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For future foresight
You need philosophy
For short term analysis
You need mathematics
As he future being an object of fear in our premise
We base our notions on falsities
Perhaps, we fear the truth
Or we fear what the truth is behind all the mumbo jumbo
Understanding these things
We can say that from our roles as human beings
To accept the truth
Is to create the story of our lives
Unedited, original and unforgiving to the real version
Let us write our own life in water colors
Let us paint the sky with our skin
The skin will be tainted with golden fire
And our life will be a mere reflection of the heights of achievement
Let us embody our work, as poets
I once wrote carpe nocte. As in seize the night. It got rather ******.
Thomas W Case Feb 26
Death is stalking me.
It watches me play cards,
smoke cigarettes, and
drink beer.
It took my parents, two
brothers, and all my friends.
It got Chris last week.
20 bottles of whiskey in
seven days, I suppose that
would **** anyone.
They found him on the
railroad tracks.
Death is stalking me.
I won't cheat it.
I won't escape it;
but before it gets me,
I bet I finish
this poem.
Rosemarie Caruso Sep 2019
and so you sweetly said to me upon the fireside,
"take care my dear, for souls like ours have withered up and died."

and even great romancers of the holy scriptures say,
"take care,
take care,
take care,
take care,
take care and live the day."

I never did believe that I'd retire in the sky
but live my next life in the air, a dainty butterfly

but just in case I pass away and turn back into dust
take care,
take care,
take care,
take care,
I know I really must
lyrics to a song I'm working on.
Diya Sep 2018
The epiphanic mind spoke...

An elite present would become a glorious fragment of time and shall selflessly open the door for the unborn hours!
A great present will become memorial past and will lead to will lead to subsequent time. Just live the moment and seize it wholesomely!
Steven Forrester Jul 2018
Life has a funny way
Of driving us almost insane
And pulling back
Just in time
For you to feel ashamed
Sometimes it throws a curve
Causing a momentary swerve
To avoid what we deserve
I watch these people
Clinging to a dream
They know in their hearts
Is gone with the wind
All the while
Theres been something good
Waiting in the wings

The world has a funny way
Of making us waste
Never siezing that day
Lie in wait
Just to alleviate

Because we're all a little broken
A little out spoken
But broken all the same

I dont want to wait anymore
**** it
This opportunity is knocking
And I'm opening that door
I feel these changes coming
This adventure I adore
And did I mention?
I have a question

Am I also
What you've been looking for?
ethan gaskill Jun 2018
there isn't a clock
to tell you how many
sunrises you have left

there's no scoreboard for
how many heartbeats
until your death

don't let your prized possessions
weigh you down
never greet love with a frown

live everday as if it were your last
and don't awake one morning wishing for
a new past
Robin Dziedzic Dec 2017
Jeg vekker verden for tiden går: våkn opp

Vi kan være borte i morgen: stå opp

Jeg vekker verden, fordi jeg vil gi bort det jeg har,

I morgen kan vi miste den gaven

For hver dag er vi nærmere slutten

Som kan være starten av en ny begynnelse.

Så finn det stedet, din mening, din egen bølge,

Gi bort hjertet, gi bort alt,

Elsk,respekter andre, drøm,

Vær kul, vis verden at du er noen

Dag etter dag, tiden stopper ikke,

Jeg lever og vil oppleve hvert minutt.

Verdens farger i mitt blod,

Folkets **** med morgendagens luft,

Jeg skal vekke dere: Carpe Diem.

Stå opp med ordene på tunga, jeg lever

Fra nå av, ikke fra i morgen, fra nå av,

Har jeg ikke tid til å kaste tiden bort,

Skriv livets manus selv, og visk den aldri ut.

Alle har en vei å gå, alle er noen,

Og med hevet hode bærer de stolt sitt kors,

De kan lære deg å tro, vise deg vei.

Ikke vær redd for å kjempe for tilværelsen,  

ikke vær redd for nederlag.

Jeg vekker verden, det er min vei,

Mitt oppdrag, min mening.

Så jeg sier nå til dere alle:

“Opplev hver dag, og bruk din gave.”

Og hvis du tror på kjærlighet,

Sørg for at den er gjensidig,

Sammen stå opp og se alltid samme vei,

Vær sammen til døden skiller dere ad.

DET er gaven.
Hannah Zedaker Nov 2017
e v e r y
                      ­                                     Juxtaposed
V    a     c   a   n     t,
"Can you feel it?
Almost close enough to touch.  It's pure potential
And it is only limited by our own crippled souls.
Our willingness to stop advancing.  
Fearing change.
Fearing failing.
But forgetting forfeit is also a loss.  
We pass on our own destinies,
Choosing to live vicariously through nothing-
Because NOTHING excites us.
NOTHING moves us
NOTHING motivates us
And NOTHING is all we take for ourselves.
Nothing is heavy around our ankles, keeping us as it is...
Can you feel it?
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