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Ken Pepiton Sep 16
This began with an old man telling of diving from a bridge,
We can see, he said, if hitting bottom is possible,
a smart kid makes adjustments.
Still waters run deep,
you know you can do this if we tri, you and I
insider outsider
other sider

consider the ant a tool,
learn to use them, they are already programmable.

try flies. what wish can you grant to fly?
what pheromone propels flies
to seek fly-level haps
meaningful and

Make it real. Satisfied me says war is senseless,
it feels no pain.

There's no referee, so it ain't a life problem.

The entire life meme was upgraded,
when Netscape went public, in August '95.
Life's daysman had made the call, however long ago,
the Romans 8 manifestation gestation
thing was damming the info
but we fixt it,
at the heart of the matter of fact,
Bubbles were introduced to make booming
let up on trying to increase,
to effect the more abundant phase,

memes got real and made a global brain that
remembers ever things,
sorted by Planck-sec,
if you observe
in a properly augmented way,
the inner edge of the bubble of being.

The changes are the most precise captures
of a series of mortal moments on
earth, ever.
Perfect transparency.
This is that gaseous substance, spirit, geist, breath
yes, hey
listen, here we hear haps clappin' one handed,

singin' I'm so glad, to a ****** Baker beat.

We should dance to this.
Heavenly oaks trailer park, Guatay California. This is like heaven, t'some,
i guess, I'm such a one. it's fun to know this is as low as i ever dived and survived. Life is good for living things.
KMH May 13
All I want from life
is that when I smile
someone always smiles back
© KMH 2019
Another of my short poems from my "Things My Heart Tells Me" series
Anya Nov 2018
I'm a little

To open up that

That desire
A never dulling     -

How to keep it-
at bay

The desire to       excel      exceed        

A calm,
Should           I
Open this

Anya Sep 2018
I found out during class one day
That there’s no way to satisfy everyone
No matter what you say
Talk too much
Sullen eyes turned your way
Tucking away agreivement to mutter about later
Talk too little
They barely notice your presence
And eventually,
Slowly but surely
You’re gradually disincluded
No longer the one they think of
When they have nothing to think of you by
So where is the balance,
How do you satisfy everyone?
One can’t go about their life being apologetic
Although I’ve certainly tried
So isn’t it about time we stopped determining our self worth on what others think of us?
Genevieveish Jul 2018
All my journals disintegrate to poetry
I begin a rant,
One point, two points,
Three in my head
Happy, angry, silly or sad
Rhetoric fully planned,
This happened, then that,
But soon, I begin uniting the words,
Sentences connected in meter and time
I'm lost in rhyme, pentameter, prose
Lines flowing,
My mind rolling,
Memory erasing
Lost in something,
Distracted by creativity,
Fulfilled by a need that's in me,
Drained of the pent-up energy
Satisfied, sated and understood by the page.
Johnson Jul 2018
Though I don’t want I cant help
but to Dream of the nights
When together we are alone
The world seems to be mine

For it is but my own luck I know will surely falter
My thirst is a grave company and I cannot satisfy
I want more till hurts till my well has run dry
I cant relent my own need for it is entrapped in my mind

Soon will you fade for you know what is to ensue
Though I try as I might I may never fully be rescued
For my hand is bleak as it is on a long winters night
The warmness fights while the cold stays alive

So if I am anything to much
If I am ever to soon
For what makes me feel alive
Is that which I pursue

Racing toward to stalk the ****
Ravenous in its hunt
Never to be quite fulfilled
Never it is enough

To surmise it is that which I have loved to much
Smothered till it bleeds thrown into the dust
Moderation is a word left unknown
Loving to much is a burdensome load
Autumn Lewis May 2018
You helped me stand but then you would push me down
You were my king but now you're a peasant with a shattered crown
I use to play trick or treat with my heart
You played me like an old Nintendo 64 from the start
You were always player one
Never satisfied when you won
Your eyes grew more desolate
I would still believe in you so I would wait...
But no longer do you have control
I have a new strong real love to dole
You're game is over
And in the end I'm the one left with closure
Gale L Mccoy May 2018
by what unit is good enough measured
is it the calluses and cuts on a hand
the crack of a sore back
or by the number of times
skin meets pavement

is it an neglected apartment
the dust collecting on beloved projects
or number of friends
no longer waiting for a reply

tell me
to whom do you bottle your blood for
till when do you wash the sweat off
for what do you owe this pain
so where is the limit

              will I/they ever be satisfied
                         can i take a break yet
                or is this not good enough
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