facts bounce off me like rubber
wisdom sticks to me like glue
why is it i cannot remember
all of the things that i do

when i am lying wide awake
and think of all things near
i can always remember
the reasons why i am here

i may forget quite a bit
but it doesn't matter to me
as long as i know what truly matters
i will always remain free

very rough draft
Brent Kincaid Sep 2017

I’m so easily distracted
My inner vision gets refracted.
While I’m nothing like a dope
Inside my head a kaleidoscope
Makes the movies in my head
Sometimes keep me in bed
Until I see the world squarely
But, that happens so rarely.

I’m regularly absentminded
And organizationally blinded;
The kind who walks across the floor
And forgot what he was going for.
It’s not that I can’t tie my shoes
But may not know which remote to use.
But, if I set something down somewhere
I might not be able to find it on a dare.

In school I went to the wrong classes
And could almost never find my glasses.
It would be wise if people would wear
Name tags that tell me who and where
We know each other in full detail.
If left to me, every time I will fail.
It’s not that I am a brainless person,
It’s just that I’m the forgetful version.

Celeste Briefs Aug 2017

In love with words
Forgetting to live

Covered in temptation
Colors running
Forgetting to paint

Myself to death
Forgetting to love

Thinking about the world
Fascinated by movement

Ryan Holden Jun 2017

Before I started draining parts of me
onto this page
I couldn't see for the clearest of paths,
I would dwell,
Hide away in my own safe house
Of saturated stories.

I would scratch my head catching gravity
between my fingertips.
A color would be a rainbow in black skies
of circling crows.

The floor around me would move
dancing along,
It would lead me and my pen to paper
Like a knight's sword to stone.
I would wonder why my mind
Could paint,
My thoughts would explode
into millions of fireflies.

Sometimes I would see the most
flawless imagery
But I couldn't write it down for the awe
of being lost,
Inside my own world of untold stories,
and poetry.

For the times I don't get chance to write down my thoughts!
Megan VanKo May 2017

Sometimes I forget.
I forget that you left
and I can no longer run to you,
I forget that he has passed
and will no longer greet me at the door,
I forget that the dreams always come back
and force me to remember the old days
when you were still here
and so was he.

William A Poppen Jan 2017

Morning coffee
spills on the kitchen counter
grains of Christmas Blend
a gift
don’t remember who
was so thoughtful

Never scramble eggs
with a mixture of
so sweet

Time for morning
nothings to do
still so much to

Morning pill
respond to e-mail
mid-morning pill
call your mother
no phones
in paradise

I should
make a list

Where did
I put

Aging, life, memory, forgetful
PuppeteerV Dec 2016

I had a thought
A deep little thought
Some intruiging thought
The most beautiful thought

but then I forgot...

Reine Monroe Oct 2016

I'm this person today, but tomorrow I'll be someone else
Do not become attached to me,
I'm not the same as I was yesterday  
I'm not the same person you once knew,
I'm not pure
I'm not an angel
I'm far from perfect...
If I talk to you today,
I won't talk to you tomorrow,
I don't know what's going on with me,
All I know is that I don't belong...

If I remember you today
and I forget you tomorrow
Forgive me,
I'm not feeling so well . .
I'm sick and im aware
I'm unconscious of the on-going flings
I tend to make,

If I laugh with you tonight
And show you no emotion tomorrow,
Forgive my judgement...
I live for moments in minutes ,
I die in a matter of hours,
My love is here sometimes
And then it is gone...
I am made of steel,

It's sad to say I can no longer feel....

Kurt Miller Jul 2015

In a darker place, during a forgotten time,
A sanguine stain left on a tarnished mind.
Slivers and whispers, ghosts and demons,
Beyond the realm of consciousness, dormant sleepers.
In my dreams they arise complicating life,
Flashbacks slipping through, exposing machinations that are mine.
What to do, oh what to do?
How can I remember if these dreams are through?
The tears flow with ease, and the memories they are thick,
But as I reminisce, I forget, and the images fade quick.
Oh my God I beg you to help me see the light,
As this darkness descends, a tainted memory swallows my fright.
I wake up a new, but still scared of you.
When will I learn to force these dreams to subside?

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