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I S A A C Jun 2023
my roots weave a basket in this shallow ***
wish i got more than i got
wish i got what i sought
my face feels different in the mirror now
shot with an arrow but it i caught
the only thing i could ever stop
wish i got what it sought
I S A A C Sep 2022
i feel like i am the only one hanging on
even the wind could blow us apart
your fingertips traced the cracks in my heart
the pieces a mosaic of pain
your disposition in the shadow of vain
how do flowers bloom?
is it natural, too focused on the factual
tunnel vision, student of the actual
if you wanted to, you would
if you sought to, we would
John McCafferty May 2020
Soft subtle touch
clutches from back to front
About face switched place
in role reversals
Airways are open
Feel a rawer version
of your person
Entrust this thoughtful lust
sought from top to bottom
Moving in sync as your
yearning burns
Deep frictionless sin
lived within bare skin
Born below the belly line
Sing as bells ring
Breathe in the aftermath
This beauty won't last
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
A week
with her
sought a
triumph that
would move
a clot
with hands
that were
a clock
when hour
set time
with yore
in fashion
then I
would adore
her more
than fore.
Dawn of Lighten Feb 2016
There is a certain truth about knowing,
And you purposely act ignorant for their honor,
Because you simply want to accept that person as they are.

Show compassion to people you know are liars,
Because you hope person next to them may be burden less,
And maybe show life as we know it isn't so bad after all?

It is becoming much harder to play as a village fool who know not,
And still keep compassion to fellow human beings knowing,
But still there is bit of child in me to better humanity while not to give up.

Living long generates wisdom,
But I feel showing love to humanity with wisdom is a struggle

In brief moments of being in reality with the sight of truth,
As we share common gratitude towards those in need.

Maybe.... Just maybe....... With a smile,
Little grace goes far!
No one will be perfect,
But in imperfection shall we find our personal perfection,
For it is human nature to be simply us.
preservationman May 2014
Never forget
There will never ever be regret
Apart from your shame
Your mind focusing on blame
Situation with a problem
A solution in consulting becoming an emblem
Words that inspired you
Eye of precision ahead being your clue
Sentences that make your statement
Your personality verse being the element
Your stance being a reminder
Your persuasion being an angle in response
Words to live by
Illustration in giving a try
The vote in striving
Words to mount is what I am talking about.

— The End —