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Ashwin Kumar Jan 16
It is irritating beyond belief
That you have absolutely no control
Over what you can remember
And what you can forget
Especially if you are autistic
I want to remember so many things
Essential tasks, passwords, birthdays
I want to forget so many things
People, mistakes, failures
However, Fate works in mysterious ways
Most of the time, it so happens
That you forget what you want to remember
And remember what you want to forget
In the past, I have been guilty
Of losing a number of things
Calculators, earphones, pen drives
I have been equally guilty
Of forgetting as many things
Essential tasks, passwords, important dates
However, over the last few years
I have made some progress
I am much less forgetful
Than I used to be
Because I make notes in my diary
And set up reminders on my phone
However, as mentioned before
Fate works in mysterious ways
Especially if you are autistic
Just as I thought
That I had established some control
Over what I can remember
I have started forgetting again
And this time, there is no turning back
Fairly self-explanatory.
Eric Feb 2021
Let me support you , while you hang from the cliff edge .
                   Let me congratulate you on destroying
                                      every past thing said .
                      As if it meant nothing from the start .
                  Creating misery across life, like it was art .
                               Who knew you'd go that far .
                             But guess what , I'm still here .
                        How do you explain away the scars ?
                     Do your stories , only match the ones
                                 You deemed greater then us ?
                Do you give their life pain with the feelings of
                                            So why only me Love ?
she forgot about herself
the things she needed
barely even occurred to her
Instead of herself
she remembered
for other people
and there needs
it's as if
she didn't matter to herself
at all
Bohemian Jul 2020
Give it a read.
We forget more often than we realize we do.
Chloe Goulding May 2020
I'm forgetting.

Forgetting on sight.

Forgetting every night.

Something that was supposed to be important...

Is it really that important?

I'm worried that I'm sick,

Mentally, physically; what's my tick?

I'm afraid of ticks.

Forgetting the dark and finding the light.

But it's getting too bright.

My sight is it's own illusionist...

Pulling tricks to show me I'm losing it.

Threatening my anxiety and removing comfort.

Thoughts running up to the clouds and they don't come back down.

But when they do, it's all at once...

In fact, it's not good and pretty;

It's quite harsh and ugly.

It is decidedly so, it no longer bugs me...
Warning Me, Warning You.
Lance Apr 2020
You were the person who loved me as I am
Took care of me
When I was broken
Too many times to count

As time fasts forward
Slowly you pull away
Confidence settles in where caution once was
And where comfort was sadness returns..
We love someone not because of the perfections they have... But for what imperfections we wish we could change.. As we fix each one. We tend to forget that the person can still need so much comfort from you... But you slowly forget and pull away.
Poetic T Feb 2020
She was like a storm
               with no rain...

Just a tornado of destructive vocabulary.

Destroying every excuse
                               that I ever gave.

I was never a flood, never a river
               of ill equipped reasons.

Sometimes I just slipped on my
              own excuses.

I was the goldfish in her bowl
             of life..

And I had the memory of,
                yes darling ill do that.

But I shut the door and her wind
       became a breeze that never

dried in my thoughts..

My memory was a goldfish
        out of water only interested

In breathing.

But no matter what,she'll never
rain down.she'll just dry me off
         and sometime I remember,

and kisses are rained down instead
      of huricane vocabulary..
Grey Dec 2019
I had such a great thought
but its gone away now,
never to be heard from again.
And now all I'm left with is this..
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