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Nylee Apr 2020
I always felt that i was rare
my name was written
for a beautiful fate ahead
i believed and I cared
but maybe I was just a spare
it is evident as of late
or it was like this forever
my eyeglasses weren't clear
so now that i see
as I compare me and her
and them, it feels so obvious
but there was nothing
I could have done different,
so I was blissfully unaware
I don't have another pair
and there is nothing to repair
it is a line to follow ahead
where life is not fair.
Amanda Kay Burke Mar 2020
Where do you go when my presence is not there?
The absence of my gaze
Who's eyes get captured in a stare?
While you mouth the word "always"
What do you clutch when you're scared?
My hand too far away
Wonder how well you'll fare
On your own when skies turn grey
Does someone gently stroke your hair?
Are you genuinely okay?
Is it difficult to breathe air?
Body caught in a craze
When we are apart are you even aware?
That next to I no longer lay?
Am I nothing more than spare?
Part to use then throw away
For who do you pretend to care?
With constructed words you say
Many times you have said "I swear"
Unsaid it the very next day
Please answer the question "where?"
Where does your heart wander when it strays?
I just want to know..
Nicholas Feb 2020
I see you’re feeling
maybe you need some
and you’ll be back at your

You can always be my
as long as you feel
just come and head out

It’s time that you
what’s made you so
Pyrrha Dec 2018
You saw them suffering everyday as you passed by
So somedays you threw money in their little tin can
But their pain lies far beneath the surface
Homelessness is an illness that costs more than pocket change to cure
Starvation and injustice can't be paid with a full tin can
Their lifestyles cant be changed with ten thousand cans of change
Amanda Kay Burke Oct 2018
I hope you have made
Good use of the pieces and
Parts you took from me
Do you miss me? Because I miss all the parts of myself I gave up to be with you.
Ara Oct 2018
I throw my heart down at your feet
I bend over and wash it clean
It glitters before you in perfect shine
Like the sweat
Dripping from my body

Its so coated in that fragrant varnish
That my aching back
Is the last thing
To which you are keen
I felt bad writing this
XyL0S Oct 2018

Would you Only
Till I can reach out,
If you can't
Turn back to me?

I know
All the effort
Won't be mine.

Don't ask me if he did.
b Sep 2018
the winds of change do
make me sick.
i cough and sniffle
for time already spent
on my hometown honeymoon.
stranger Sep 2018
Spare me of the self-hatred tonight
Spare me of the pain until sunlight.
Spare me of the sad dreams
I deserve at least one please.
Spare me of the desires and wishes
No-one ever knows what their future is.
Spare me of the cruelty and sour taste
I am tired of every spike of pain my hand creates.
Spare me of this disaster
Spare me yet I have no master.
Who the **** in this world will spare me of the truth?
I keep on bitting from life's poisonous fruit.
Who'd spare me of the true face of earth?
Who'll love the unlovable?
We're afraid of the truth
Yet we're unpredictable.
Who'll spare us all from the war?
If we're all our own murderers at the core?
Spare me I'm already dying
Why should we find the truth if we're all lying?
I think i'm dying and living the best time of my life at the same time
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