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Pyrrha Aug 17
If he were the sun
I'd gladly embrace him
Even if it meant I'd burn

If he were an endless ocean
I'd swim until I drowned
Just to be with him

And if he were the sky
I'd live my entire life learning how to fly
Just to reach him

Even if he doesn't feel the same
I'd still give him room to say
I don't love you that way

And it'll tear me apart
He'll forget it by the morning
It won't mean a thing to him

And if he were to fall in love
It would break my heart
I'd let go for him

But even if it breaks my heart
I knew it from the start
I'd still do anything for him

If he were heaven
I would change my religion
I'd pray to God to let me in

If he were hell
I would devastate the world
I'd suffer in eternity for him

And if he were an angel
I'd be his devil
So I could sin for him

If he were a desert
I'd wander endlessly
Just to find him

If he were a forest
I'd climb every tree
Just to see him

I'd do anything for him
But what I'd do for him,
He wouldn't do for me
Daniela Jul 25
I've tried time and time again to write you this poem, to write how I feel about you, but I can’t.
Not due to the lack of words, but on the contrary due to an abundance of, feelings, and things I
can’t explain.
I can’t count the number of times I’ve tried describing your personality the way you make my
heart pound at the thought of you;the sight of you.
Only to end up with nothing. Left speechless with a giant grin on my face.
The way a kid lights up during holidays.
If only my brain knew how to put together the perfect words to tell you that everything you do
everything you are is exactly what I’ve been looking for.
I’ve always known how to start these poems, I’ve always known the right things to say.
Yet I sit here confounded still not knowing how to show you how much you mean to me.
I know that you might not understand, and it’s okay.
If only you’d let me love you, if only you’d let me show you that I would never hurt you..
That when I think of you all I want to do is spend every minute next to you, and to give you the
To make you feel wanted.
To be yours, to be your safe place.
If only I was special to you maybe I wouldn’t feel like this.
Sometimes I feel like I’m fighting for something I can not win..
Sometimes I come off desperate, clingy
But only because I don’t know if my chance will ever come.
I’m scared that the feelings will someday disappear
I’m scared that you will never need me the way I need you.
Afraid that the happiest moments will only be memories of something that never was.
That you will never love me the way I love you..
isabel Apr 3
hindi ko inasahang mas may isasaya pa ang puso ko tuwing nakikita kita,
para bang ako'y nahulog sa'yo bigla.
para bang ikaw ang sagot sa lahat ng panalangin at hiling ko kay bathala.

ikaw ang aking tahanan
ako'y mawala man,
ikaw at ikaw parin ang
aking balikan.

sa bawat ngiti mo'y ako'y nabibighani
para bang ang lahat ng bituin na kumikinang tuwing gabi
ay ngayo'y nasaiyong mga labi.

bumaliktad man ang mundo,
mawala man ang lahat sa tabi mo,
mamahalin at mamahalin parin kita,
sinta ko.
a collection of short poems and thoughts.
ChildofGodyay Oct 2018
spilled some tea.
i spilled some tea.
tapped my foot on the murky seas.
with long, sword-like trees, avoiding the stomps of my feet.

i need to raise money.
trying to make it up for the spilled tea.
and all the knives i shot.

sticks and stone can break my bones
and words can cut and **** with knives,
but nothing is gonna stop me.

a bit vague and needs more editing but mehhh
Gangothrii Jul 2018
He struggles and ponders,
reads and re-reads,
My markers fail before his eyes,
his naivety takes over,
A fruit? he queries,
I burst out in laughter,
Can be, I agree, but I await for more,
he peruses and my ribs tickled,
amused and curious, I stayed,
at his innocence that shined.
A Mango! he exclaims!
No! I equally enthused

'A woman, a fruit,
delicious and mystical,
for a man who craves'.

'Oh'  the meek sigh, a tiny sound,
concurred or dissent, I know not,
In a flash came a verbal rebuff,
back to his annoying self.

He annoys and appeases,
A friend I have known for years,
Mine forever, I know for sure,
no matter what he says.
This is for my dearest friend, Andy, who just read my poem "Alluring..Her"  and thought it is about a fruit. I promised my next is on him, and I take those seriously (my promises, not him) :)
Karmen Jul 2018
call me a fool cause i played it cool
to your ways one would consider cruel
assuming i had no clue you were using me like a tool
newsflash my dude, i knew of my use
wasnt hard to tell i meant nothing to you
nothing to the man you wished to become, seeking a light of success
in eyes of the chick that birthed your first heart

i played it cool, perceiving myself to be a fool
acting like i had no, choosing to be your tool
well aware i was diving deep
into a hole that would forever sink
darkness that only grew more in depth

you warned me many time
but your soul showed there was more sincere way inside
so i remained , allowing you to take lead
knowing my place, giving you space
allowing my trust to be placed
hopes in rebuilding the self-confidence you highly lacked

all to a tough past
you felt had some shame
having troubles to embrace
it helped you become the man you are today
something great
you stay fighting to succeed in eyes of your
you played a person you were not
whenever there was an awaken depth within our encounter
forcing yourself to be cruel
i continued to be cool
be perceived as a fool
for our souls intertwined, wanted all to remain cool
for i did not fight, or take flight
seeking revenge wasn't an option
i chose to dive into the everlasting depth of a hole
allowing you so much control
losing my own ways to life
forgetting my own reasons to live
like a fool you became too cruel
not pacing your use of using me as a tool
making things so uncool
you had too much authority and used it all so soon
awakened my eyes
allowing me some sight
see where i could escape free
from the leash
had worked it to such short length
there be no fight
in releasing me
to become better then i once was
i soar far away
keeping you in my heart
but never allowing
capture to be an option
journal, book to be
Blakbuttafly89 Feb 2018
I’m tired of trying to find an excuse to miss talking to you
I’m tired of the daydreams and not being able to have you when I want you
I’m tired of the all of a sudden pauses I like my flames to forever  burn
I’m tired of being to one to make time it’s your turn
I miss talking to you for hours explaining and laughing
  I miss seeing your smile at least 3 times a week kept me on my feet
I miss feeling like I’m the one you need
but I’m tired of seeing you in every dream.
Blakbuttafly89 Feb 2018
As I stare into his eyes I see the dream...
The ever lasting love,
trust me this could be.
Me loving on you,
you loving on me...
is what I mean.
That smile....
Ya Lips.....
well im sure they taste
Well ummm Edible.
I want this you know
The type of love like I don't care who's  watching while im causing a scene...

Sugar when I look into your eyes...
I see the dream.....
me loving  on you, and you loving on me
Anaya c Feb 2018
i can not write you into a poem
no matter how hard i try
my words fall too short
with every line i write
i cannot bring words
to their finest meaning
when the words alone
are inferior to you
its simply impossible
Jey Blu Dec 2017
I'm only writing this
Because you asked me to
And I'd do anything for you

The perk tree
It's S.P.E.C.I.A.L
In many ways
To hold the world on your shoulders
To see things from every angle
To get through whatever life throws at you
To charm people to do what you want
To know what you need to know
To climb to the top
To fill in wherever you're lacking
I made this because my boyfriend asked me to
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