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Carlo C Gomez Sep 25
Her constellations move differently

She no longer controls star systems

Only one remaining cluster
now orbits her

But it is more than enough

For they need and love her as their light-giving empyrean
Title inspired by the poem "Benign" by fellow HP writer Puds:
I didn’t think that you were something
I could grow out of
But our love
Doesn’t fit us
Nat Lipstadt Apr 28
“but you Nat,
are a grown *** Hebrew man
so I shall not attempt 
to advise you to do otherwise.”

been notified, identified, blessed and cursed, alotta of different ways,
but late at night, arrives a new coronation forthright,
about my all grownup ageist stay-tus & my ancient birthright

and I’m-athinking that as compliments go, that’s quite a
right-on complementary to my actuality, so not bad, tho
all-I’d-add is maybe, old school fool too, & do appreciate

that this observation comes with added cherry on top,
I’m finally old enough to make it ok to make mistakes,
and a hardy thanks that the words hard and lard din’t appear

when mentioning my cheekiest feature...

10:28pm nyc
in downtown lockdown
Penny Laine Feb 24
Mother do you hear my silence now?

I've been floating in an abyss terrified of who I am
Waiting for you to understand

Mother do you know why I said what I said?
You sit in a tower looking down only acts
But is it me or a reflection looking back

You claim to care about my mental state
But don't give a **** about what brought me to this fate

Mother do you hear my silence?
In the midst of his verbal violence
Can you see the pain I keep inside
Because it's all getting harder to hide

Mother when you say you care
Is it just to hide behind a prayer
Or is it more than to show God the cross that you bare

Mother do you hear my silence now?
Nathalie Apr 5
Clear pearls of emotion glistened on her cheek…waves of nostalgia ran deep…the look he wore when capturing her in still images of admiration came flooding through like memory snippets of yesterday...she couldn’t hide from the knowing in her soul…his memory mirrored all the shades from which she had grown… when love appeared, she knew no doubt but to willfully surrender to a full expansion and acknowledgement of her heart…the tenderness and grace that swelled from this encounter gave her room to soar with complete vulnerability…and in that moment all she had known clouded over in shadows, compared to the horizon she was now leaping towards…the torrid flame of sacred union…no fear stood in the face of this fated moment of oneness with this man she knew no other than being her beloved…

I thought I won the crown
So, I prepared the gown
Little did I know
That's the trick of my foe

They prepared a show
In cold winter snow
I'm experienced such woe
And realized I'm just a clown

My gown has turned into ember
The things I could remember
Only rage and anger
Epitome of the raging fire on December
This just my way of expressing my real life experience.
we grown so lets get down to it
I'm about to give you so much brain
you'd change my name in your phone to Isaac Newton
You been sending me naked photos
and seductive messages
you ready to do this
I'm trying to **** you down
baby don't be clueless

I'm trying to reveal Victoria's secret
I've dreamt of this
the first time I'd give your ***** a kiss
once you cross this doorway
your inhibitions are dismissed

I'm trying to reunite with the back of your throat like an old friend
Repeat offender, I'll touch it again and again
such a beautiful body
Creating you was God's only sin

The police will be investigating me for an pistol
cause these back shot about to sound like an parade
yes I eat from the back
but only if you behave
I'm trying to beat this ***** like I'm striking for oil
this gun is an automatic with no recoil
Walk a ways
Don’t turn back
Don’t forget the words that I said
We’re in this together
And you can believe that
What I have handed you
Won’t weigh you down
When the devil comes to destroy
Don’t let him touch the things we have grown
I have plans for you
But stay present where you are
We’ve got work to do
Nigdaw Jan 12
the trees remember me
that short walk down an urban street
to primary school
now enclosed by panicked fencing
and paranoia security systems

I watched the seasons change
growing a little
in some respect every journey

my silent witnesses look the same
monoliths marking time
with bark and moss layers
roots entrapped in black cracked tarmac
where they were meant to wander free

my conscious return is by car
they cancel the careless carbon footprint
of this time traveller

I feel connected
as though an old movie
flickers among the boughs
of my diminutive figure
ghosting along the pavement
for a moment I am with him
tears unexpectedly blurring my eyes
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