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Aleena Sep 23
Jump to take off
That’s the first step after all
But what if I fall?
i see my reflection on a tear that fell from my eye
a deep breathe, a sigh
wrapped around a word and a lie.

all the things that's said and done
all the leaps i took from where our story begun
all the times i failed to realize the compliments were just for fun...

now I'm holding onto a breath with all my might
all the hurt i hide and the pain i fight
i  just pray to god he never cries the way i cried....
Mimi Hachiko Jul 8
Say goodbye to all you knew
This includes your family, too
Starting fresh can sound so great
Up until you take the bait
But once you jump, you can’t un-leap
For your choices you must keep
This does not mean all is lost
Simply put, you’ve paid the cost
After all you’ve been through
Now its time to start anew
You left behind what you outgrew
So you could be with those that love you.
Right and left and left and right
Over and over to jolly music
I was never a good dancer
Yet my hearts pumping as if in a fight

We dance quick
In continuous circles
My heads spinning
Her dance moves are slick

After a while I get tired
So I let her dance alone
She gracefully leaps away with my heart
Now I realize, she was all I desired
The Vault Apr 11
I took the leap into the unknown not knowing where it went.  
I am hurt and I am lost
But I am hoping someone will catch me
Or at least there will be water.
I just did something daring and even though it hurt me I just hope the wounds it left will heal.
Cold wet toes hug the sandpaper edge
of the Tall Diving Board, a most terrible ledge
But the plastic and rusted beams buckle and creak
Along with your knees-- they are feeling quite weak.

Everything's swaying, the pool and the sky
Your hands both are shaking and you wonder why
You thought you could jump.  It all seems so silly
You thought you were brave, but up here, you know really

You're just like they said you would be.

You lift you foot trying to face off this dread
right over the edge of the board, but instead
of stepping off, you move backwards.  And then
your other foot follows it downwards again.

Inching back, and hanging your head from the shame,
your feet grip the grooves on the steps just the same

as the last time you thought you were brave.

Then you freeze, and you frown.  All the kids gathered on the ground
could not stop you with mocking from coming back down

But your mom, shouting out from the shade of the sides
speaks to you louder than fear or than pride
"You can do it, I know!"  and you manage a frown
and a stubborn resolve not to walk to the ground

but to swim!  And you struggle back up to the top
the gritty board scraping, the phrase "belly flop!"
taunting you from the children below; and your brow
is furrowed, your teeth clench--the moment is now!

A sniffle, slight stumble, the bending of knees,
You know you can show them--don't belly flop, please!
and you push, one last time-- any time you could stop
at the edge once again, at the diving board top

But you don't!

And it's over.  
A splash is your prize
your ears ring, your nose stings,

But you jumped off the diving board.

And now you can do it again.
We could have jumped
directly off the cliff
but instead,
we're paragliding.

These winds of change
are terrifying, tough, and turbulent.
Still, our stomachs are in knots.
Still, we wonder where we'll land.
Still, we will coast,
to the bottom.

And maybe I won't be scared
of heights,
or the ground
by the time it's over.
Xallan Dec 2018
He just wrote it.
He buried himself in words.
He didn't need paper to succeed, he just flew
in an airplane suspended by thoughts-
not his, but big strong thoughts-
he flew,
upon letters of recommendation
and capital sentences:
to jump his bail, fly the coop, escape from jail.
He folded his passion in life ori-gami,
gave it some ****** with his mind,
and off it went,
finding some draft in the stale and lifeless air.
He lept off the cliff, and what luck-
He flew.
Nathalie Dec 2018
True vulnerability

Is having the courage

To be open

And receptive

To the voice

That guides from within

It is stepping

Into the unknown

And not always

Having the answers

Before the leap

Surrendering to

The natural flow

Of unveiling trust

Allowing it,

To be as it

Was intended…

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