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دema Apr 9
when the possibilities become infinite,
so are the lessons that come along,
every experience suddenly has more to it,
boundaries have a different meaning,
you get to dip your finger into the unknown,
taste it, heck even jump in it,
and once you settle back home,
your mind wanders to all the places
whose background you perfectly merged into,
you can shut the thoughts out,
but you can't build a wall,
the blinds are always open,
nothing is definite.
MK Tomar Apr 7
I am a blind man, figuring out this place, a chaos.
So I have told you initially.ok.

Crowded with the utmost fools, to the greatest beings.

From the cunning eyes to the melting hearts.

I am a blind man, so i am taking off, on a walk of discovery.

The past was unknown, and now, the future is a mystery.

Things that I have longed for in the most desperate times,

are there all around, not for me, but far away, 

having an unreachable shine. 

The fake laughs, the unbearable tears just to pull up the sympathy.

The rhetoric webs of the religious nobles, they just can't leave you alone, right?

Apart from being an individual, I am forced to be everything, but a pure human.

In morning a Hindu,
By night it turns into a muslim!

A screamer for nonsense.
Or a debater oozing just garbage.

No. This can't be the real life. These things.

They are not for me; just tease me, with a greedy smile.

A different world.

What a fool am I. Actually yes.

Because, I am a blind man. Not due to my lack of senses,

but since I was looking for the undeserving.

All these years went like a wasting, decaying dead figure.

What an idiot I was, in making a late choice.

It was never about the shine.

It's just a little spark of the ray, that you need.

Not a bag full of over joyful, screaming surprises,

but just a little slice from life.

I 'was' a blind man, doing all this, before the walk.

Not anymore, not now, never and ever.

For i know what i want.


Just a slice of life.

Sadly, it's with me anymore.
Call me, if you find it.
Allison Feb 27
The toxic blood ran
Ran out of her
Like an animal
Running from a predator
She gasped for air
As she bled out
Weak and alone
She cried
She thought she was dead
The bleeding stopped
The sun rose
And alas
A flower bloomed
Lauramihaela Feb 27
Don’t forget
To tell stories-
You’ll live through the joy
Once in the moment
And again when you share them;
Tell them just as they happened
So you can experience the raw happiness once again

Don’t forget to tell stories-
You’ll process the pain
Every time you work through
What you thought
you could never face again;
Tell them in whatever way
Feels most gentle to you,
And rest easy
knowing that you are now in control.

Tell the ones you keep floating on the surface
Always ready to be grabbed and told
And tell the ones you’ve been clasping
Deeply in your fists for years.

Tell them for yourself
Or for others to know
That they are not alone-
But whatever you do
Don’t forget to tell stories.
Chrissy Feb 11
It's funny how life slaps you in the face and force feeds you unwanted experiences
Aurora Feb 7
I have an extreme anxiety
Of doing new things
So I don’t have much things in my life
That are new
same friends
same clothes
same lonely nights
same favorite movies
Wiping away the dust off my dreams looks much easier than 170 heart beat per minute.
Dream Dec 2018
Every teardrop of mine has a story to tell,

Nathalie Dec 2018
You live at the core

Of my daily experiences

You are never far

From view

Because all I see

Is you…

You dance in the fields

Of poppies

I can feel your tears

On my skin

During the summer night’s rain

I hear your voice

Through the branches

Of the willow trees

My heart warms

To the thought of your love

And your sweet memory

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