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J Mar 20
my hair will not spit sparks if you brush it
it will cling onto your hands
the brush
your shirt and shorts
the ones that ride up against your thigh
my hair will not curl lovingly around your fingers
it will grab onto anything put through it
it will keep you here
a part of me forever, the way it should be
my hair will not remind you of flames
but maybe of a lion
though easily tamed is it when
it's sprawled across your lap
your nails gingerly scratching my scalp
my hair will not cascade down my back
ever so gracefully masking the scars from my past
teasing you in its waves
it will claw against my spine, it will dare you to draw near
my hair will not remind you of an ocean
spread out so perfectly as I run,
molding against a perfect sunset
it will be a beast, sneering at you
luring you closer, begging to be chased
it will make you its prey
my hair will not be brushed out
my favorite knot will be entertainment,
lack of motivation in its calligraphy,
you see it as a cry for help,
it is my declaration of power.
my hair will not spit sparks when you brush it.
it will be the forest and flames all in one,
and when you're choking on the smoke,
you'll remember that hair is power.
to touch it is to drain it.
I empty all
into your talons
because my hair will remind you of a monster
and your breath will be its leash.
Talking partying friends
Always on the outside
Always fun until it's not
Anxiety always wondering
Not always fitting
‪Ever felt so emotionally drained that you just... can’t?‬

‪• can’t cry, ‬
‪•can’t sleep, ‬
‪•can’t think, ‬
‪•can’t focus, ‬
‪•can nothing.‬

‪You simply

SA Szumloz May 2020
I fight pain through pen
Draining the ink till' the end,
When words lack meaning
And hands start feeling
Like they're going to fall off
But I know I'll never stop
Living my life on paper
Because I truly favor
This remedy.
Lexi Snow Dec 2019
This is what it feels like it
To lose yourself
Especially in poor timing
Now I never intended to lose myself
But things happened
Events occurred
Here I am now
What do you know
I'm stuck fighting a war within me
Reminding myself that I need to eat and sleep
Finding a million and one reasons to get out of bed
Trying to give a reason to have a genuine smile
It's tiring
It's draining
Worst of that I don't even care
Currently I am watching from the sidelines
While my team is getting crushed
But coach won't let me play
So here I am now
Wondering what's my next plan
That's just it...
I don't have one
Usually do...but this time I don't
Recently I have been going through a rough time and I decided to write it out.
Jules Oct 2019
I'm left with that feeling again
A hole thats so deep
It could inhabit the dead
I feel like a zombie
I've got depression I guess
But most importantly
I'm living life as though it's pretend
Here we go again
I'm ****** in the head
There's no light in this tunnel
I can't see where it ends
I'm lost
A living nightmare of ghosts instead
I have a monster taunting me
Sharing my head
Here we go again
MisfitOfSociety Aug 2019
You don’t get a pulse until,
There is someone else’s blood flowing through your heart.
Leeching off the energy of another,
So you can go on a little longer!

Systematically remove them all,
These thieving telepathic vampires!
Draining me of everything,
Leaving me with nothing.
You have come to reap the benefits that I sowed,
Taken what you wanted? Good! Now ******* go!

You drain me,
Of all my energy.
You are engaged in something that will bring you no satisfaction.
You will always be hungry, in search of your next meal.
Just so you can get a quick moment of what it is like to feel.

You are a ******* carnivore,
A predator in the tall grass looming in on its next victim.
They are nothing to you,
Just something you can sink your teeth into!
Lynnia Feb 2019
Writing is my only hope
The pen’s blood-ink, it stains my throat
There’s no one there to fawn or dote
Surrounded by my poison moat
Isolated by the fray
Shackled wrists, I’m locked away
They stick around for just a day
Then turn and leave me where I lay
Draining; all I do is try
Sinking as they pass me by
Sometimes you just have to cry
But tears won’t come—I wonder why
My words are all I’ve got and less
For looks alone don’t pass the test
Hot, I’m not, just a hot mess
They like me, but don’t like me best
Leslie Ledezma Sep 2018
winter wind
and sunset colored
laughter too
sink in it like moonlight
gets you smudged
into the starlight
cause when you’re alive
there’s nothing like
that faith, that light

you are
the draining of my day
only thing that makes it okay
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