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Zywa 6d
In slow motion, I make silly faces
together they seem normal
I wind myself back

and forth, enlarge me
and watch me closely on the skin:
I look real

whatever kind of hat I wear
whatever underneath it
my wishes are

In the dark, I'm groping in me
who I am, listening
to my body

which is difficult to understand
It wants to eat and enjoy
fondling, yes it wants to enjoy

music and attention
and the knowledge
to be needed, admired

it wants to surrender
to someone, to real
pleasures that are seen
Collection “The light of words”
I have but one humble request.
Forget not I who loved you best,
Not I whose love will never rest,
With all my love I loved you best.

Acknowledge to me only this.
There is none else you want to kiss,
Mine are the only lips you miss,
As yours are those I want to kiss.

Assure me that you realize.
You see the love inside my eyes,
The tears of joy of joyful cries,
Of your image inside my eyes.

Promise me this one thing you know.
The closeness of our love will grow,
Coming together fast or slow,
Come closer so my love will grow.

If nothing else let this be true.
Devote to me as I for you,
Making love as only we do,
Love me for me as I for you.
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M-E Jan 15


I guess you should watch it to unnderstand it.
[Now Or Never by Halsey is playing in the background.]

There is just something in the way that you hold me.
Something in the tenderness of your lips as they serenade my skin
As they dance gradually across the nape of my neck
"**** your lips they feel so good." I said
"Can you put them all over me?" I asked
"Yes, baby if that's what you like." she said
As she continued to kiss me I said
"As many different forms of love that are present in this universe
I never thought that your style of love would feel so good."
"Love is always present in many different forms." she said
"Love comes in so many different shapes and sizes." she said
"Just take a look at the two of us."
"Don't you see how beautiful we are?" she asked
"Yes." I said
"Can you feel how connected we are right now?" she asked
"Yes." I said
"The atmosphere is majestic." she said
"Our very energy within this room is vibrant and magnetic."
"Your voice, my voice, our voices shake the room with pleasure
every moment that we speak."
"And right now all I wanna do is color your skin with my breath."
"Just wanna cover your body in my lipstick."
She began kissing me in the weakest spot on my body: My *******
She ****** them tight and gentle
softly blowing over them and kissing them
"Mmm yeah." I said as I chuckled in subtle whispers."
"She then got behind me and started kissing the nape of my neck and kissing up and down and across my back while massaging my chest as she held me from behind
rubbing my ******* as she whispered softly in my ears "I love you."
as her breathing became faster and heavier.
"Let's ****." she said
"No need to tell me twice." I said
My mind
is like a leaf,
lost in the wind.
It is here,

I have learned
that I cannot be
everywhere at once.
And that I need
to save some time
for myself.
I try to be everywhere at once. I want to help everyone with everything everywhere. Someone needs help with homework; someone needs a pianist to cover; someone needs an extra violinist to play; someone needs me to be by there side. I often forget the last time that I thought about myself. I think that I should try and work on that...
Perri Jan 7
I think about other men
while laying cold next to you
not because I don't love you
but because you don't touch me
Euphie Jan 3
Your body entangled in mine,
          your careless whispers singing in my ears.
                    While your touch sending goosebumps,
                                    up and down and my spine.
Flame Dec 2018
I'm like a piñata
You have to hit me
In the right spot,
With enough force
To be rewarded
With my sweet
rin Dec 2018
“Ever-shining star,
so innocent,
yet so bizarre-
how do you shine so bright?”

if I told you,
that it’s burning-
hot, vile and untamed
would you still really love me,
the same?

bright light,
glowing your day.
my pulse,
steadying your nerves.
if I told you, I wanted more,
would you run away?

like the stars in the sky;
so lonely, yet so near,
is it selfish, to want to be…
closer to you?
[the star waited for an answer. but how silly, it must've seemed, when the moon decided to kiss the star's forehead and laugh. "it doesn't matter, as long as you keep shining for me, I'll always be here for you- as well"]
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