't bother, play the game, forget the goblet of poison, then it's fine"
She was called the queen of the night life
Ruling the district of bright light
Where wealth and beauty was well rife
She had the worst kind of man in her sight

Her fortune was all he desired
He had another woman on the side
And for this the gun shots were fired
In a duel that's heard of worldwide

He felt oh so mighty proud
As he watched them fight for his hand
They pulled guns in front of a big crowd
But it didn't go as it was planned

Instead of one madam left as a winner
A bullet grazed his own throat
The punishment for being a sinner
Who failed to one woman devote
Mattie Silks was a madam who was in the first female duel in the wild west. She accidently shot the man they dueled about.
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