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You stole my heart
My adolescence too
Me, you, and lost boys march
We aren't scared of a crew

You sprinkled me with Pixi-Dust
And you saved me from growing older
You took me to Neverland
You flew me as I held onto your shoulders

Tinkerbelle and her Pixi-Dust
The captain and his hook
He kidnapped us and Tinkerbelle
But you saved us and we shall forever sail

The lost boy's imagination
Smiling is our declaration
For we are warriors
And you're my Peter Pan
~ Peter Pan is my saviour ~
Toxic yeti Mar 10
I went a strange
With a strange
Picked up
A stone that should
Heal my PTSD
HAnd it to the shop owner
Told I had fairy energy
But only one thing
I am a dark fairy
Fighting for light and good.  
**** me off
That means you may have
Broken the law.  
For I stand for justice.
This is actually based on true events.
Steve Feb 10
Demon’s **** for blood
Bathed in Dragon’s fire
Pixie’s dance like Pixie’s should
And Witches curse the pyre

Mermaid’s love to laugh
With a Unicorns fair grace
Be Werewolves’ bite along the path
And Vampire’s kiss that smile from off your face

A Wizard’s spell
In a Fairy’s mist
A Goblin’s lair - there if you can tell
And the Angel’s touch impossible for mere mortals to resist.
12 names 1 pome
There is a tale so very old
Of an ancient Fairy King
Older than the world we know
Named Ochna-amadring

He's not been seen for many years
No-one knows if he is dead
There are clues about him though
This is how the legend has been fed

He was present when King Arthur
Took the sword out of the stone
Arthur, he was special
But, could not do that alone

His magic is eternal
He rules the fairy world and more
No one knows if he is living
Or what he has in store

He lives deep in the English woods
That is what they say
It is there that he met Merlin
And Morgan Le Fay

He's lived a thousand lifetimes
Or two, nobody knows
He sailed here with the Vikings
To escape the northern snow

You see his painted magic
Every year upon the leaves
The colors ever changing
Quite a tapestry he weaves

He has many fairy children
Not as cunning or as wise
They are seen by many people
They don't hide from mortal eyes

The Fairy Elder is a legend
Is he real or just a tale
Many search to find him
And in the end, they always fail

Leave the magic for the fairies
Never ask exactly how
The fairy magic is accomplished
Shh...he may be near you now
to you, it's snoring,
but to me, it's angelic
so pure, innocent
Sometimes I wonder if she might be an angel, a fairy, a nymph, or perhaps a valkyrie because she is far too pure for this world
Hello Daisies Dec 2018
Fairies are beautiful
Green and sparkling
Free and flying

Fires are dangerous
Burning and soaring
Disastrous and deadly

Fairies and fires dont mix
Both can't fit in one soul
Let me sparkle as i burn you whole

**** and sin
Beauty with a grin
Everything i am is the devil

Give me the torch
I'll set you to scorn
In a fire with your horns

Watch me drop the torch
I'll burn with you
I'm disgusting too

Anger thrashes heavily
Selfishness sins in secret
Darkness i must protect

Too afraid to let it out
Dark shadows within skin
Screaming to let swim

Different on the outside
Not fairie nor fire
Just evil with desire
Idk if this one makes sense veen having trouble exoressing my emotions as if late because im pretty deeply deoressed and numb
I don't do well with that but a song made me feel so i wrote
Donna Nov 2018
He blew autumn leaves
when the air was still , today
we were his fairies
Lovely moment with nature last week so I made it a magical moment by being magically creative **
Glen Brady Nov 2018
The snow like
herons alighting
on bridged pools;

and wand-like,
the crystalline air
makes the eye

see spirits,
dressed everyone in
feath'ry clothes.

Glen Brady
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