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Continuously waiting for a message
Eventually, bzzz – bzzz – bzzz
Looking down quickly to see who it is
Look another status update
People’s lives are so wonderful, it must be great
Here I am just sitting alone and checking my phone
Outside my door, knock – knock – knock
Now who could that be I wonder to myself
Except I’ll never find out, I’m waiting for a message
Henk De Wet Apr 22
I read a book
The heading said
I had a look
Blank pages
7.5 billion stages
All faces
their own places
So spacious

All it took
Was one hard look
To close the book
And give a look
Elle Dhani Dec 2019
when today's a loop,
where would I look?
if today's aloof,
would you be loof?

have you asked yourself?
to not be a commoner of your own elf ?

where would you like to be define?
if you're not fine?

hey, I see no time,
would you be now be refine?

If today's a loop,
would you choose a good scoop?
Elle Dhani Dec 2019
Time went bittersweet,
Hopes and dreams are shaping,
including her sense of style,
sketchy colors from her attire

From roots to fruits,
colorful wheel of truth
her mates could have similar thoughts,
that her body lies and changes contour

an invoice of ****** characteristics,
continuously develop,
are you one of the assets? 

Hotter than a winter season,
bridges a glimpse of ****** desire

The pursuit of independence,
Her identity is prominent

She could be artist in many ways,
So do you,
A singer, dancer or a writer,
But she’s now logical, an abstract dealer,
or in many ways, an idealistic painter

She saw the world,
simply using her feathers
she thinks matches the weather,
but most of the time,
she fakes and heal from prayers,
that one day she’ll know most,
of executive’s duties or more
This poem's part of my final project
Altigani Sep 2019
Blessed be the nights,
the calm they imbue,
blessed be the sun's light,
ribboned across the sky's blue,

Blessed is the day,
A smile caresses the life in me,
blessed is the day,
love dances carefree
ALesiach Jul 2019
Taste life in the moment,
for soon today will be gone,
lost in the yesterdays
between dark and dawn.

Taste laughter's lips,
dipped in milk and honey,
a joyous dance for two,
while life is bright and sunny.

Taste the breeze of winter's kiss,
flying into the wonder of life,
leaving behind the sadness and tears,
not mired down by all the strife.

Taste the sweetest drops of rain
while pushing past all life's sorrows.
In death, we can retrospect,
for there will be no tomorrows.

ALesiach ©0 1/07/2017
Amarie Jun 2019
What is seemingly natural for one individual, is foreign and absurd to the next; so what I’m trying to say is... just live your ******* life man, don’t give a **** about the face that forty year old suburban mom with three crazy kids is making at the park as you sing loudly to yourself under the shade of an old tree in the park that you’re too old to be at.
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