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Sky Wheel
Big sky wheel from heaven rolls over the land squashing houses and people and cities and families.
Sky wheel doing its business, from who knows where.
A trail of loose house bricks that once were human dwellings.
Now rubble.
Where are the people?
Under the boot of the sun wheel, totally ******.
Who sent this kilometre diameter circular thing to Planet Earth?
Wrecking everything by squashing it till its dusty particles blown by the wind.
No more life here or anywhere.
Just a squash head sky wheel going round the block, again.
Coloured like a sea shell, multi spectral haze of eye watering iridium from outer space. On Earth doing mad damage, your home and mine totally bolloxed.
Military jets buzz the wheel and bomb it, chipping the surface but not halting it.
Each jet hit by smaller wheels spewed from Mother wheel.
Dwelling squashing continues, unabated.
A culling of certain humans, facts only known now.
Men killed, women left in peace.
One lab.
She kicks the wheel over.
Rantings of a Damaged Mind
By Nick Armbrister and Mel Grobler
Kassan Jahmal May 15
Mountains that are tall, cover the dreams
that are shallow. Valleys that are long,
are the lives that are too short,

Love that is blind, is a tragedy to eyes. Words
that are sweet, are sour to the years.
Beauty that is made, is the grief of an early

Choices that are made, is the shaping of
their future. Creatures of a thousand
breaths, are all under one Death,

Tears of now, aren’t the ones of forever.
Spirits to be filled, are of those empty vessels.
Transformation isn’t a sudden, but all a
continuous event,

All that we want to be, can all be.
The question is only,—


When do you choose to move, in all
the things of life holding you back,
When do you choose to be brave, in all
the fears you constantly have to face,
When do you fix a broken world, in all
of the brokenness to be fixed in you,
When do you choose to love another, in all
of the less love they have for you,
And truly when do you make a change for yourself,
in all a society trying to change you,—

tell me when?
tree Mar 10
>> i don’t have a best friend but if i did i think it would be you. every time our eyes meet from across the room and you smile i remember how i learned that life is beautiful, not in events, but in people. you’re one of my favorite ppl, i love you i love you i love you
>>>>> do you ever wonder if we think of each other the same way? that YA novel that i read reminded me not only of the false positive, seeing something that isn’t there, but also of the false negative, thinking there’s nothing there when it is. maybe you’re my false negative?
>> i think your smile is so beautiful and your laugh is the cutest. when you stop and stand still because you’re laughing so hard and when you laugh so hard you bury your head in your hands. you’ve made me laugh, we’ve made each other cry, but after all of that the only thing i’m sure of is i love you. the universe couldn’t have made me a better friend. the weird thing is, out of all my friends you’re the one i’m most okay with going away from, because i know you’ll be there when i get back
>> you make me feel okay about being sensitive because you always know what i need. no matter how hard it is for you, you will always put me first and support me in everything i want to do even (and especially) when i'm too scared. i love you and i will never leave you !
this is part of my list on loving people, where i sort of document moments where i'm like ***. i love them.
Second Kennel
So the rabid dog left his kennel to go steal another kennel
This kennel belonged to a relative and was quite nice
But it was a bit smaller and not as well equipped
Still the dog wanted it and went for it
Trying to steal it take it use abuse it
Why have one kennel when you can have two?
Acquired by other means no matter what method
The dog is crazy but in his mind all is fine normal the world
It turns and he tells a story as he sees it
All things rabid not quite right up there
They say command is the loneliest place
Even God gets lonely so he made Satan
Even if enemies God aint alone there
Unlike the dog giving orders do this and that
Go get my second kennel even if it breaks
I want that kennel don't let them keep it
It must belong to me!
Dancing Day
There is a party in the park will you go the
Theme is military so bring a toy weapon
We will play at war it will be so much fun
You can be Russia I will be NATO
The others Red China North Korea etc
So we all get a really good battle war
Just a game at our little party in the park
Do come along it will be a day to remember
Rabid Putin
The crazed cliché of Putin went mad
And invaded Ukraine from four sides
Three on land and one by sea
Using choppers jets tanks
Missiles bombs rockets guns
Killing till killing was done
Getting killed in return by their bros
Who defended their land
Never turned their backs
Fought and died for Ukraine
Splashed several enemy aircraft
As Putin threatened NATO
With nuclear war but hey
It goes both ways
So smokes the mushroom clouds
In a future chapter of this Putin play book
The Baltic republics will be next
Then Poland and others
Putin will lose but so will we
Except the Devil so many dead...
They started it let the cat out of the bag
It's in a ferocious mood after being confined
Imagine how you'd feel kept in a tied-up sack
Now the feral cat wants revenge and gets it
Rampaging this way and that killing eating
Quenching its blood lust till spent
Not stopping till the job is done
And the cat is at peace
No longer prodded poked kicked
Ridiculed laughed at in a sack
She's free now and will remain so
Even if it means doing what she does
With claws and teeth and other things
Keep an eye out for her approaching
Only the cat knows whose next
Adventure Days
They say a cornered man will fight till the end
For simply has nothing to lose
Except his life when the cards are revealed
The dice is rolled ***** to the wall kaput
You know what I mean no more examples
Need to be said but one final example
That of Ukraine in February 2022
Since late 2021 the nation has been
Threatened by Neo Soviet Russia
Surrounded on 3 sides by hostile land
The 4th side is water which they can own
NATO flew in Javelin and Stinger missiles
To **** tanks choppers and jets
The Ukrainians have enough bullets
Most made in Russia or the Soviet Union
To **** their fellow brothers who turned
On them in the worst case of cabin fever
That Europe has seen since Yugoslavia
And Marshall Tito's precious union died
This will be far worse than that
Could **** millions ruin Europe the world
Trigger World War 3 like a Tom Clancy book
Or a video game or heavy metal song or film
But this little escapade by Putin is real
He re-armed Russia and wants his empire back
He's part way there but millions will refuse
To be ruled from Moscow and be proxies again
Those days are gone except in his rabid mind
Soon his army must be used or go home
It is tiring and costs millions to be ready
The 200,000 Russian Red Army at readiness
Waiting for the order to invade their kin
Over the border brothers and sisters
Many with dual nationality and identity
But Ukraine is a sovereign nation
And will fight back as they've done since 14
When Putin the Dog annexed Crimea
And took East Ukraine which he still holds now
He wants the rest and for them to be his
Never ever join NATO and be European pals
Plus allied to the Yankees his worst nightmare
Ruining his dream the world their lives WHY???
Neo Soviet sleeper cells lying in wait
Or just crossing the border at varied places
Troop checkpoints or a forest path
Or by HALO jump from a plane
Doing their job changing the landscape
Not chopping down trees
But assassinating those on the list
Culling the ones who were an issue
That Putin wanted dead out of the way
Man Isle
From Russia with love ten thousand missiles
All for NATO the US Europe and Ukraine
Forged in battle ordered fired by Putin
New way to do things poor cold soldiers
Sent to battle warm them up!
Peace sells nobody’s interested
Unless it's cut-price Vipers or stealth jets
Locked and loaded get you some blood
Neo Soviet Ivan style a few new scalps
Doesn't matter we weren't enemies
Pretending is fine as Putin does it
As he plays top dog woofing along
His ongoing Ukraine war after Syria
Where will be next the Isle of Man?
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