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Reif Airen Oct 6
It was from a book I hold
A lot of stories yet to be told
Containing magic and wonders to unfold
Journeys of heroes brave and bold.

It was from a book and all thag it contain
The stories and experiences that will remain
All the knowledge I continuously gain
Will all be kept inside my brain.

It was from a book that I developed my skills
Brought me the things that would remain still
Allowed me to travel through lands and hills
With timeless excitement and thrill.

It was from a book wherein I learned
From where I felt the longingness I yearned
The things in reality that cannot be earned
It was from a book that the world has turned.
bhu Oct 4
Talks were talks
Sometime, somewhere, not somebody

A minute after, fondness
Reflection of my naivety

To come were moments of easily dismissible presumptions
Devoid of intrinsic rationality

Then the gush of apprehension
Soaking me with doubts about my sanity

A minute before irrevocable acceptance
Good to finally meet you, reality

Talks are talks now
Sometime, somewhere with somebody
Seanathon Sep 9
You bade me come
Like blades of grass and shields of rye

Like wind in mountain meadows past
Like sun and moon and sky

Your hand outstretched a breath from mine
Midst mire known to sink

I reached
And took you in with a sight so deep

You bade me come alive
This one started with a sound, which lead to a sight, which lead to a question, and ultimately brought me here. THAT is how this came to be.
Royce Aug 24
I lived as an enemy in my own house,

With ideas standing guard of this prisoner.

I existed in a fabrication and nostalgic nightmare,

Sapped of energy with no purpose-

I decay on this mattress.

Set me free into this overpopulated planet,

Full of the lonely and depraved,

Moving, moving, in every direction,

Bound and gagged by nature,

The heartache of yesterday's cup of tea.

I'll indulge in the desires of my senses

And face painful withdrawals alone,

I'll lose myself in the harlot's charm

And suffer her betrayal in silence.

     I only want to know I exist...
Kent Aug 1
I sat
between the city and the sea
On a sunny summer’s day
When an Italian dream
a rocker queen
decided to grace me

It feels so unreal
to see such an angel exist
Her braided raven hair
and icy seductive stare
keeps me in wondrous bliss

With crystal shades
of green and blue
Her lovely eyes
gazed into
my passion
And found
the soundtrack of our lives
to be the same
Yet different
in the world to which it played
Nevermind the language spoken
Our lives connect
In hybrid moments

Welcome to L.A
A place where Angels belong
Though you cannot stay
A connection is lifelong
So let’s dance while we can
singing rock and roll songs
Creating memories
that will never be gone
The experience
of meeting you
An Italian Deam come true
Inspired by a real-life experience where a drop-dead gorgeous Italian rocker girl introduced herself and befriended me out of nowhere.
Paras Bajaj Jul 16
if you think writing about you
makes you the one in power
then you are so wrong cause'
you are just another piece
of my unsung song.

if you think leaving you
makes me constantly sad,
then you are so wrong cause'
you are just another story
that I left unsaid.
Your are neither my sister nor my friend
You can’t be any
Trusted you, like a fool, and you used my heart as a tool
Never mind, can’t deny, it is one

Thanks it’s a two way story
The very tool, weak it maybe as a wrench
Yet a powerful bench
Can take the weight of a thousand forty elephants

Thanks for all the experience
You sure do know to give that
Faking it all as love
Fool no more, lessons they came slow
Learnings this time fast
And sure will make it last

So you see, you’re neither a sister nor a friend, just another teacher and that’s the end
Variety is the spice of life
Teachers we get at the roll of the dice

Sorry, not  very positive thoughts, yet learnings yes !
I feel like the only person who feels so plain about my stretch marks. I dont hate them or love them they're just there. Doesnt stop me from wearing a bikini. I'm fully aware that my body is just a vessel I'm using to experience life better and it doesnt matter how I look. I love myself inside and out and stretch marks are just there. Doesnt make me any uglier. I had stretch marks on my thighs before I got pregnant, and idk why because i was always super skinny. Got stretch marks from my pregnancy. Because I carried a ******* child, ya know? What does society expect from me? I literally made life, I'm BOUND to be left with some battle scars.

If you think you are going to die of old age with a perfect body with no scars, no stretch marks, absolutely nothing gone weird or wrong along the way, you're wrong. Every mark on your body shows you've actually LIVED LIFE and didnt hide from it. Be proud of every dent, every stitch, every scar, and ******, every stretch mark. Shows you had some fun and experiences in this short time you have here on earth. Don't you dare hate yourself for THAT.
Not really poem but cool
I stripped away the fears, I’ve poured out so many words that they are starting to resemble tears. In my head it’s still overcast, I’m patiently waiting for those sunny days to appear. Clips of memories of remembering me when I was me, I lost myself, picked apart myself, who’s done this? The equation adds up it was me that changed me. Simple arithmetic will do the trick, time is wearing thin, the scabs that I have peeled only makes tougher skin. Tough on the outside but soft within, I’m a walking experience with a light that was once bright but has become dim. My emotions blew up, I feel like I’m going to throw up, when will I ever grow up? For my futures sake I hope to never **** up......again.
Cleanse the soul of everything.
Asunna Jun 18
How does one escape the snowball effect,
when does it ever cut slack?
Dear lord, oh lord, if that's even your name.
Why have you constantly forsaken me?
we are grown to be kind, taught to love one another,
yet I live in a life of bruisement.
What kind of god tortures the kindness of life by rewarding the evil that dwells inside of those who care nothing of others even if it changes the kindness forever, into something that becomes cold and hard, not trusting a soul and running from everything because everything is so scary like being damaged from a breeze is catastrophic to the nature of that once purest soul and I can't breathe all the time because im paralysed in fear because you god, constantly rip things away till there's nothing for me left.
And you wonder why I don't believe in you.
You've done nothing for me. like ever.
Stop trying to rip away my mother,
she's all I have left..
There's nothing anyone can do, it's all a waiting game, a game you constructed. why? have I not paid you enough? was getting sexually assaulted not enough for you? was being kind to those who done me wrong not enough to show you I was worth a little slack? because I get it god you win, I'm done with the games.
I have minimal friends, I'm constantly alone, no body wants me.
You constantly keep trying to take my family, killing them in the cross fire between this situation you've developed. I deal with the scars, the emotional damage. forever a trigger in my ******* (nightmares)dreams.
I've paid my dues, why can't you ******* see it.
Why believe in you? You're no better than the devil.
the foundation of me is falling apart because I cant bare the loss of anything else. the shingles are falling off the roof, I'm ready to cave but I just cant move. The paralysis has me in too deep, suffering eternally like one of your marionettes. Quit tugging on my fishnet lines because I promise you "lord", there's nothing left inside.
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