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M Vogel Dec 2021

Nearly everything worthwhile
has some form of a risk attached to it,
and the things that we want most,
often come at the greatest cost.

The less the cost is to us,
and the greater guarantee of no risk..
the more palatable
and placating the result becomes.

A jewel such as you need not
embed itself into dirt
in order to try to feel comfortable,


you got this
preston Dec 2021

The Life-giving embers..
stoking the hearth-fire,  heart
in you  that had nearly gone out,
is nothing less that the deep
gentle,  Loving-kindness
of the Wellspring's  warm flow.

Love  feels, more than it sees..
but when one truly sees, beautiful girl--
as you so well at times know..

the view is utterly breathtaking.

You are learning how  
to breathe  the beautiful, free air.
Grace does that.

You are the most incredible of spokespersons, love...
Your very voice-tones..

The road is dark.. and it's a thin, thin line
But I want you to know I'll walk it for you any time
Maybe your other boyfriends couldn't pass the test
Well, if you're rough and ready for love
Honey, I'm tougher than the rest

Well, it ain't no secret
I've been around a time or two
Well, I don't know baby
Maybe you've been around too
Well, there's another dance
All you gotta do is say yes
And if you're rough and ready for love
Honey, I'm tougher than the rest

If you're rough enough for love
Baby, I'm tougher than the rest
SiouxF Apr 2021
Remember God loves you.
He has your back.
You are safe.
Praise be.
SiouxF Apr 2021
When you believe in yourself,
Toxic words of others
Wash off
Like water off a duck’s back,
So hold your head up high,
Be true to yourself,
And don’t be swayed
By others’ pettiness, jealousy and spite,
For that is their chosen stony path in life,
And you have yours.
SiouxF Apr 2021
People tar you,
Throw their beef at you,
Call you names,
And undermine you.
You can put their skin on,
Walk around reeking of their ****,
Or you can take it off,
Shine bright,
And be the person you’re meant to be.

Which do you choose?
SiouxF Apr 2021
The trials and tribulations you go through
Are testament to who you are
And the strength in you,
For you will never be tested beyond your means,
So hold fast to your values,
To your dreams and desires,
And show them who’s wrong
And who’s right.
SiouxF Apr 2021
When all around you are
Dragging you down,
Calling you names,
Undermining you,
Do you stoop down to their murky depth,
Or rise above,
Show what you’re really made of,
Who you really are,
Leaving them coughing and spluttering in your dust.
Aditya Pandey Oct 2020
Tonight, I saw you at the corner of the road,
standing, with falling shoulders and lowered head,
not lonely, rather alone with yourself,
the best company I would say,
even if it appears contrary to you at the moment

Though, your shoulders are falling,
they are gracefully carrying the excruciating pain of your heart,
those stiff muscles are holding you straight,
yes, your head is lowered down,
yet, what a marvelous posture of your body
I adore you,
your presence, existence is a source of emulation for many,
they are admiring their standing woman-man, their stoikiy muzhik,
as standing their itself is an act of courage,
that you are holding on

I don’t know what ransacked you,
must have been terrible,
but not strong enough to break your resilience,
the terseness of your being,

I adore you
Tonight, when you go back home,
don’t just reach and lay on the couch,
go in front of that mirror,
the one that you have not seen for long
let your intimate self undress you,
praise your beautiful body,
doesn’t matter whether it has gained weight or lost,
if gained, admire those layers of new flesh,
they are eager to burn themselves up for you, just for you,
if lost, praise those beautiful bones,
which are highlighting the flow of universe inside the canvas of your body,
see yourself, raise your head,
give respect to your resilient shoulders,
to your eyes which drained themselves dry to make you feel better,
see the grace and light they have when they daringly carry your vulnerability with style,
they deserve a smile,
while smiling, respect your mind, you awareness,
which is not acting as your master anymore,

when was the last time you caressed your
beautiful eyes, hair, face,
when was the last time you caressed your
breast, chest, all below,

Don’t sleep tonight,
your cupboard is waiting for your touch,
you have kept on contacting them,
but for tonight, for one last moment,
one last act of courage,
that gods themselves are not expecting from you,
shut their mouth,
defeat death, for tonight,

touch your books, shoes, clothes, diary, pen,
that beautiful lamp in the corner,
your bed that has not been made up,
touch your work, they long for your love,
and they, all of them have waited for this very moment,
just one last deed,
affirmatively whisper…

She wore endurance as a cloak.
Tried ever so sorely and wrongly,
she committed all to the Vindicator.
In her resolute quietness, she spoke volumes.

For her ardent disparagers,
her payback was tireless hours of intercession.
As she stoically embraced undeserved tribulations,
she gained character, wisdom, and tranquility.

Who dares put out the brilliance of a star?
Her sublimity resonates evermore in the
darkest patch of the night.
Though seared with scars,
her stellar virtues are glaring,
illuminating hearts and inspiring minds.

She can’t feign ordinariness,
even if she hides behind her own shadow.
Detached from a frenzied world,
she derived her essence from heavenly fire.

Oh, had they known the fount from whence she drank,
they would not have, in malignity,
ensnared their own souls
in a bid to put out her luminous radiance.
They have murdered sleep through their ignoble gestures.

Behold the star as she abides in the firmaments!
Purified by the trials and tribulations,
she stoically endures and thrives.
The sky may be bespangled with twinkling stars,
but her brilliance stands out in luminary distinction.
Poetic T Aug 2020
Always discharging  projectiles  to the left hand side
of my perception, misguided attempts to  traumatise
                             every aspect that follows your breadcrumbs.

But I'm not one to follow the hunger of love,
         bruises show the path that was unyielding
to the malleability restricting my tangibility

            of every needing.

Wondering on the grains that you cant follow,
                       I told you I was always here..

I walk barefoot, so that you can t follow the steps,
             that you brought.

    Its hard for your love to fathom that i no
longer need to follow the footsteps of tears..

Mine are dry and you'll never follow me...
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