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she forgot about herself
the things she needed
barely even occurred to her
Instead of herself
she remembered
for other people
and there needs
it's as if
she didn't matter to herself
at all
Äŧül Oct 19
What will you do going elsewhere,
If I am not going to be present there?

Why someone else will you marry,
If you can never love anyone but me?

What will you do after marriage,
If it's not my heart that's your cage?

Where will you go for honeymoon,
If your heart still resides with me?

What will be that light or sound key,
If you experience them without me?

Come to my street, my place,
I shall keep you happy always.

Maybe I'm not so handsome or rich,
I still succeeded in kindling your love.

After all, I'm a Bhāräŧīyä in & out,
We shall together go closer to Đhärmä.

I shall love you with my gaze,
I shall show you how I keep my promises.

You will see what I shall be,
I just need some time, Jī...
For my Mïŧālī.

My HP Poem #1892
©Atul Kaushal
<If I’m not all you need, than you don’t need me at all>
Jonathan Sep 28
To the wellspring
I ask,
“Where are you?”

As I pour out my last drops,
My last ounce to offer.
I give it willingly
To those who have forgotten the taste of water.
As I drain myself
Of all I have to share,
Now, I too join in thirst.

To the wellspring
I ask,
“Where are you?”
Carmen Jane Sep 23
We don't hold hands every day anymore,
We always used to, as we walked along
A special day was this one-  I felt so free
Your hand in mine, serenity.

A little baby cardinal  fell from its nest,
We walked by it when your sharp eye had spotted it
And your gifted mind suggested us to keep walking...
As you assumed that feeble creature has no chance,
I felt your truth, but my heart had to check
I sensed its thirst and needs for food,
I noticed its trembling little body,
I saw its broken wing,
I realized  it had nobody
To claim its well being,
I scanned the dark, creeping around,
I knew we were the only ones,
The only souls who could even try
To have its fate turned around…
So I picked it up and gave that creature - Hope.
In the palm of my hand,
I had this power all along.
We hurried to find some bread,
You've built a nest out of an old  shoebox,
We fed the starving bird together,
We beamed at its first gulps,
We felt its little heartbeats,
We made sure it has enough warmth,
We've encouraged each other.
We went to sleep filled with hope.
Written  July 2019
edited and reposted Sep.2020
everyone has gone back to suburbia,
city streets are dangerous, if you look
at someone cross eyed, it earns you death.

don’t celebrate this madness,
mourn it in black, it has a taken
a pandemic to school me again.

this a broadcast, shout out, email me
if you know how I’m feeling and can
share what other mutualities crisscross.

Do you like Jazz? Mr neither.
Flouncy bouncy dresses? Nah!
Sweats? Unnecessary, I can sweat
just by concentrating.

You like me, own soulful bluesy singers,
femme fatales, who coax and croon,
wet the spun threads of subtle emotive,
who live by light of candles votive,
I live in black, day and nighttime,
write in midnight blue, a woman who!
takes no b.s. and doesn’t ever take no
for an answer...
Anais Vionet Aug 10
(a series of haikus)

I will not woo
until this virus is cured
or there are vaccines.

I refuse to kick
my brother until there’s
some police reform.

I won't fight with
my mom 'til we focus on
the environment.

I’m going to hold
my breath ‘til the election
- go, go, sleepy Joe!

I won't buy any
makeup until - heck, who wears
makeup anymore??

I’m giving up
pizza... wait, no I’m NOT.
Forget about THAT!

(promises are subject
to cancellation - any time
- without prior notice
promises, like prayers or talismans to an indifferent universe.
I need you
As my strength
For my health
As my wealth
For my sheath
As my breath
Till my death!!
Folake Jun 29
People are damaged, messy and imperfect. They fail me time and again.

They will never be enough to mend the broken person I am, they will never be enough to heal my soul.
I'm constantly realizing that no one can help me but myself and even I don't want to.
Vani Jun 24
to be needed by everyone
but wanted by none
if i disappear tomorrow the only thing you'd probably miss is a clean house
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