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photovoltaic Dec 2020
you were
like a diamond
your lustre,
the fire inside you
in every aspect, facet

i thought so too,
and believed i was nothing
compared to you
no spark or shine
just endless night
inside the depths
of a black coloured gem

an onyx to a diamond,
which is worth more?
your life or mine?
in the end, it was yours
i d e k  l o l
Heidi Johanna Dec 2020
Some words exist
Without being spoken
Prudence knows
The time to come open

The mature in love
Carrying the weightiest part
And their jewels to kings
SøułSurvivør Nov 2020
Every poem is a gemstone
Every word a jewel
Set in silver, or in gold
Our muses bring renewal.
They convey. They have their say
In amethyst or beryl.
They are Bisbee turquoise
Or luminous as pearls.
Ruby smoulders, garnets dark
Gems from 'round the world.

Some are facets emerald green,
Some are for our ears.
Some are fashioned for the throat
Some aquamarine tears.
Some black onyx pendants
To play upon our fears.

Rings to place on fingers
For friendship or engagement.
Some are placed in
Deep dark drawers
As tokens of estrangement.
But no matter how
They're placed
'Tis meaningful arrangement.

Topaz golden moments
Pirite is for fools
But ALL poems are diamonds

All of them are JEWELS.

Catherine Jarvis
I'm truly sorry I haven't been around you folks. It seems I only write on here now, and scarcely read. I have spent a lot of time in Ministry, and have neglected my friends. My Ministry involves friends, and that should extend to my poet friends too! Please forgive me and accept my apology. I will really try to read more! God bless you all!
Maria Mitea Oct 2020
-  do not waste your words  -
Leifa Oct 2020
Like the first inspire of brisk, waking air.
The climbing Carpathian lantern of day.
I sip on tender herbs and taste the gentle stems
Of sensations gone astray.

I feel an awakening.
Michael R Burch Mar 2020
Les Bijoux (“The Jewels”)
by Charles Baudelaire
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

My lover **** and knowing my heart's whims
Wore nothing more than a few bright-flashing gems;
Her art was saving men despite their sins—
She ruled like harem girls crowned with diadems!

She danced for me with a gay but mocking air,
My world of stone and metal sparking bright;
I discovered in her the rapture of everything fair—
Nay, an excess of joy where the spirit and flesh unite!

Naked she lay and offered herself to me,
Parting her legs and smiling receptively,
As gentle and yet profound as the rising sea—
Till her surging tide encountered my cliff, abruptly.

A tigress tamed, her eyes met mine, intent ...
Intent on lust, content to purr and please!
Her breath, both languid and lascivious, lent
An odd charm to her metamorphoses.

Her limbs, her *****, her abdomen, her thighs,
Oiled alabaster, sinuous as a swan,
Writhed pale before my calm clairvoyant eyes;
Like clustered grapes her ******* and belly shone.

Skilled in more spells than evil imps can muster,
To break the peace which had possessed my heart,
She flashed her crystal rocks’ hypnotic luster
Till my quietude was shattered, blown apart.

Her waist awrithe, her ******* enormously
Out-******, and yet ... and yet, somehow, still coy ...
As if stout haunches of Antiope
Had been grafted to a boy ...

The room grew dark, the lamp had flickered out,
Till firelight, alone, lit each glowing stud;
Each time the fire sighed, as if in doubt,
It steeped her pale, rouged flesh in pools of blood.

Keywords/Tags: Baudelaire, translation, French, jewels, gems, lover, ****, stone, metal, spirit, flesh, body, naked, ****, legs, cleft, groin, tigress, animal passion, lust, *****, thighs, hips, *******, belly, blood
jackie Dec 2019
she and i
we are going down the stairs in opposite directions
up is down, and down is up,
and she has a mask of jade for a face
and with my mask of emerald
we match
that is all, that is all
Anastasia Jul 2019
she was
shadow cast
born of dark
eyes like jewels
and a starry night sky
night dew as her tears
moon dust in her lungs
the moths were her butterflies
fireflies, her halo
she was
shadow cast
Marthea Flores Mar 2019
A little bird
trapped in a golden cage,
fed with precious jewels,
diamonds and pearls.
Had everything
anyone could ever ask,
except for one thing
she can never have.
--- Freedom.
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