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she stood still
only wanting to be
wanting only to be
for that moment only
time stood still
when he stood still
only wanting to
find her
and give her
anything she wants
only when they
both stood still
could they really
he was the one
for her
she was the one
for him
all along
The little steps
seem like
no steps at all
living a life that
seems to
stand still
everyone; everything
catching up
The little steps
Seem like
No steps at all
Living a life
Maybe not truly living at all
That seems
To stand still
Everyone, Everything
Catching up
Seemingly impossible
Kewayne Wadley Oct 2016
I loved, though not mine
That invisible notion that creates substance.
Saw as a pedestrian crossing the street; Watching

This love seemed theatrical
Standing still; Watching
The persona of something we knew not where we belonged

Perhaps I was lost. Standing there; Watching
To hear another speak
To watch as a pedestrian on the street

To pretend to be the smile that crossed her face
That industrial glow that colored her cheek
Tattooed sidewalks

The fast paced nature given; metropolis
Just seen walking around
Cars burrow deep into traffic; Watching

The capacity of taking delight in something so simple; Watching
The grim street corner over by the third traffic light

Perhaps we stumble
Learning to walk; standing still
The clouds sympathetic in nature
Blurred the allure of the sun

I loved, though not mine
This notion becoming witness; Watching
This momentum walking fast pace; Watching

Slender shoulders cast angular shadows
Advancing up the grim street; Watching
Following the curve of concrete ladders

I loved, though not mine
The presence of strangers; Watching
A community of thought
Civilized in public

An unseen riot that wreaks carnage; walking
Her stare
That industrial glow
An invisible notion

Saw as a pedestrian crossing the street; Watching
Stepping out into traffic
Getting hit by a parked car
Is it now, or is it ten years ago?
A decade long narcissistic show

Is passing time a sensory illusion
All adding up to the same conclusion?

My heart is beating, that I know
Surely I am reaping what I sow

I feel I progress and yet stand still
A paradox with time to ****

— The End —