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Zywa Nov 11
Beware, your body

is a prey for the devil --

He makes you hungry.
Novel "Ierse nachten" (1942, "Irish Nights", Simon Vestdijk), chapter 4-4, Letters to Saint Patrick (AD 1859)

Collection "Inmost [2]"
the trouble is
sleep doesn't
ever seem to last
long enough
no matter how many
hours are lost
to its nothingness
discarded willingly
to the vague
and the vacuous
some might say
for dream's sake
but debate remains
around the benefit
relevance or reverence
to be found
in that logic
waking up always
brings with it
a desire for more
for a return to
a form of non-being
where presence
and nullity
have equal sway
to be
not to be
free of interference
from that backwards
   of consciousness
Where do you fit
Into my timetable
I want the attention
I need you to see me
But what I want
Doesn't matter
What matters most is that
You want to give it
Giving me the time of day
Make me part of your timetable
(Sounds a bit selfish...but I like it)
Odd Odyssey Poet Jan 2022
My soul is tortured;
taught sure of many men's misfortune.
Black gods of the minds
who portrayed them,
And at times;
their faith given a Judas kiss that betrayed them.

In every awe of today;
tis the wonder of a tomorrow.
As in the outcomes shock;
is a lose of power.

To then live on,
at times is a game of chance.
All will watch every eggshell step,
but are forced into Death's little dance.

Life is but what looking glass
you view it as,
But it all cracks in time;
losing it's colour like winter's grass.

Whether to land on your feet,
or bend on your knees;
Only you of your heart,
knows your life's needs.
Mark Toney Sep 2021
sustained drama
selectively alluring
leaving us
choking on
broken bits of
dreams and
memories …

Time to awaken
from sleep!
Strip away oxgoads
that constrain us,
that restrain us,
that bind us to past errors
preventing our success

Allow us to roam
across fields,
vast and varied,
expansive fields of
endeavor that speak
to humanity’s
greatest needs,
Hearts that can beat stronger
Lungs that can breath freely
Minds that can grasp …

The truth!

Mark Toney © 2021
9/13/2021 - Poetry form: Free Verse - Mark Toney © 2021
Ryan Aug 2021
monetize and institutionalize
is the way to gain the modern prize

marriage isn't affirmation of love
it's a 10-grand headache
as the IRS sits above

funerals aren't celebrations of one's life
they're ways for the fat cats
to profit off your strife

churches aren't for learning about god
some pastors make six figures
now isn't that odd?

you wonder why you're in so much pain
grasping at straws attempting to stay sane

unclench your palms from those useless umbrellas
go outside, and dance in the rain
the title has been, and will forever be—my username on this site. this one hits deep for me. am i content with the way i articulated it? maybe, maybe not. perhaps i'll go walk in the next rain shower and afterwards head back to the drawing board
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