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Melody Mann Jul 18
Awakened she stumbles upon the remains of her conscious,
Forever being a fantasy she held onto solemnly,
Fragments of realization pieced with passion left astray,
Broken hearted prayers uplift and revive,
A warrior goddess prevailing.
LannaEvolved Dec 2020
Maintain your peace as if it were an unmasked blessing shaking you alive

Live in the protection of your
worth duly noted

Promote the promise of your vigour
The power of your vision

To provoke and shift your insides
Caged in unfamiliar plastic

Unravel the savage
Excel with the newness
Find the goodness in what you love  
Do not rest until it seamlessly
sends you
to your destiny

Greatness grows through the changes we make from within the stars we call ourselves

Change is upon you for the better and
for all
George Krokos Dec 2020
When the subject and object in love are united
there isn’t another around at all to be sighted.
And where oneness prevails love eternally flows
from the One to the many that of illusion shows.
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Diksha Prashar Feb 2020
How many more faces to see?
Different shades
Yet, to believe
I trusted one
Not so long ago,
Bearing my soul
Naked, in front of
Vultures in disguise
All I know,
Blindly sung my pain
Wounds throb time and again,
Reminding of my naivety
Once again,
Faces so innocent
But, evil thoughts
They sustain,
Catching us off guard
Every time
We grew back again,
A reality check
The evil still prevails,
Yet, to discover
Grey shades,
Mere puppet
What god’s create,
Hard to believe
They still breathe
Inflicting pain, they crave
How many different shades?
To proclaim
rhionna Feb 2020
I want nothing more than for you to be okay
to be the you, that you want to be
you put up the toughest fight to the biggest battles
for that you're a soldier
a strong character that holds their own
but one that I know can not always be strong
and needs a place to be vulnerable
even the toughest of the tough cry
I'm sorry I can't shield you from everything like I want
guarding you from anything deadly to your mind, body, and soul
you're the soldier that will make it through it all
It will be okay I can't say when, why, or how
but you will be the one to prevail
through and through
words of encouragement for whomever may need it
Allison Wonder Feb 2020
It’s hard when I’m lonely
that’s when my demons come out
they tell me dark stories
and fill me with doubt

I can’t fight them alone
I need help to win
so instead I mark myself
and my demons call it sin

But it helps me stay alive
because the beasts want me dead
they want my cold body
they want my crazy head

But I refuse to give them either
I need to live this life
so I’ll keep battling
no matter the strife
K C Sikat Nov 2019
Fragile, you say?
And that may partly be true,
but defenseless? I am not.
Weak? Possibly—
Scared? Definetely.
Even so, my body will try—
I will try—
everything pushes so I could be alive,
every single cell
wants me alive,
people that love me
want me alive...
I want to stay alive.
So as you hammer at my shield
and twist my thoughts cruely,
just know that I am not defenseless—
and I might give in,
but not without a fighting chance.

I will try until the very last second
because the only person wants this
is you.
I read somewhere that your body tries to keep you alive until it aboslutely can’t do anything to save you, and that inspired me.
Philomena Aug 2019
"You will never know, it's the price I pay
Look into my eyes, we are not the same
Yeah, this is where you fall apart
Yeah, this is where you break
'Cause I'm in control, and you'll know my name
'Cause I gave my life, gave it everything
Yeah, this is where you fall apart
Yeah, this is where you break
To everybody who doubted
Get on your knees and bow down"
Kiara Hoxie Feb 2019
Remain for the beautiful music renditions
The vibrations thumping through your chest
Love the mysterious evenings of adventure
But also the peaceful nights of rest

Stand despite the forces of darkness
Threatening to crush your shining hope
Abide for days of dazzling brightness
For fond memories of those you will cope

For the close ones carry on
To fill their hearts and make them smile
Prevail for whenever they need you
Though it may last a while

Stay for those warm summer days
And the time of year sparkling snow falls
Endure so you can say
To whomever needs someone, I've been through it all
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