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Nov 2020 · 69
She was lost
without her partner
the one she told everything
she didn't know
how to tell anyone else
she couldn't explain why she couldn't respect the distance
He is one of her chosen family
she couldn't just let that go
friends lovers
Oct 2020 · 337
Rabbit Hole
she began to fall
down the rabbit hole
learning about herself
and what she
believed in
it wasn't so bad there
that was when
she decided to stay
just a little longer
Oct 2020 · 319
Live & Love
For the first time
she was trying
she didn't want
what she was heading to
all this time
she wanted to
Live her life
and love it as well
Oct 2020 · 1.6k
She was stuck
in endless cycles
it seemed to her
more harm than good
to be a girl
in this world
Oct 2020 · 226
Her Thoughts
At night time
that was when
she was truly
with herself
listening to her thoughts
drowning in her thoughts
at night time
no one was watching
no one was there
to protect her
from her thoughts
Oct 2020 · 272
One Day
She looked at that day
that moment
in time that she felt
that one day
she could go
about her day
and truly be happy
feel happy
and stay happy
Oct 2020 · 192
She was learning
to choose herself
to love herself
and to take care
of herself
But it did not
come easily
she wanted to
loose herself
in herself
and love herself
Oct 2020 · 81
didn't come easily to her
she could see
every reason to
not be brave
wast the last plan
the last option
that she would take
Oct 2020 · 212
she cared so deeply
yet felt like she
couldn't be more of an
and for no reason
overthinking caused her
to set herself apart
she couldn't see
that they cared
for her too
Oct 2020 · 116
she wished
she could be done
and wondering
if she chose correctly
or if she
was going the wrong way
she just wished
she could find
her path
her right way
Oct 2020 · 150
Her fault
she swallowed her sadness
she told herself
that it was her fault
so why was she sad
it was her own doing
so why was she sad
Oct 2020 · 150
she forgot about herself
the things she needed
barely even occurred to her
Instead of herself
she remembered
for other people
and there needs
it's as if
she didn't matter to herself
at all
Oct 2020 · 89
When she felt
she felt strongly
those emotions
and feelings
tightly wound
cut the wrong cord
and her whole world
will shake
Oct 2020 · 280
She just wished
that she could fly
she could just
grow wings
and soar high
above her problems
and her life
fly away to
a place that
took her away
Oct 2020 · 136
Dancing Dream
When she danced
it was as if
fairies sparkled
all around her
and there was this glow
about her face
To him
it just made her
Oct 2020 · 223
She looked outside
where it was
gray and dreary
cloudy and
about to rain
what a fitting day
for a girl
who was lost
in her own storm
and couldn't find her way
Oct 2020 · 225
She wore red
so that
she could lead him
so that
he could
always see her
his protector
Oct 2020 · 469
unexplained sadness
it seemed like
the sadness
overwhelmed her
so much
so often
that she couldnt
even describe
the feeling
all she knew
was that
she was sad
Oct 2020 · 749
Why is it that
being childish
is always discouraged
why can't people
the child inside them
why can't people
just see the magic
around them
like a child does
why can't people
love a the
little things of this world
Oct 2020 · 134
Hidden Beauty
When she looked
at her reflection
all she could do
was poke and ****
pick apart her
she couldn't help
but stare
at the vast
to her
the beauty was hidden
beneath a mask
of doubts
and anxiety
Oct 2020 · 128
all of the
anger and
builds up
On those days
she let the
overwhelm her
Sep 2020 · 193
But sometimes
the colors were
sounds were clear
her mind wandering
wherever it landed
light and colorful
beautiful thoughts
these were the
that consumed her
Sep 2020 · 83
She wanted to live
like no one was
live only for herself
and her memories
to care only about
what she wanted
but it wasn't that easy
because all she
did was worry
all she did was
be scared
if only she just lived
Sep 2020 · 220
she was afraid
when they looked
at her
what did they see
always wondering
what they were thinking
how do they feel
analyzing every
little thing she said
she just cared
so much
she just wanted to be
Sep 2020 · 798
Life Satisfied
She just wanted
to live a life
that she would be
proud of
a life that she
was glad she lived for
one that she
would be sad to leave
but would leave satisfied
Sep 2020 · 55
all she wished for
was someone who
understood her
even when she
didn't understand herself
wishes wish understand
Sep 2020 · 181
Sure enough
when all of the
distractions of life
are taken away
you are left
with yourself
your flaws
there for you to
and you alone
your imperfections
for you to pick
apart,  for you to
but mostly it is
there for you to love
to cherish
and to take care of
at the end of the day
you have yourself
Sep 2020 · 722
light to dark
When she fell
she could feel
the light, its warmth
its happiness
and its stability
she blinked
and she was
plunged into darkness
a darkness that
drowned her
a darkness that
was a struggle
consuming her life
Sep 2020 · 76
Change is coming
so quickly,
so fast
its easy to miss
but somehow
some way
change is here
its not wanted
they think
its unnecessary
but change always comes
change is here
and we
are not ready
Aug 2020 · 226
her mind wandered
as she sat
mind wandering
as her body
should be
thinking of
what she shouldn't
her body was
she had
what they call
if her body
wasn't moving
then her mind
Aug 2020 · 67
she mattered
she talked and talked
yet no one heard
she talked and
no one listened
they only spoke louder
to them
it didn't matter
she didn't matter
to her
she mattered
what she had to say mattered
no matter how small
they thought
she was
Aug 2020 · 668
standing still
she stood still
only wanting to be
wanting only to be
for that moment only
time stood still
when he stood still
only wanting to
find her
and give her
anything she wants
only when they
both stood still
could they really
he was the one
for her
she was the one
for him
all along
Aug 2020 · 539
life standing still
The little steps
seem like
no steps at all
living a life that
seems to
stand still
everyone; everything
catching up
Aug 2020 · 188
One forward and One back
The little steps
Seem like
No steps at all
Living a life
Maybe not truly living at all
That seems
To stand still
Everyone, Everything
Catching up
Seemingly impossible
Aug 2020 · 226
You know that
There are always
Even when the clouds
Are most dense
But they will always
Go away eventually
Sometimes you have to
And remember things
Like these
Aug 2020 · 124
She wondered
Then she wondered
Is everyones mind
So confusing with
Those twists and turns
jumble of words and
So complex
Even to it's owner
Jul 2020 · 86
Love all around
When you love
Others are loved
They love more
And more are loved
More can be accomplished
When more love is present
Jul 2020 · 158
Talking partying friends
Always on the outside
Always fun until it's not
Anxiety always wondering
Not always fitting
Jul 2020 · 115
Ideas flow freely
You remember you forget
They fail they succeed
How many good ideas
Have been forgotten
See the mind is a crazy thing
Its to keep you alive
Yet it harms you
Its to benefit you
Yet it makes you fail
It protects you yet
It attacks you
It is the most unknown
Yet it does everything
Its strange how much it controls
Everything really
Jul 2020 · 604
Hello my name is pure
My purpose is unknown
I do not exist
My name is faith
No one believes in me
My name is honor
No one lives for me
My name is peace
There is no such thing
I am impossible
My name is evil
I rule the world
My name is hate
I live with everyone
My name is death
I am wanted

— The End —