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TheBlackBird Jul 2021

First it’s a look shared through the glass
A window between us

The feeling that passes through me
When I watch him explain the impossible
And make it look easy

Then it’s the wondering that overtakes me
Behind the counter where I’ve lost myself in thought
Surrounded by books that won’t tell me
If he’s thinking of me too

It’s the ache that comes from longing
To hear the sound of his voice
But I’m too scared to call
Unless I’m already drunk

It’s that feeling in the pit of my stomach
Everyone calls butterflies, but really
It feels like too much, just so much

It happens when you start to fall.

And it’s a slap in my own the face
As I hide deeper inside of myself
Because he is beautiful
And I am all sharp edges

He is enough
But I am just not ready


I always find myself going back to you
When I imagine how I wanted it to be
And what I wish I had said

It’s so strange to be here
So many years later
Still wondering if it was you all along

We shared this kiss once
You and I
Once of those steamy
Spur of the moment
You only live once type of deals

I know you remember it too

My heart hurts just thinking about it because
It was always such a blur of wrongtimewrongplacewrongsomething
Between me and you

I guess I never stopped being too scared to call
Unless I was already drunk
It’s been years since I heard your voice
But I am haunted
Zack Ripley Jan 2021
Time doesn't heal. You do.
Love doesn't conquer all.
But you can when you're ready.
And it's okay if you're not ready.
It takes time to be strong.
Don't be afraid to live young.
Because you won't be for long.
Change is coming
so quickly,
so fast
its easy to miss
but somehow
some way
change is here
its not wanted
they think
its unnecessary
but change always comes
change is here
and we
are not ready
Bob Apr 2020
Sweet kisses on the boardwalk
My heart alight
A Hearth burning bright
I hold your hands
A smile on my face
Moments lived
In our glorysome days
I say.

"don't fret"

Yet you simply asked me.

"Are you bored yet?"
Mrs Anybody Mar 2020
i want to
my friends
my poems

i truly want
to show them
my purest me

but i am
not ready
to answer
the questions
i know
they would ask
also check out my other poems!  :)
Zack Ripley Jan 2020
I'm sorry, but I'm not ready.
I'm not ready to love you.
To be with you.
To offer more of me
Than a hug or a kiss.
I know it may sound strange, but I'm not ready for the potential, perpetual bliss.
I'm not ready to take your hand, or get out on the floor and groove.
Maybe I will someday,
But until then, whether you stay or go, it's your move.
Ann P Dec 2019
I might envy all those couples on the street
I might be jealous of those sweet scenes in the movies
I might want all those kisses and hugs to accompany at nights
I might be lonely and desperate to have a little sweet love
But stop telling me to find one
Stop saying to me to open my heart
Because I wont
At least not now
When I might still need to fix myself
When I might still be a mess
When I might still have this trust issue buried so deep
When the more I live, the more I might become skeptical about human
Bhill Jul 2019
When things come around
And make a change in your life
Turnaround and see

Turnaround and wait
Sometimes you are not ready
Sometimes they are sad

Turnaround and act
Acting on the turnaround
Is often very hard...!

Brian Hill - 2019 # 165
The crack of dawn,
Grogginess kicking in,
Struggling to get up for the day,
Everyday just like the rest,

Same routine,
Sleep. Eat. Learn. Study. Sleep.
But one day something changes,
A kink is thrown in the system,
Nothing is the same again,

Going to school different every day,
Trying to adapt to the change,
But it is hard to change,
To this lifestyle that is different,

Not knowing what to do,
Or what to choose,
For life has thrown a curveball,
In my life plan,
And I don’t know what to choose,

Eventually will have to make decisions,
Which I’m not ready to make,
For I’m afraid if I choose,
I will make a wrong choice,

Time is ticking,
And I have to choose soon,
For not being ready is not helpful,
It is coming too fast,

For panicking is what I’m doing
Do I choose sports or school,
Will I make the right choice,
Or suffer my own doom,

These choices will help mold my fate,
And the pressure of the choices is unbearable,
For I can’t decide a choice,
I love all the stuff I do,

But I don’t know if I’m ready to say goodbye,
To my friends. Sports. School. Or life too.
For life is going by fast,
And I can keep up with it,
I wish I could just stay back and live in the good ol’ days.
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