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Michelle Aug 2021
don't you dare put all the blame on me when i run out of patience
as i sit here, bruised and bloodied, in a war zone you created
it is not my job to validate your conscience, or intentions
when  it seems like every choice you make is immature
and selfish
do not blame me for being upset over your selfish actions
Vaishanavi Feb 2021
A shade of yellow, a little too strong
Beneath the blue, they lay for long
"What do you like about me?" He posed
'myself' said she
For the way you see me, I am

I like that very much
She wore red
so that
she could lead him
so that
he could
always see her
his protector
Sen Sep 2020
The stars were there that night,
I saw them twinkle in your eyes
This was the first I remembered,
when I had to write my goodbyes

It was a cold, dark night sky
I could barely even see you
Though a small exchange of words
Made me know my feelings were true

Oh, is it possible to even tell you,
about how my heart's been throbbing?
Those few moments shared in the dark
Felt written to be never-ending

C**, this is my first goodbye,
One unnecessarily dramatic
Knowing you, you'll wear a smile
Having expected my strange antic
There's this guy I've been crushing on for a long while now. He's a year older than me, and so he'll graduate highschool first. I've been meaning to confess to him, as well as say my goodbyes, but I never found the words to do so. In the end, I've decided on writing 20 poems for him.
It started when you said hello
I wish I knew you longer
To see who you really were
We were just getting stronger
By the smile on your face
We both knew it was my fault
And that's not the case
Memories play through my head
Reminding myself how thankful I am
For having you in my life
It's funny how you appear
right at the time I was struggling
Within the snap you gone just like that
I remember after that game
We lost by 99 over hundred something
A second thought came to my mind
It was about 7:30 at night I was standing outside my school hoping to get picked up
If I walked home all of this wouldn’t   have happened
I close my eyes for a second
And there you are standing in your uniform
The minute Your boss stepped outside
You told me to hop in the cart
And that's when the fun begin
You push me around the store
Like there was no tomorrow
And yet we still have an hour left
Be wasted it on playing hide and seek
Instead of me telling you how I really feel
By the smile on my face
You already knew
And I still think that was the best night ever
I hope you remember what I told you, and if you don’t,  don't worry
Tell me once again
Why I am the first one to say sorry
I only knew you for a month
And this is our first fight
Tell me again how we first met
I thought to myself about that day
Yeah Remember that day I got ******* up
I had my hands on my ears
I wish I could tell you what I think
But deep inside me I was scared
And yet you stay with me every single blink
Every  inch of me is telling me that you really cared
I wish I could tell you what happened before
And until this day I'm not brave enough to tell my own reflection
I just want to say I'm thankful for the days we spent together and the  Hours we wasted, And the days you walked me home without me asking you too. The first day i met your mom,
  she told me I was different,
and the days we spent  at your house for lunch
if we were not at your house we were on the other side of the school, by the doors ,alone,
  this little  girl came  down the stairs.
She called you by your name.
And you told me that she was your little sister after all
And the smile On my face was the perfect aim
If you Remember want i told you
and if you don't don't worry
I told you once it's not blue
my favourite colour is yellow
It's for him
Madalasapriya Apr 2020
Every night I saw you
Every night beside me
I feel to forget,  secret yet hidden pain
It's all about meanings
You teach me
With that smile to forgive my past
Let me make it those finest memories
Which will last between us
Cover my past, belove my present
Upbringing my future with you
Let me love you, let me love forever
Let me love you to endure...
Love is beautiful
Sythin Voxe Feb 2020
I often wonder,

when I look at you,

if Galileo felt the same way

when he looked at the stars.
You're my everything.
Sythin Voxe Jan 2020
I love you so much

more than the Sun loves the Moon,

or the Day loves the Noon.

I want to hug you more than

Waves hug the Shore,

or a Frame hugs a Door,

and kiss you more than the

Horizon does the Sky

or more than Lashes bat an Eye.

I don't think I could love you more,

but now, I've said that before,

and I'll say it over and over

until the day I die.
I love you more than poetry. And that says something.
Pyrrha Aug 2019
If he were the sun
I'd gladly embrace him
Even if it meant I'd burn

If he were an endless ocean
I'd swim until I drowned
Just to be with him

And if he were the sky
I'd live my entire life learning how to fly
Just to reach him

Even if he doesn't feel the same
I'd still give him room to say
I don't love you that way

And it'll tear me apart
He'll forget it by the morning
It won't mean a thing to him

And if he were to fall in love
It would break my heart
I'd let go for him

But even if it breaks my heart
I knew it from the start
I'd still do anything for him

If he were heaven
I would change my religion
I'd pray to God to let me in

If he were hell
I would devastate the world
I'd suffer in eternity for him

And if he were an angel
I'd be his devil
So I could sin for him

If he were a desert
I'd wander endlessly
Just to find him

If he were a forest
I'd climb every tree
Just to see him

I'd do anything for him
But what I'd do for him,
Would he do for me?
Daniela Jul 2019
I've tried time and time again to write you this poem, to write how I feel about you, but I can’t.
Not due to the lack of words, but on the contrary due to an abundance of, feelings, and things I
can’t explain.
I can’t count the number of times I’ve tried describing your personality the way you make my
heart pound at the thought of you;the sight of you.
Only to end up with nothing. Left speechless with a giant grin on my face.
The way a kid lights up during holidays.
If only my brain knew how to put together the perfect words to tell you that everything you do
everything you are is exactly what I’ve been looking for.
I’ve always known how to start these poems, I’ve always known the right things to say.
Yet I sit here confounded still not knowing how to show you how much you mean to me.
I know that you might not understand, and it’s okay.
If only you’d let me love you, if only you’d let me show you that I would never hurt you..
That when I think of you all I want to do is spend every minute next to you, and to give you the
To make you feel wanted.
To be yours, to be your safe place.
If only I was special to you maybe I wouldn’t feel like this.
Sometimes I feel like I’m fighting for something I can not win..
Sometimes I come off desperate, clingy
But only because I don’t know if my chance will ever come.
I’m scared that the feelings will someday disappear
I’m scared that you will never need me the way I need you.
Afraid that the happiest moments will only be memories of something that never was.
That you will never love me the way I love you..
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