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Went on journey to find true song,
Hearing him felt pleasure, relaxed as monk,
may not touch mind, but should touch soul,
should play his aim or say his role.

Started my journey from city or town,
where only heard noise of people and
of car’s horn.
All the people here like robots,
talking each other in robotic manner,
thought of true song in town
like death of men and no
people mourn.

Went deep in town from small to small
and to large house,
even in the holes of ground where
only found mouse.
At last
“I came on conclusion here is not
  present the true song”.

Then went in a hall
Filled with creaures,waiting for song,
exited to hear for which waiting so long.
I think here I achieved my aim soon
then all lights are off!
sign as entry of singer,
enters with a weaving of arm,
puts his hand on mike,
and grab it with his finger.
I watch him in hunger
and eagerly hear his song.
It is good but does not
affect my curious heart
lack some trueness, lack some soul.
At last
“I came on conclusion here is not
    present my true song”.
Then I went in forest deep and long,
through trees and shrubs,
through nature’s belong,
along the river, narrow the creeper,
in search of song.
Here the birds,and the animals,
Even the insects,who can song.
It as good,pure as raw,
but still lacks love and affection
Oh! I fail again
This time again I was wrong.
Tired and exhausted sit near tree
then suddenly heard mother’s soft gentle song
to son to make him sleep
make me burden free and fresh as mint.

It was beautiful, but not like real song,
not so musical as the hall’s singer song,
it even touch my soul,
and vibrate inside me so long.
Anything you say with pure heart
become a song
pure love in it make
it a true song.

Now I understand what a true song,
for which I was waiting so long.

This is my journey’s end
With fulfillment of my quest
Now I go to sleep
by feeling my mother’s lullby’s dream.
writer views on what is true song
Violetempath27 Dec 2019
I see you
Do you see me?
I see your soul while most fixate on skin.
I hear your mind that believes you see me.
Can you see me?
I am the love that is within.
You think we are this skin but the truth is, I am still in this maze you all think we've mindfully created.
Tommy Randell Jul 2017
Often Nostalgia is missing from History
Like a lot of verse that has no Poetry

A lot of Scent without a hint of Fragrance
A lot of Shining without a glint of Radiance

Who tells a tale and calls it Factual
Needs only words that embrace the Actual

But those who seek to move the Heart
Must hold Truth dear right from the start.

Envoi :
A Poem, like a Wasp Nest, ought to quietly threaten -
Only when it's open should you know what your getting.

Tommy Randell 20th July 2017
most people
do not want to hear
views different from their own

   though you think otherwise
if you want something from them
   love  attention  business  money  ***
you tell them what they like to hear
to fill their needs
to please

   after a while
you recognize
that with each time
   you cater to the needs of others
you give away
   a part of your integrity
and that you better
   watch out carefully
lest you become
    no more
a caleidoscopce

of their reflected selves

             * *
Dawn of Lighten Aug 2015
Stretch your hands forward and gaze beyond it's reach,
And then ask yourself what do you see?

Those many eyes surrounded by your presence speak,
but they are leaves followed by the winds that past by your will,
and their blockade will only seep through like cloth against water.

Does a lion faint or fear by the sound of any creatures it stumbles upon,
Let alone does a squeaky mouse not follow it's instinct to hide?

Not even Goliath can take your deeds,
nor can anyone stand by the front of your palm to dictate your will.

For your action is a will of your own, and your's alone,
For you have only the person in the mirror to resolve!
So long as you know yourself, does life need to be anything but a mirror you stare upon? This was written while back in hello poetry draft, but never could I have finished it, nor do I feel satisfied by it!  I am hoping revise maybe?
Laurent Jun 2015
It makes you deeply sick in a lot of ways,
And makes you happy before sad always,
It keeps your eyes open everytime and overtime.

You see it in the steps it takes,
You hear it in the sounds it makes.
Falling in with joy and hope, is it still a crime ?

Remind you how both of you got this far,
Remind you how both of you fell apart,
Do you really want it and share more than a taste ?

Can you give it enough space in your heart again,
With that risk and maybe getting hurt again !
You sure don't mind,  you learned from your past.
The strongest, most full, deeply overwhelming emotion that your soul can feel.
Laurent Apr 2015
The way she came in,
She glanced at you,
She drank her black tea,
She smiles at you,
To change your Satori,
As a new awakening.
Sensitive people should be treasured. They love deeply and think deeply about life. They are loyal, honest, and true. The simple things sometimes mean the most to them. They don't need to change or harden. Their purity makes them who they are.
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