I’m tired of trying to find an excuse to miss talking to you
I’m tired of the daydreams and not being able to have you when I want you
I’m tired of the all of a sudden pauses I like my flames to forever  burn
I’m tired of being to one to make time it’s your turn
I miss talking to you for hours explaining and laughing
  I miss seeing your smile at least 3 times a week kept me on my feet
I miss feeling like I’m the one you need
but I’m tired of seeing you in every dream.
As I stare into his eyes I see the dream...
The ever lasting love,
trust me this could be.
Me loving on you,
you loving on me...
is what I mean.
That smile....
Ya Lips.....
well im sure they taste
Well ummm Edible.
I want this you know
The type of love like I don't care who's  watching while im causing a scene...

Sugar when I look into your eyes...
I see the dream.....
me loving  on you, and you loving on me
Anaya c Feb 12
i can not write you into a poem
no matter how hard i try
my words fall too short
with every line i write
i cannot bring words
to their finest meaning
when the words alone
are inferior to you
its simply impossible
Jey Blu Dec 2017
I'm only writing this
Because you asked me to
And I'd do anything for you

The perk tree
It's S.P.E.C.I.A.L
In many ways
To hold the world on your shoulders
To see things from every angle
To get through whatever life throws at you
To charm people to do what you want
To know what you need to know
To climb to the top
To fill in wherever you're lacking
I made this because my boyfriend asked me to
Gia Garcia Sep 2017
If this is love
I've never known it
Till now
For Carlos
Amanda May 2017
I couldn’t think of a gift off the top of my head
So I decided to tell you a story instead….
Once upon a time there was a girl with a broken heart
Bear with me, I know this isn’t a very happy start
But this girl, she was broken for quite a while
She needed to mend herself so being single became her style
She locked up her heart and threw away the key
A lot of time passed before she realized that wasn’t the way to be
She wanted a change but didn’t know where to start
She began to wonder if she could ever unlock her heart
So she decided to let her guard down and just go with the flow
Until one night she put on a black dress and went to Toads for a show
She had some drinks and the night was like any other
Except she mustered up some courage and asked a boy for his number
They started talking and a few weeks later went on their first date
She was excited and then nervous because she was running pretty late
Thankfully he didn’t think her tardiness was all that rude
But the kitchen was closed so he couldn’t order any food
They had some drinks and talked for quite a while
He had on a plaid shirt and had such a handsome smile
He suggested they actually get dinner sometime
And the thought of seeing him again suited her just fine
She unlocked her heart and freed up some room
And over the next few months their relationship began to bloom
They have the perfect balance of normal and weird
And sometimes he even lets her play with his very long beard
Getting to know him has truly been such a treat
He is kind, talented, smart, and sweet
So do you remember that broken girl from before?
Well these days she couldn’t ask for anything more
Being with him has challenged her in such a positive way
So she wrote this for their first Valentine’s Day
Adriaan Harms May 2017
I'm a work of art, your protege.
You're my sculpture, my teacher.

I'm your troublemaker, your rebel.
You're my lover, my peacemaker.

I'm a poet, your songwriter.
You're my inspiration, my muse.

I'm a changer, a modifier of life.
You're my guide, my leader.

I was a hater, a freak.
You made me better,
An individual with a love for life and
A man of creativity.

You're the remover of hate,
And the replacer of love.

You saw me as I am,
As the person I was meant to be.
Piece by piece and step by step
You put back the parts of my broken self.

You didn't abandon me in need,
You didn't leave me when you saw the red flags,
You stayed,
You made me drop the anger and put up the surrender.

You took me in,
You loved me.
You made me see life in a way I never knew existed.

You love me now,
You'll love me always.
Forever till forever meets no end,
You're love knows no limits
And is meant to be eternal.
This is a poem about how much my boyfriend actually loves me and how much he has changed me in the time we were together...
Janica Katricia Aug 2016
stumbling through words on how to explain
who he  is
what he looks like
how he walks
the way he talks

the way he looks at me
and say i love you
without any words

the way he smiles
and how it makes my shitty days
somehow special

the way he tries to be funny
since all his life he has been serious.

i love him

the way he looks himself at the mirror
the way he walks towards me

and the way he talks to me like its our first time meeting.

he got these amazing blank eyes that tells me so much about his world
that no one has ever discovered yet.

he got this beautiful mind full of words to explain his feelings but never able to use it.

he got this something...

that somehow...

*makes me fall in love even harder
every time i look at him, these are some thoughts I have in mind.
Janica Katricia Aug 2016
i heard stories of unwanted feelings
but this thing is different.

i didn't want this moment in my life
but you came.

every words and i love you's
it showers me with glitters.

why do i love you so?

the question that always lingers my head.

but i realized,

i should stop asking.

and start feeling.
Maloi Jun 2016
He knows me
I know him
We’re best friend
For me it has no end

I like the way he smile
And reveal his crescent eyes
The way he laughed is like a lullaby
Soothe my ears that will not pass by

He smiles like a kid
But cares for me like a freak
He’s not that tall
But his shoulder is fit to my head at all.

I’m glad that I have him
Because he’s always there
But this feeling that I kept
Is like a bomb ready to escape

I will not sacrifice our friendship
Even my ship will sink
Is he still Mr. Know-it-All or
Mr. Know-nothing-at-All
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