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At night time
that was when
she was truly
with herself
listening to her thoughts
drowning in her thoughts
at night time
no one was watching
no one was there
to protect her
from her thoughts
Eva Reid Feb 2016
They told me that I am never truly alone
But they didn’t tell me about the sleepless nights

Where my thoughts take over and crush my lungs

And my feet grow cold and my eyes grow hot

When everyone is asleep and dreaming 

And the moon is laughing at my twisting and turning

They never warned me about the milliseconds in between sentences
When my mind stops and time pauses

And my hands clench and my eyes blur

Where everyone is laughing or talking or crying

And everything stops long enough for only me to notice

They didn’t speak about the time when I sit down at a table

And the conversation stops and every pair of eyes look at me

When the chewing ceases and my knees grow weak 

And my face gets painted the color of cuts in your arm
Where my seat screeches into a conversation

And people’s mouths shut

They never told me about these times

But now I know that these are the moments





— The End —