Solaces 4d

Some of the stars don't shine anymore..
This empty place has no echo..
The clouds are not here..
And the sky is not the blue I remember..
The luster is gone..
The word magic is dead..

You all have grown up..
But I haven't..
Not truly..

I can see those stars that don't shine for you..
And I can hear my voice echo in this empty place..
The clouds are gone for you but have returned for me..
And the sky is the creator of all that is blue..
I am the luster..
And magic is real..

None of this has faded for me one bit..
In fact if anything, it is becoming more and more magical as I get older..
Don't let others tell you otherwise..
There is a beyond..
There is an after..
And there is a forever..

Never ever let anyone tell you there is no magic......

Spend childhood
dreaming of a prince and castle.
Grown up and learned
All beauties Don't need beasts.

Daisy Rae Jun 25

We tend to focus on the wrong things, forgetting what's important
When I was six years old I thought that life was always happy
But as I grew up my mind got contorted
Into what people whispered under their breath
And the word 'love' being thrown around like it was nothing
When I reached the age of seventeen my view of life was death
I now understand that love isn't always true
And that some men can't own up to their mistakes
For the longest time my parents didn't think I knew
But it's very hard to hide fake love in front of a teen
Because school did teach me at least one thing
It was that adults aren't always truthful to young kids like me
Because they don't want to mess up the family 'dynamic'
But what they didn't realize is that it had been screwed up for years
Yeah, I've downed a couple beers
If I keep things from them, of course they're keeping secrets from me
Mom, you don't have to lie to me
I've seen worse things
I just wish you would tell me the truth
Is there a reason you're sleeping in a different room?
Dad, please stop disappearing
I don't know where you go but mom would like to know
You don't answer your phone
You act as if you're not apart of our family
Your cover is blown
You eat at the dinner table absently
You never have time for us
Check your watch it's almost seven
You should be home by now
You would have thought you'd learn your lesson
I can't do this
Watch my family fall apart
It's been going on long enough
It breaks my fucking heart
Please stop this
I didn't ask for a separated family
When I was young we were so great
What happened to that fantasy
I grew up
That's what happened
I started to realize through my grown up eyes
That life isn't what it looks like on the outside
You have to look deep within to notice all the lies
The husband is a cheater
The mother is a forgiver
The son has been gone
But the daughter was like a river
She cried all night
Asking God why is this happening?
My family has been falling apart
And you sit back as it's unraveling
Help her!
She's my mother and I love her
She's hurting and she's trying
But she never gets anything in return
Help him!
He's my father and I love him
He's disappearing and he's blind
And he doesn't see what's right in front of him
A family who loves him
But he's been looking for other things
We try to give him all his needs
But we fail to do so
And the darkness proceeds
I get jealous of these other kids
With the families that are together
They care for one another
And they play games every night
They go out to eat on the weekends
And I'm stuck here despite
All the stories I have about our wonderful past
Too bad that we couldn't last
We had so many more adventures to go on
I wish I was six years old again
But I guess we can't all win
So I'll sit back on the sidelines
And watch my family slip by
This is the year my family fell apart
Not together in distance and never in heart.

Arcassin B Jun 15

By Arcassin Burnham

I don't have to do , what you tell me to do,
About to be grown , don't you have any clue,

Asperations in my DNA , I'm like what you say,
This is my home , don't care what you say anyway,

My family won't put me down , although I love them,
Gotta be on my own, there's no one above them,

Got some mental things going about this crazy world,
Suspicions are needed , even in my girl.

Poetic T May 25

When I was knee high to nothing
I asked inquisitive questions...

And with those answers I became me..

I would want too, if now, I asked the question??

If you are which you say? why so many books!!

If reality was based, wouldn't one book suffice,
But you made conflicting interests, like baiting
a hook. Why do we have to be slaves to ourselves
always begging on knees. To those of confused
reflections seeing you in themselves, but all the time
wording it to make them hate, difference of man
and woman others not he same as me?
but you conflict with love and preach the other thing.

If I was to ask one thing?

"Were grown now, out of the cradle of insecurities,
"Are hand needn't be held, were stronger without you,
"I am me, not a reflection of your confused morality,

niazkilam Feb 11

When do you know when you're all grown up?
Does someone send you a letter
Or does it come in a dream
Maybe it takes a knock to the head to realise it

I am stuck in between an age of
Wanting to grow older
Yet stay this young forever

Quite a pickle, ain't it?

Noah A Baker Jan 12

I got a pair of Starburys when I was ten.
Didn't want them,
I actually wanted some Heelys instead.
Wanted to be like my friends
and trip over pebbles
and get tucked into bed with band-aids.
My mom told me to stop focusing on their plates and look at mine.

I had a fork, spoon, and knives,
grown man portions: eyes the size of my stomach.
She was right --
I never liked training wheels, or cheat codes,
or elbow pads or nightlights.
Grown men aren't scared to fall,
so why am I?
Why am I twenty years old shopping on the Heelys website?

i spent weeks debating if i wanted to post this or not. sometimes our parents have the best intentions, and although we turn out okay, we're all bound to miss something.
Arcassin B Dec 2016

By Arcassin Burnham

I've watched you your whole life,
I want you to do right , that's what God would say..
I've watched you your whole life,
I want you to fuck up, that's what the devil would say..
Depression that eats you up , anxiety humiliates,
But in any case,
Some dark parts of my soul need to be cleaned out and
I'm willing to wait,

In this darkness , in this darkness,
Wondering where has my mind gone..
In this darkness , in this darkness,
I just wanna be all alone...
In this darkness , in this darkness,
Unusual to be home grown,
In this darkness , in this darkness,
Lord please just take me home...

You don't know where you're going,
but you don't know where you've been,
trying not to remember...
You don't know where you're going,
in these dark days ahead,
you better find yourself a new...
In this darkness , in this darkness,
I better have a light shine down,
I've watched my whole reputation crumble to little pieces under
My feet , it always got me down,
In this darkness  , in this darkness,
You don't know where you're going,
There's nobody else around,

In this darkness , in this darkness,
Wondering where has my mind gone..
In this darkness , in this darkness,
I just wanna be all alone...
In this darkness , in this darkness,
Unusual to be home grown,
In this darkness , in this darkness,
Lord please just take me home...

Arcassin B Dec 2016

By Arcassin Burnham

A young boy training to be a fully grown man is practical,
I was thinking about my step dad and how he was an asshole,
Remember all the times when I would wanna send my soul
Off to heaven,
Getting ready for a lucky 97,
Birth years are overrated anyway when people struggle just to
Love The one they dream but knowing half the people would
Rather see you crumble just to make themselves so noticeable
In a situation you could not hold your own any longer,
Just to save your life,
Playing all the cards , don't mean it's right,
Sitting at the red light , waiting for the green to take me
Home with a 40 ounce can and mind full of doubts hoping I just
Make it through this life somehow,
If you didn't know then , your about to know now,
Tried to kill myself 6 times without making a sound.

Adelaide London Dec 2016

They say that
I am a grown up.

Sit straight
Stand tall
Wear this
Don’t fall.

Do this
Not that
Try this
Try that

I thought I was a grown up
Well, they say that too

But really
-not apparently-
I am a child.

Fail test
Take track
Room mess

Street food
Another book
Random mood
Weird looks

I wonder why they name us so,
With titles so bizarre
And scary
-in truth-
we are all children with blackened hearts.

We hurt ourselves
And each other.
I Love my sister,
And I Love my brother.

Sorry heart
Angry smile
Bad start
Hard trials.

I am child.
Nothing else
Maybe a grown up
But mainly just myself.

Be yourself. Age doesn't always define your actions :)
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