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Sometimes, I'm walking with Jinns in my head;
I hear clear things that haven't even been said,
I see ideas that yet nobody has had.

Sometimes, I'm walking with Jinns in my head;
I bear the colour before people see it as red,
I feel by what people have been led.

Sometimes, I'm walking with Jinns in my head;
I steer my steps as the thoughts have me led,
I peer the ways that they said.

Sometimes, I'm walking with Jinns in my head;
Sometimes, I feel they have made me grad,
Sometimes, I fear they make me bad.

Sometimes, I'm walking with Jinns in my head;
For understanding, sometimes, I'm so glad,
But sometimes, I'm just sad and mad.
Irina BBota Sep 19
Next to your footsteps
I feel like an outsider
An unwanted guest
With her jagged edges she stands,
gazing upon the connection between the well versed,
as her language remains misunderstood,
dark and chaotic.

Her edges are sharp,
and grooves are too deep.
The rhythm of her heart
& blood pulsation
feel out of orbit.

An outsider,
an outcast
trying to jam to fit in puzzles;
blunting her edges,
painting herself with different hues to blend.
Yet within she is out of tune.
I met a man who could recite all twenty three thousand
lines of the “Romance of the Rose” but could not count to five.

I met a man who could recite PI to one thousand decimal points
but could not find a rhyme for love nor money

I met a man who laughed at every thing that wasn’t funny
I met another who cried for ever because he was happy

and another who laughed at his pain
and one who lost all he’d gained
I met a man who sailed the ocean blue
in  search of pastures blue

He told me he was searching for the “begining of the end”
so I sold him a postcard and he nailed it to the mast
then I stepped into his past
and went to meet his King
who was laying on the ground
whilst his bodyguards around
put the boot into him
like L.A. droogs with Rodney King
history just sings
endlessly repeating itself
forever shedding it’s skin
cleansing the kin
thinning and culling
and making a date with SIN……

I met a woman who remembered
what life was like before Adam
I met a woman whose hair scattered rainbows everywhere
as she danced in the moonlight
I met a woman who was me and she set me free
I met a man who could measure words to the nth degree
he taught me heresy
and how to pray
and how to give it all away
then he asked me to pay
for HIS  fathers crimes
so I said “NO WAY”
and later that day
he tied me to the wheel
but I refused to feel
and I swore to heal
the wounds of my inquisitor

Well I met a man who said “I khan
unite all the nomads on the land”
he said “I’ll lay it all to waste
and the rivers shall taste
worse than ****** waste”
so I went to see my Mother
to ask if there was any other
to gain an extra day?
as the climate starts to sway
She said “have your say….
…..then be on your way”

Well I met a man and he taught me how to surf
on the crust of molten magma
and I met a little boy
who taught me the joy
of playing in inner space

Well I met a man from the future
travelling back in time
who said “excuse me Mr. RHYME?”
“…but I’ve come from a time
where wrappers are disposable
parts of a product”
“careful how you juggle
your verbs and your vowels
may get you into trouble”
so I burst his bubble
with a “sword” that I drew
from my grandmothers sock
which came as a shock
to the “thought police”
who were waiting in the street
with their “crosswords” COCKED
and their ’double entendres “ primed
looking for some crime
of the cerebral kind

but I met this woman
who said ” climb into my body and come with me
to the Ancesters tree
so I climbed aboard and I clung on tight
as her body rose to the highest height
and she showed me what might
or might not come to pass
then she lowered me down
by the hem of her gown
called me her “linguistic clown”
which made me frown
as I looked all around
to see where she’d gone
and a voice from the past said
“look inside your head
she is not dead
haven’t you read
a word that you’ve said?”

I met a woman who scattered rainbows from her hair
I met a woman who was me and she set me free
Io Jun 9
You watch the world go by, contempt
You need not change a thing

Warm, yet distant from the heat
Watching, unaffected and not affecting, you smile
You could watch the world burn and the heat wouldn’t touch you
You’ve already faded, you’re jaded, scars lost long ago

You’re an Orange Outsider
Insusceptible, unimpressionable
You’ve surrendered, yet you continue on
Looking on
Watching waves crash
With a worn smile
and dulled Orange eyes
Curly hair
Once upon a time and tide
When many trees grew tall and wide
And sunny days were snuggly warm
When people walked with happy face
And giggle mouth among the ferns
And shrubs and lavender
And hollyhock and hunnysuckle

When all the light was dappled
When bellies were pie-appled
And hunnytree was for hunnybee
And daisies gently stroked our knees
And buttercups were twelve foot three
And mushyrooms turned upside-down
Made lovely boats for sailing round
The lake on a summers day

