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Eric Babsy Sep 2018
To whom this may concern,
I wished for it!
I cried for it!
I almost died for it!
Nobody shows me love!
Not from the people I like at least.
I waited all my life.
God would give me no love.
Now I am reckless.
Where can I find her?
I am tortured by it.
Now I can not live without it.
Please someone tell me it is alright.
No one will say anything sincere.
It just plays into my childhood.
At least that is a professional point of view.
I say it is pointless!
Why talk about the past when you do not want to relive it?
I am like anybody else.
I have a fantasy and I want to live it.
I am sorry I am using “it” a lot.
I am just venting.
I have a few things wrong that makes me not go into the public.
I can not take any more.
Yes I have my eye on a few.
The intuition that they do not like me always creeps in.
I was hoping to become a writer too.
I guess there is nothing more to do.
Poetic T Aug 2018
liquid love poured from
           seeping fissures.
And she tasted his every moment.

He gave his essence so she could
       linger within a lifetime of memoires.
And she saw every pain of his existence.

Within her tears were reflections of his
            momentary happiness with her.
Knowing she would drain his pain away.

"To collect the pain of another
         is to know the true emotions
         of what its like to live within there anguish

We only know those we love truly by tasting
        the dirt left behind in there footsteps.
Everyone has prints in the past wished brushed away.
In the beginning we were opposite
Started with a drop is it
I liked the way you moved and
soon felt the groove
You were digging me and I was feeling you
Fluid and smooth
Nothing left to prove
You would be the the death of me
Take away the rest of me
Almost imperceptible
You gouged your way in
Damage irreparable
Away at my layers you're wearin’
Others start to stare and
Empty I remain
I could not contain
Left me with no companion
A Grand Canyon.

-Luca Ivaldi
I still love her
Rick Feb 2018
There is a cat in my home, and slowly it has grown fatter from feasting on food that I own.
I go to work every day, so theres no possible way that this cat could look for pray.
Yet still, somehow, when I return, he's stuffed.
Belly filled with pizza crust he looks as if he'll bust.
Somehow he finds a way outside, where he roams to neighbors homes to fill up on old turkey bones.
Second breakfast and for lunch this hungry cat would munch, till diner came, then the game would change and just like that this cat would be back.

In the morning when I leave, this cat would beg that I come home with fishes. The begging grew bad, so I'de do exactly as she wishes. Heres the trouble: I feed her once, shes still hungry, so i feed her double. Hours of  her mighty meow. Her, just sitting there constantly, bellowing just like a cow, until I provide her with her chow. Now, I tried feeding her less and getting her to run but Im just competing with my stress when that cats not having fun. She would sit and moan, Oh the noises she'd groan as Ide remove her from the cushion she had claimed as her thrown.

After this cat had Disowned me, I had learned just like that, that infact it was actualy the cat who had owned me. See cats are a beast of nature, there a creature that can not be tampered. So when theyve been pampered and foods been delivered, you can bet a strong bet that this cat will expect to be treated with the  best packaged liver from a duck that Wal-Mart can deliver.
Lex Dec 2017
I wish that the pain
Would have been enough to sustain
The awful things we have gained
To keep us apart.
Oh love, how I wished.
Wish I was born earlier
Wish that we met before
And Wish that our love story
Was made before already
But he oppossed,
"Honee... Best time is now, not before not later"
And that's when I stopped wishing.
Wyatt May 2017
My chest feels tight
and the promise I made
to myself every day
gets a little blurrier.
The way that I look
is no good indicator
of my internal war
currently in progress.
I wished that I was fine
and hoped that this slum
I was in was just a *****
and I'd soon come back up.
I talked myself out of it
until I couldn't feel my throat
with the classic phrase
that you'll feel much better when
the present turns to the future.
I wished that I was fine
and hoped I'd feel numb
when I finally embrace
the cold bitter truth
that everything we do
so much of the time
all feels to be done in vain.
Vaishnavi Jain Oct 2016
The day we're born
from our mums ****...

The day is not decided
the day is not fixed...

For when we come and when we go...

and no where to go,
and no place to call home...

In our dad's hand..
Seeing him for the first time,
a tear drop falling from his cheek,
closing his eyes...
giving us wishes..
and watches our smile...

The day we walk...
is the day they achieve,
something great.
something huge....
by their parents..

we become old,
pass our childhood,
become a teenager serving our country,
becoming an adult,
marrying a girl,
making our parents out..
having our children,
feeling the same,
watching them growing up,
and then what?

One day comes,
when your children throw you out
and we think the same.....
Wish I could have understand,
the feeling which our parents got...
when we threw them out,
and hoped,
that we can bring back the time...
when we were BORN.................................
You scare the **** out of me
I know
I've said this before

So many things
about you

just like new

So many things
about you

just like old

There is enough mystery
about you
to where I am reminded of lifetimes
before you
Them's, We's, Us'
before you

There is enough mystery
about you
to where I can not foresee how this could end

but I know that is the lie I want to
I always try to
force into being truth

I haven’t learned not to like that yet.

The cards keep giving me
moons, chariots, and wheels of faith

I just want to see the lover

It could be that
I know it’s not

It could be that
I want it to be

so I'll just leave it up to

©Christopher F. Brown 2015
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