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For the first time
she was trying
she didn't want
what she was heading to
all this time
she wanted to
Live her life
and love it as well
Radhika Lusted Dec 2019
Early morning
Rise and shine
There’s no more waiting
Nows the time

You’ve come this far
Don’t turn back now
Take a breath
You know just how

The signs have told you
The time is near
The world is yours
So listen clear

The words you speak
You’ll speak them loud
For the voice you have
Must be endowed
You’re on the right path.
Nagual Nov 2018
You turn around,
You call my name
But I no longer believe the same;
There's paper stacked upon your window pane.

The clocks are worn,
My boots are torn,
They've come some way since they were born
And things that shine often do not conform.

A whisper here
Is a thunder there,
A glass of wine to lay it bare;
Don't tell me silence dwells behind that stare.

You don't run fast
Because you must;
It's fine to break out from your crust
And build a smile that's free from all your lust.

We're far apart
But all the same;
Forget the shapes and forms and blame
And you will see we walk down the same lane.

I walk through eyes
So close and distant
Depending on how long the instant;
Some grow warm while others grow resistant.
Lacey Clark Nov 2016
I love figuring out how things work. Today, in a flurry, some how I had taken my FM-transmitter (device to stream music from my phone to an empty radio station) out of the jack in my car that connects it to the sound, and when I pulled it out it broke.
Fuming, I thought “how will I ever hear music again?”. I certainly did not acknowledge the fact that radios exist!
With a great curiosity, I cleaned out my car and found three pieces that put the whole stinkin’ shin-dig-music-diddy-device together.
Well to no surprise, paired with my pessimism of course, none of them fit. I searched for more pieces.
EUREKA! An idea zoomed by, “if I looked up an image that showed how the device looks fully assembled, maybe I could mimic it”.
With three swift motions, I put the music-diddy-frequency-device back together. Not once losing hope, and diligently working might I add. I carefully put a thin round sphere into a narrow and dark wire-spun tunnel. I ******* on the fixture that fit onto the broader frame of the device that kept everything neatly together.
Taking a shot in the dark, I plugged it back into the place in which had previously evicted the diddy-playing-music-device.
“Ahh, let’s see”. After plugging it all in, I enter into my virtual music library and play the first song my eye catches “sound and color” by Alabama Shakes) Suddenly, my music was gifted from God above, filling my vehicle, streaming gloriously and radiantly though all the speakers.
So then, with my contained vigor for fixing things from earlier, I tried to fix a kite at the beach; it didn’t work and came crashing down onto the shore next to me.

— The End —