Oh once upon a time and tide
When many trees grew tall and wide
In wintertime the Leshy died
Or so it seemed to those indoors
Who'd forgotten how to walk
Because come the spring
The woods shall ring
With the laughter of the Leshy
They never die, just return anew
To make the forest sing

Oh once upon a time and tide
Oh once upon a time and tide

Leshy looked like me and you
Except of course their skin was blue
And their hair was of a greenish hue
Which hung in matted locks it grew

Oh once upon a time and tide
Oh once upon a time and tide

The Leshy walked on earthly mother
Guided by their heavenly fathers
Drawn along by sista moon
And the secrets of the stars

and once upon a time and tide
when many trees grew tall and wide
when everybody lived outside
then everyone was Leshy

Oh once upon a time and tide
Oh once upon a time and tide

Now migration paths have all but gone
To people who decide what's wrong
Who make the laws for standing still
And legislate which slaves may ****

Oh once upon a time and tide
Oh once upon a time and tide

Now every where’s a prison coz it has a door
And the closest place to heaven is lying on the floor
Outside of doors
Inside the world
Inside your head
The softest bed
Where you can lie
And learn to fly
And float and fall
And remember it all
And remember it all

Oh once upon a time and tide
Oh once upon a time and tide

When many trees grew tall and wide
And everyone lived outside
And buttercups were twelve foot three
And we were children you and me
And all were children you must agree
That there never was any "poverty"
Till lazybones invented "property"
Plus building houses and staying put
And chopping trees and hoarding loot
Till there's nothing left that looks like wood
There's no out side
Its inside out
And upside down
And back to front
So there's nothing better left to do
Than swap your shoes and take your cue
Then turn your clothing inside out
And show your labels as you shout
For more and more of less and less
And more and more of less and less
Means less and less for evermore
And no more trees means no more bees
And no more bees means no more seed
And no more seed means no more home
And no more home means you and me
Have got to see
If you want to live with trees
Then a nomad you must be
If you want to live with trees
Yes a nomad you must be
If you want to live with trees

And if you want to see the trees
Grow tall and strong and wide
You'll have to learn to live outside

And once upon a time and tide
When many trees grew tall and wide
Your giggle face you'd never hide
Your chuckle tum will ever show
So everyone shall ever know
That inside out is where you are
And life outside is best by far
And happy on the outside
Means happy on the inside

Oh once upon a time and tide
Oh once upon a time and tide
As I stand here today……
Bone of my bones, blood of my blood
Man, son of woman, long before flood
Long before Bible, Torah, Koran
Long before war, long before man
Long in the darkness, long in the night
Long before fear, long before fright
Long before flesh, long before blood
Deep in the water, deep in the mud
Down in the magma, right at the core
One gentle lamb with a lion's roar
Riding through the night on my three legged horse
Green light dancing in the land of the Norse
One eye closed and one wise open
Runewise led and mantras spoken

Over hills and through the valleys
Charting the stars and keeping a tally
On to the daybreak, on through the night
Down through the lowlands, up to the heights

Down through the ages, since the beginning of time
Delivering apples to redress a crime
Left brain and right brain, one yin and yang
Back to the oneness of how it began

Molecular biology, two snakes entwined
One-eyed kings in the land of the blind
Remember tomorrow and foretell the past
What was in the beginning shall be in the last
"One day the inevitable shall come to pass"
said the ancients.

The moon shall one night rise in the sky, blood-red
the moon shall seem like it is on fire,

The animals shall look up afraid
the whales deep in the ocean shall sense a
pink glow at the surface.

The birds will sit silent in the trees
people shall fall on their knees where ever they are,

And gaze upon the glory of mans achievement,
as the moons surface blinks.........
Jade Apr 26
For the longest time,
I would wonder
on the mere cusp of 17,
I began to drink.

I'd always assumed it
was because I was so

But now,
while I'm sure that
sadness was most certainly
a contributing force,
I don't think
it was the true perpetrator.

all the other girls
in my grade were always off
******* or getting high
or embarking on whatever
risque adventures
they'd broadcast on Snapchat
the next morning.

I think all I ever wanted
was a scandal to call my own.

I wanted to prove
something to myself--
no matter what
people said about me,
I could be bad too.


This one time,
I bought a squirt gun
from the dollar store.

I wanted to get drunk
the way I'd watched
Cassie from Skins
get drunk
in this one episode.

I filled up my gun
with *****
before holstering it
against my tongue.

I pulled the trigger.
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