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MayC Aug 6
one sheep
two sheep
and I’m trying to fall asleep.

three sheep
four sheep
I can’t remember what I’m waiting for.

five sheep
six sheep
but I can hear their howl.

seven sheep
eight sheep
there must be wolves at the door.

nine sheep
ten sheep
or my husband returned from war.

eleven sheep
twelve sheep
when did I get out in the hall?

another sheep
and a sheep
I don’t know what I’m looking for.

a sheep
and a sheep
and I hear a roar.

and sheep
why was I coming at the door ?

a sheep
another sheep
I must go and try to sleep.

one sheep
two sheep
and I’m trying to fall asleep.

-May Colde
There is no escape from the cage of the human mind.
Amaris Jul 9
She sways in time
To the beat in her brain
Rejecting the irregular tempo of her heart
Blinking twice to clear the glare
She stumbles once, again, and again
Reaching for someone
Who isn't there.
She wants
To forget for the night, blur into the lights
Drowning herself to blissful heights
Mal Apr 22
its the last walk through memory lane
i have memories of you, of us
but no matter how hard i try to stalk those memories back
my memory doesn't seem to last forever
i forgot a lot of things.
from the way you walk to the way you talk.
Mary Mar 15
I think I'm good at communicating
And getting my point across
But by the time I'm done drafting and analyzing
Sometimes the point can get lost
   in my head
And I forget why I wanted to talk

You don't seem to mind though
You listen anyway
To my rambling, rambling, rambling...
Like now
I sent a girl a valentine
Decorated with ink hearts
& ink smile.

I addressed it to her
Her name written as a rose.
Ink heart underlining the stem.

I folded the paper
& Cut it into a heart.
How clumsy of me to have
Cut so much off.

The paper unfolded into
five other mini hearts.
The biggest one being my heart.

I sent a girl a valentine
Decorating it with a trail that
leads back to my heart.
How clumsy of me to forget to sign my name
josie Dec 2018
wayward words
and forgotten thoughts
stuck somewhere you once knew
but have long since lost
Elizabeth Zenk Jul 2018
The brumous thoughts swarm my head
My steel blue irises becoming foggy and glassy
I walk through these hallways having forgetful conversations.
The only way to see past this early morning brume is to not see at all.
So I'll gouge out my eyes and walk these hallways no more.
For all, I know the fog will have cleared up.
the fog will have cleared up.
matcha Apr 2018
i never had the chance to say goodbye.
i didn't even know she was going to leave
leave me here to deal with her problems.
it seemed selfish at the moment
i couldn't understand the reason she left like this.
i couldn't comprehend it; i was frustrated.
why'd she have to go without a word? why'd she leave as if to think i'd be okay with this?
it always brings me to tears just trying to remember her when
i can't.
i can't remember how she smiled
how she laughed
how she talked
how she used to be
before she became me.
the me i am now, today, and forever more.
the me that was influenced by those who are insufferable.
a selfish, ugly, good for nothing ******* who can barely hold herself together.
i want her to come back.
i want to be happy again.
but what's the point of wanting something that has already ceased to exist?
just my first poem and obviously it's full of teen angst haha
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