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he is a turtle
she is a rose

he moves slow
she daily glows

he is rough and coarse
she smells perfect

he closes his eyes
she flies in petals

he proposed her
she refuses

he goes down underwater
she amuses

he came as a wet pet
she firms her guards

he tells a story
she discards

he stops trying
she loves the scar

he stays in front of her
and she remarks

what do you need?
what do you want?

his voice is crisp
he utters at last

I just need affection
I just need admiration
I just need approval
because I am a narc.
God's needs ...

i do think so ...
i do really believe ...
that God created people ...
just to be humans
just to be ... ...
lovers ...
friends ...
to live together ...
as they feels ...

i do believe ...
that every humans beings ...
destined to get his fate ...
with another soul ...
as a soulmate ...
as a lover mate ...
to live both ...
and to enjoy this world ...
even if they were apart ...
with a long road ...
they will meet for sure ...
oneday ...

for that ,,,
i do believe ...
that we will meet ...
because ...
we got a same feelings ...
same thoughts ...
we both seek a happiness ..
that we really deserve ...

that's why i do believe ...
because ...
we destined one to other ...
and our God wants us to be ...

i do think ...
i do believe ...
i'm waiting my God's needs ...

hazem al ...
Happy anniversary
Up there in Hades
Funny that it's up
Or am I assuming
Either way
The first month's the worst
And the second's worse
I'm not quite sure
Just how that works
But that's okay
Because we are not
And I know what they do
Feels a little more
Like medieval torture
Than friendly therapy
But you'll be okay
I must admit
It isn't much
Of a way to live
But you'll get out someday
And see the sun again
And all your friends
Will shroud you
In all their love
And everything will be
Perfectly peachy
Awful how the system works, huh?
The moon cried, fearing she was dull.
Her gift was only ever from another.
Why, even her birth was of cull,
Her need for lover after lover.

Darling the sun shines on your flaws.
Revealing your all
And we
Children, stand in awe.

Mouths, wide, gapeing
At the beating, you've been taking.
Earth shaking and wave making,
Fragile, like waves breaking.

We love you for your light,
My midnight sun.
Raging, raging,
In the night.

-Luca Ivaldi
Shakti Asana Jul 18
He wants me
He says.

Don't they all?

I am tired of being wanted.
I am tired of being needed.

You have yourself a passel of kids
Out your own wahoo --
You wouldn't want to be wanted neither.

Don't want me.
Don't need me.

Bring me flowers and roses
And mix tapes
And doughnuts
On Sunday morning.

Kiss me.
Sweep me up in your arms.
Look me in the eyes.

That would send me.

Bring me.
Send me.

Don't want me.
Don't need me.

The want and the need make me tired.
The bring and the send makes me free!


He, too, is tired of being wanted and needed.

What are we to do?

Want and need one another?

Too many competing demands.

Take my hand.
Just tell me you love me.

Don't want me.

Don't need me.

Just love me.

And I will just love you.
"Expectations are premeditated resentments."
Johnny walker Jul 16
Describe my like a patch work quilt one square at a time each square  
a stage of my life  I'm In at any particular time In my life but feel there's still
a patche
to make my quilt complete felt always It's needed one more square then Its
full benefit will be
felt and my patch quilt will
solc liveson Jun 21
on the Earth, some need a heaven and hell above,
which suits the powered up reigning status quo rulers,
promising that by being just and docile,
one will earn frequent flyer life miles
to a destination ticketed & named,
but not by actual visitation,
a return confirmation, never

some take your self-love as their own idea,
reselling it over and over again back to you
but know that when you sing your own song,
the discoverable truth is we all
get to go to sort of a sanctuary,
especially if you record-keep your flaws,
in order to constantly reinvent yourself
in order to

reach some kind of agreement with yourself

human gravity is hard enough to escape so travel light,
shed those skins over and over again,
each a modest  improvement sequentially,
leave your exited charred speech behind,
knockoff the blackened flaking edges, a discarded cutaway,
this way to transcend phony notion redemption requirements,
is a toxic emblem, a symbol unrequited and a sucker’s play

I am the spirit of another’s name, who, here to teach,
this being today’s lesson;
how to reach your unique
truth sanctuary,
where the stronghold of who you yet-to-be, can-be awaits,
the reinventing ones, successful, some call poets,
they do not confuse redemption requests
with sanctuary
only provisioned
by yourself,
for yourself
Johnny walker Jun 16
Oh sometimes I feel let down have the sadness
of a clown because I
think I've let myself
For I've not made the most of my life and that Ive ******* up so many
times and feel
just like a
I must admit I'm sometime
feel ashamed and so many times I've let myself go
that I've lived my
life like a sad
For she longer around and I have face the facts that she wont be coming
back and put a smile
back on my
sad clown
Axel May 16
Close your eyes and there'll be a beautiful magnificent garden of roses
waiting to be explored by the right person
who will hold you tight in this whole new world
of true and trust me that late nights won't be so blue.

Wild and nasty words can be dangerous
but wild yet truthful love can be colourless
if your whole new world isn't shared with me.

Everytime you wake up, I promise you
that today and tomorrow will be
just fine if you let me be a part of you.
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