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Bob Apr 15
Sweet kisses on the boardwalk
My heart alight
A Hearth burning bright
I hold your hands
A smile on my face
Moments lived
In our glorysome days
I say.

"don't fret"

Yet you simply asked me.

"Are you bored yet?"
Mrs Anybody Mar 30
i want to
my friends
my poems

i truly want
to show them
my purest me

but i am
not ready
to answer
the questions
i know
they would ask
also check out my other poems!  :)
Zack Ripley Jan 7
I'm sorry, but I'm not ready.
I'm not ready to love you.
To be with you.
To offer more of me
Than a hug or a kiss.
I know it may sound strange, but I'm not ready for the potential, perpetual bliss.
I'm not ready to take your hand, or get out on the floor and groove.
Maybe I will someday,
But until then, whether you stay or go, it's your move.
Ann P Dec 2019
I might envy all those couples on the street
I might be jealous of those sweet scenes in the movies
I might want all those kisses and hugs to accompany at nights
I might be lonely and desperate to have a little sweet love
But stop telling me to find one
Stop saying to me to open my heart
Because I wont
At least not now
When I might still need to fix myself
When I might still be a mess
When I might still have this trust issue buried so deep
When the more I live, the more I might become skeptical about human
Bhill Jul 2019
When things come around
And make a change in your life
Turnaround and see

Turnaround and wait
Sometimes you are not ready
Sometimes they are sad

Turnaround and act
Acting on the turnaround
Is often very hard...!

Brian Hill - 2019 # 165
The crack of dawn,
Grogginess kicking in,
Struggling to get up for the day,
Everyday just like the rest,

Same routine,
Sleep. Eat. Learn. Study. Sleep.
But one day something changes,
A kink is thrown in the system,
Nothing is the same again,

Going to school different every day,
Trying to adapt to the change,
But it is hard to change,
To this lifestyle that is different,

Not knowing what to do,
Or what to choose,
For life has thrown a curveball,
In my life plan,
And I don’t know what to choose,

Eventually will have to make decisions,
Which I’m not ready to make,
For I’m afraid if I choose,
I will make a wrong choice,

Time is ticking,
And I have to choose soon,
For not being ready is not helpful,
It is coming too fast,

For panicking is what I’m doing
Do I choose sports or school,
Will I make the right choice,
Or suffer my own doom,

These choices will help mold my fate,
And the pressure of the choices is unbearable,
For I can’t decide a choice,
I love all the stuff I do,

But I don’t know if I’m ready to say goodbye,
To my friends. Sports. School. Or life too.
For life is going by fast,
And I can keep up with it,
I wish I could just stay back and live in the good ol’ days.
Dazed Dreaming Nov 2017
Stay for a while... You said to me...
As you lay draped across me...
Content and at peace intertwined at the feet..

Little did you know...
My mind's miles away,
as you continue to speak..
Where did I just go...
What the **** is wrong with me?
Why can't I kick this?
Why can't I be here and be present for this?...

My heart speaks to me...
But I already know the answer...
And it's always ruining things for me..

My eyes fixate on the flickering candle and I feel nothing as you're holding me...
all I can wish for is to feel again like I did before.

To be ignited in your flames of passion.
To be engulfed in our love...
That first kiss I can't seem to forget...


Without you....
It just doesn't exist...

I am still completely dead inside
and the only way you could possibly understand...
Is if you cut me open..
Only to find a withered heart still beating for another...

I know you're convinced that my heart will weather this storm...
Washing away any love that remained....
That I could someday forget the old and love the new...
That I could maybe someday...
Love you....

maybe I want that too...
Maybe I'll be ready again too..

I'm not a rotten person...
I can promise that part's true..
But I've been left behind you see..
By a man whose love buried me...
Liz Carlson Nov 2017
change is coming,
im not ready.
i've been through this pain
far too many times.

one more "goodbye"
will crush my soul.
one more tear,
will drown me.

time is ticking,
i'm leaving soon.
all the pressure,
suffocating me.
fustypetals Oct 2017
what I'm scared the most is—
to fall in love with a new stranger
that I don't know who he really is.

i guess, i still into u
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