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While looking for love
I stumbled, tumbled, tripped and trembled,
Wonder where to find love,
Is it up in hill or hiding down the bills,
Where does love live?
Oh love, it is in you and me,
Love lives in everything, everywhere,
Written by Kavitha.
Renee Danes Nov 2018
Glowing on the sky,
A bright light grows brighter
It makes no noise,
Only light,
"The light, what are you?"
So mysterious, yet, so familiar...
"Do I know you?"
Ah, but to remember vaguely
You sat upon the ceiling
Unwilling to move
And with a switch, you disappear
And with a flick
You awaken...

Oh, it's just a light bulb...

Fun fantastical Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Debbie Doll Oct 2018
Go down fighting
Rest in conflict

Life ain't fair
You make it through a set of stairs
Only to find out your dreams
Are way higher in the air

Unlike a mango page
My life will finish right
Even though it's gone left
This whole time

You gotta be more astounding
Then the stand-out
And be the GOAT
That murdered all the sheep

I reached out
Even though it was out of reach
I spoke to the Lord
Got on my knees
And poured out my Needs
CGW Jul 2018
Life is something we can not even define yet it is the very reason that we wake up in the morning.
So many people in this earth and so many caught up this fools chase of money.
They never realize how special every single one of them is because all they've ever known is how to survive and EXIST in a world where nobody will ever warn them of their insanity because they are too busy paying attention how many likes or how many views their last post got.
In every moment you are granted a choice: live or exist.
Maybe wake up from this slumber and start loving the world around you.
Because if life is so important to us the that we fear losing it, then why do we spend our days trapping ourselves in a  game where all we do is exist.
It's exactly one year
Since you left
This tiring cold earth
Your death
Gave birth to something deep
A wound, now a scar
I watch and feel everynight
A stubborn scar
That deepens with time
Instead of fading
Today this time
I was in a bus
Coming to your funeral
Disappointed like a dog without a bone
And an actor without a home
It's exactly 366 days since your death
Mordecai Amos Suga Masimbira
Died at nineteen before he grabbed
What he was working for
The Nobel piece prize in physics and chemistry
Even in your death
You're unconquered
And I will make you famous
Because you were denied
A long life
Which you deserved
Because to all you were perfect.
A perfect beacon of light
Through the family's dark night.
Words will never cover your void
And only when we meet again will I rejoice.
You live in my dreams
In my art
And in my heart
Which is still moaning like a dove
Solely standing on a thorny branch
Weeping sorely
With burning hope and love
He was my lil brother, i miss him, i love him and i don't why death took him away...
Charlotte Ivy Oct 2017
I don't want to live playing it safe
I was born hanging on the edge for dear life and now I'm slipping off
But that's all part of the rush
I know this is short as **** but oh well :P
Nylee Sep 2016
When lies surround you , suffocate you
And you have no place to hide
Come face to face with the truth
With heart heavy inside

Facing the truth needs lot of courage
But living a lie , is far more tough
The choice eventually is yours
Both the paths are rough

Harsh reality are gifted to everybody
Different ones , sometimes early , or late
They will test you ,they will make you cry
But ,it is not wise to escape

Life is not gifted to be fun
Each life has a unique purpose
Not same problems, nor the same solution
Face them, but don't hide behind the lies
Nylee Sep 2016
Everyone bombarding me their suggestion ,
Of how to live my life .
Everyone with different perception,
just not mine .

The things they never could do ,
has become my job to complete .
And what I want to do,
What about that?

Making them happy makes me happy ,
but my happiness lies in other things too .
But can it be ,
that I could do things both way .

Why should there be a straight path ahead ?
Why a single solution , for every problem ?
Why for someone to be happy, other one should be sad ,
Can not there be mutual understanding for all issues ?
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