Aa Harvey May 23

Rabbit ear’s pointing up towards the sky.
They are listening out for the bunnies that are calling out for love,
To begin their wail.
In search of a love, he is always hoping to find.
One he could love would be the one,
Who could make him wag his bright eyed bushy tail.

He knows that a wiggle of the nose is the way to go,
To find himself a mate.
Her silhouette is his reflection, a mirror version;
A recognizable shape and a friendly face.
He hops over to say hello to the mystery carrot eater.
“Hello, how are you today?  My name is Bouncer”
“Hi; I’m Leaper.”

And so the love story begins;
The bouncing, the leaping and carrot eating.
A sharing of a pleasant dream.
Only into each other’s arms are the lover’s a leaping.

On past the flowers and down into their burrow.
Bouncer and Leaper snuggle up next to each other, nice and close.
They stay down in their warren to keep each other warm,
Until spring is sprung and the kit baby is born…
And then Bouncer can hop off outside,
To fetch his Leaper a rose of thorns.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
I can feel the beating of the heartache drum, it's these rare moments that my thoughts are driven by the beat within, my emotions crossing the fine lines once again, time stands still as I weep seeing the greatness of the old days, when I called you love.
I know where I want to be in five years,
but I really don't know how to get there.
Though I have uncertainties and fears,
as to how to start, when to start and where,
but I'm pretty sure If I do it like I did
five years ago and five years before that.
When I trusted God to guide me through it.
Encompassed by faith, I just hung on like a bat,
For One year, one month, one week, one day,
One hour, one minute, one second, at a time.
I held on through the storms, I held on all the way,
Emboldened by faith, I took a leap that got me home.

I came this far by faith.

Don't forget your lover's scent
and spend a lonely life
with your heart out to rent

never dreaming of the great leap
into terrifying arms
and the rewards that you might reap


No olvides el olor de tu amante
y tengas una vida solitaria
con tu corazón en alquiler

nunca soñando con el gran salto
hacia atemorizantes brazos
y las recompensas que podrías conseguir.
Jikai Zheng Nov 2017
Every time I cross the pond,
My leap takes me into another path
My world is switching up again
And starting in new place
A new time-zone
And my home away from home
Feels cozy like a bird’s nest
As I am in a tree of skilled, fearless flyers
So, I have found my people
Xaviera Allan Nov 2017
No sleep in restful falls of damp hair
Scrambled noises from beneath
The automated animal groans
Emerging from the city streets
Colorized with the palette by
Modernist lords of cobalt hues
Contemporary tunes
From the woman next door
The high risen wind floats in
That chilling and ominous breeze
A skyscraper window left open
Horrified shrieks from below.
Odious Wench Oct 2017
The time is now
If I know how
To leap with all my might

Openly trust
Myself I must
Life's acolyte

Standing Steady
At the ready
To let go of this ground

Leaning in
Trust the wind
Absence of all sound

Eyes close tight
Fear I might
Plummet to my demise

Hold my breath
Brace for death
The Illusion does belie

Backward Rules
Make us fools
The answer's in the trick

Decend to rise
A new bailiwick
Kee May 2017
my feet are pounding the ground
but it feels like im flying
my heart is beating like drums
but i can't feel it at all
all i know is that im a few steps away from freedom
can my feet take me there?
maybe i can leap to it
i can't fail
i need this
i need to be free
i want my own air in my lungs
no, not want
i need
i need to be free
in economics class
mr. gardner is talking too much
I love him, but I don’t know if I can stay with him forever.
He is kind. He is smart. He is in someone’s eyes “the best you will ever get.”
But still, I feel I need someone else.
Someone who is deep. Someone who is my ideal. Someone who I can’t get bored with.

I love him, but I don’t know if I can stay with him forever.
He is loving. He is strong. He is an amazing partner.
But still, I feel in my heart that I need someone else.
Someone who is stronger. Someone who will protect me. Someone who will never tarnish in my eyes.

I love him, but is this what I really want for myself?
He loves me.
But still, I someone else could offer me another high.
This someone could be the one, I mean really the one.

Do I take the leap? The leap that will leave me in a bare dry dessert composed of lust filled,
decomposed rocks of what used to be? Is it right for me?
And if so, who is he?
Does his breath continue to whisper sweet nothings into my nostrils? Does feeling his embrace take me to the ledge that I would be willing to jump off of for him? Can he be the one who I can wake up to, armpit stench and all. Raspy good mornings, and I need coffees? Or will I fall asleep with him too?
Ryan Hoysan Dec 2016
According to the laws of physics time travel is technically possible, but would require an immense amount of energy to accomplish.
Though I could never hope to muster that much energy I place myself in the past with you
Thinking that if I had changed this or done that one thing differently that you would still be here today with me.
Surely I could have changed the way things worked out

Or maybe not.

Maybe what happened was going to happen would still happen
Just maybe at a different time
And at a different place
But with the same end result.
The title is a play on the words "Quantum Leap" and "Inductive Leap". Any comments are appreciated :).
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