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She just wished
that she could fly
she could just
grow wings
and soar high
above her problems
and her life
fly away to
a place that
took her away
Bryn Kennell Jul 2020
Oh ugly butterfly
They think less of you

When you were a caterpillar
There was hope
The children caught you
Placed you in a jar
Picked you leaves
And watched you grow

From a cocoon
Sprouted wings
But "oh no"
They were not colorful

The children released you
Just let you go
"Fly away ugly butterfly"
They scream and shout
"We do not love you
for you are not beautiful"
The children did not love him, for he was not beautiful.
chris Apr 2020
the bird I saw at the water park
that bird flew so freely
it seemed so happy to me
because it has wings that I don't have

it is able to go anywhere it wants to go
but that bird is very lonely,  
because it's flying after departing its mother

the bird I saw at the water park
the bird I saw at the playground
the bird I saw on the plane

the bird that was always alone, will fly
freely to find friends
it's not lonely anymore as it flies together

hey, bird bird bird bird

the bird that was always alone, will fly
freely to find friends
it's not lonely anymore as it flies together

hey, bird bird bird bird
Beegum Ameera Feb 2020
Sleep away into the reality of illusions..
The night and day reversed.
Into the infinite time you'll travel.
Floating in the air with your head twisted back.

In your eyes u see the darkness revealing itself .
Relieving u from the harness of light .
U close your eyes trying to escape the reality.
But with the dust and wind, u are surrounded.
Taking u to the next dimension.

U might have an iron hand, but your brain is much stronger.
With the force of your imagination, u immigrate.
The foreign land and the foreign sky may sweep you away.
The tempting lights in front of ur eyes, a false hope .

Tricked by the illusion, like the curse of a witch.
You are doomed to live inside of your head!
Like a white stripe entering into the prism .
U burst out laughing letting out the rainbow colors of the sky.
When u spit out, the ****** red color appears .

Everything turns to black,
carrying the darkness along ..
U swim in the stormy clouds.

There's no left or right
No wrong or right.
Everything is an illusion.
A dark black morbid illusion...
Like a white stripe entering into the prism .
U burst out laughing, letting out the rainbow colors of the sky.
Whisperer Feb 2020
As I stand at the edge of the ledge,
My feet dangle.
Creating the music you used to sing.

I rethink,  
and your old words push my mind.

"If you're so sad why don't you jump?"
those were your exact words, father.

Maybe, I'll try to fly
but your words will push me down.

My body will go numb,
as my screams create waves in the chilly water.

And then I'll swim away
tree Jul 2019
Not again
The dull ache in my heart is back
The heart that beats for you
Although you don’t know it
Is about to break.
Not because of someone else
But because of you.
I can see the way you look at me
Like my eyes are your world.
At least that’s how I look at you.
My heart lives in your soul.
And it’s beating to keep me alive.
So please, don’t let me go
Like I’m a simple flower petal to the wind.
Soon you’ll find out about my hidden feelings for you.
Either you’ll brush them off like dust
Or nurture them into living
"...but for her it's another day without you." - o.l.
Katie Miller Jan 2019
how does a bird fly
if he cant appreciate his own wings
and realize that those wings
can take him places
that he has never been before
to see the mountain tops
above the orange horizon sky
into the deep blue nothing above
to see new beauties that have gone unseen
but if the bird can never see
that the only thing that can lift him are his wings
then he will never truly learn to fly
and if he never learns what his wings can do
then how will he ever become
truly himself
I wrote this poem with the personal feeling of how I cannot possibly be loved by anyone else until I love myself, first. How can I possibly be truly connected with someone if I never have the self esteem to believe them when they say "I love you". I realize this and I wanted to show it in a poem, and i decided that a bird is the best way to symbolize that.
Thorns Nov 2018
You fly away leaving your past behind

Soaring through the clouds

Reaching unbelievable heights
Because that's all this is an unbelievable dream

A vision of leaving the past behind

A dream of taking flight and getting away
Free as bird

If only you could fly away
I wish I could fly away...
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