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In the autumn leaves they play
The little fairies dance all day
Tinting the trees, the ferns and fonds
Painting the fall with their wings and wands
Before the ponds turn to icy glass
Please hold this fall moment slowly past
© LadyRavenhill 2019
Harry Roberts Sep 25
A fog so thick that all is engulfed in it
It spreads and grows then it disperses and rises
Within this shroud this faery camouflage.

For a second or a swirling minute
Fairies dance with none to limit
Nature burns no shadows dim it.

Then towards the skies and burrowed in the ground
This essence is released to return to fertile mounds
And when each condition meets then in the fog the fae are abound.
Artemis Aug 17
Do not give your name away.
It is the one thing you should

There is a strange feeling
that follows you
into the forest and across streams.

Do not turn around.

Don't accept gifts from
beautiful people
who seem far lovelier than they really are.

At least,
not for free.

Don't say thank you.
It's as good as owing debt.
Say you appreciate the assistance,
but never thank directly.

Tread lightly in all things.
Wear bits of clothing
inside out.

Stuff salt in your pockets.

And if you here music flowing from
a nearby stream or ring of mushrooms,
do not dance to it.

You will not be able to stop.
ALesiach Jul 27
Would you like to go to a land,
where the stories never end?
It rests on a golden bank of sand,
down where the river bends.

The sky turns suddenly pale,
while passing through the mysterious veil.
But what a magical, wonderful sight,
to see the fairies in flight.

To see the elves dancing two by two,
in the early morning dew.
To hear the sweet music from the leprechaun's lyre,
as the laughter trills through the air.

Skipping over a babbling brook,
down where the trees do sing.
The dragons give a dubious look,
to see the mermaids enchant the Unseelie King.

And while frolicking in the meadows,
watch as the gnomes gather rose petals.
But be ready to pay the toll,
if you pass over the Bridge of Trolls.

Night is nearly on the land,
time to greet the Sandman.
I hope you have had a happy day,
and do not forget to come back this way.

ALesiach © 10/01/2014
ravyn Jul 4
theres a danger to redheads
twisted legends
their freckles arent souls but beware
if they ask to have your name
red to white to red; life to death to decomposition
theyre of a lost breed, of softly whispered promises, of favors
theres a danger to the wild ones
Ray Dunn Jul 3
When the power grid crashes,
let's dance under the streetlights--
lit up only by the moon
and the tree sprites
Dreamy vibes
Poetic T Jun 1
Woven in the wind was the tissue thin veils
              of wings that tore upon the heavens,
                                                in subtle breathes.

Subtle mirages were spread around there
                                  worldly travels.
              Never seeing what was there.

Just a shimmer of  rainbow shades.
                A kaleidoscope of reflection,
     seeing shades shimmer delicately.

But when a raindrop never descended,
                    and in the collective desert
                    of visual obscurity were they vulnerable.

Play things for the feral masters of pink flesh
                did they jump feverishly.
   But on human eyes did the mirage fulfil.
                   a fallen wing had fell.

And with a plastic tomb were they dispatched.
                 an offering of great pleasure.
But t human cognitive visuals a fluorescent bird
                                                              fe­athers clawed

without a hue of intention only the fever of the hunt.

Man only saw a incandescent mirage,
                       when rain fell.
                       but beneath this camouflage
                were wings that flustered the seasons
                                         pleasures on mans world.
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